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  1. The PS4 has roughly 5-10% more VR capability.
  2. You can hack any smart TV but if you where to hack a smart TV then this would be the one.
  3. This is the game I've been waiting for since I was a baby. I feel like I was born to play this game! @3@
  4. There are going to be games like Skyrim, ya know. I don't know how you think that this is a disappointing new topic. This just sounds like a little less processing for a better price.
  5. The game looks like a sell out. I don't know if I'll ever buy it but I wouldn't mind playing it for what it's worth. It just looks like the Bio-hazard series was trying to appeal to the huge wave that was behind Amnesia but they took so fucking long that it's coming out years later. Which could help the game or hurt it but the matter of the fact is that game changes can only go so far before you re-name the game. Wasn't Resident Evil supposed to be Devil May Cry, any way? Both those games got made and now this; I just hope that they don't forget about the people that ENJOY the living fuck out of the games all the way up to four, possibly five, but we don't talk about Raccoon City Multiplayer hell or 6. Honestly, me even saying five is generous. Am I salt? Maybe a little.
  6. Well in this case Xbox One has actually made the better product this time with a little catch though; the new PS4 is 10x better at running VR than the new Xbox but that's it. Other than that it's entirely preference. https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=xbox+one+slim+hardware
  7. How is this still sticky? Is the game still being made? I'd totally BETA test for you if you're still working on it and if you need actual help with the game then let me know as well. I've got dev friends that are always willing to lend a helping hand.
  8. I can't eat any of that. :'C
  9. Zanco

    This or That?

    Bleach Nintendo or Sony
  10. I shall not be silenced!
  11. Zanco

    The Game of Whys

    Because lawnmowers are loud and fire projectiles of lawn shrapnel in people. I swear the rocks, sticks, dog balls only go for people. Why do I keep seeing flying rats, rainbow colored bats, and giant lizard people every where I go?
  12. Zanco


    How dare you MOPPET?! Q~Q Honestly, I'm not even going to remake this one. That was bad.
  13. @android11 Yeah, I actually found out that "Popcorn Lung" is a serious thing but it only happens with the cheap bottles of e-liquid that they have at the front of the store with like a million bottles in a box and the box has a sticker that says $3-$6. I actually ended up stop using the damn thing and started smoking again after like a year of the initial post. There was a two month break at some point where I stopped smoking any thing but weed but I started smoking cigarettes again with time. It's just not the same and vapes kinda suck when they aren't getting you high. Whoever posted "neither" had no reason to post here and in my honest opinion should kill themselves. Really, if you have no reason to post in a topic about smoking then don't waste server data on unhelpful, utterly offensive posts; weather you believe it or not. Just because you posted an opinion on the subject matter doesn't excuse your blatant disrespect. Seriously, I'm not going to post in a topic asking weather I like "My Little Pony" or "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" when I know I'd stick two forks in my eyes if I saw either one of them. You're egotistical pricks who eat fast food and microwave meals that'll kill you faster. Oh and have fun with the phone radiation that you think hasn't existed since phones from the 90's. How about living with pets or swimming in pools? Or how about stress from relationships or eating salt?! Lol Point made? I don't need to prove to how I cook all my meals, don't own pets, don't have a phone any more, or how my ego is bigger than yours because I live a much healthier life and smoke cigarettes to deal with the fact that I have relationships with other human beings, disserve stress relieve, and eat fucking salt, bitches. I'd gladly get reported and a million warning points if it means at least one of you understands how much you suck for posting here and breathing at the same time. My mental representation of you guys:
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