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  1. Hello, you still active? I just want to let you know that your MEGA account will be deleted after 3 months.

  2. Hello please post the second season of Make It Pop in WEBRIP 720p

  3. Just obey or be rejected.

  4. Guidance failure, we're losing control

  5. Bitching over nothing. Nerdy power.

  6. My woman’s here, My children too, Their graves are safe, From ghosts like you

  7. They look at me, And think I'm cool, I'm Cat Noir, At night I rule

    1. UltorCorp


      My ring is charged

      With energy

      My claws are out

      Just watch and see

  8. Alright, that does it. Screw you guys, I'm going home. Talking poo is where I draw the line.

  9. If anyone knows French, and is willing to help translate a rather great French animated mini-series "The Long Long Holiday" (about World War 2), please check here: http://boards.plus4chan.org/coc/t51775.html

    1. Charlie Brown

      Charlie Brown

      you can share a sample episode or audio files on KAT & post in community,,someone may come forward

  10. After 1 flash flood, 2 acute allergies and 1 food poisoning, I'm back from vacation.

  11. Can you guess what is long and black?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. UltorCorp



      I thought you are white

    3. professa X

      professa X

      Lol you sensored only half your answer. Think economical stereotypes and you will see.

    4. n0lvoied0000000


      A python. You know that thing you find in the jungle?


  12. To a land of sweets and berries, Far from troubles ordinary, To a sugar world, in a galaxy of sweetness, Came a girl so brave and clever, Though she dreamed, i'm sure she'd never, Never thought she'd see The day she'd be royalty.

  13. I'll be on vacation in Sochi starting this Friday (for about two weeks). Might not be able to upload anything or post snarky status updates until I return

  14. All hands, man your battlestations!

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