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  1. I feel bad for you that no one responded, here let me help you out: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=What's+the+best+web+hosting+option+for+a+small+and+medium+business%3F
  2. Wait, we had a download section!? HOT DAMN! I didn't know that.... Anyhow, not a big lost to me either way, leechers need to learn how to get their own seedbox and torrent/download from a good source.
  3. For the cheap price of shipping from Australia which is probably in the hundreds of $$ lel.
  4. I tutor (teach) at university for my second job, the rates are really decent ($150 per hour) and you also get paid for marking assignments as well. I should note that it's $600 before tax, so after tax it's around ~$400 (it depends your tax bracket and HECS fees repayment). Don't worry, I will have you help me regardless with the ombudsman with your super-duper connections.
  5. Nice, I will give you a shout when I need assistance from the Ombudsman Sounds like you're living a hectic life, 70 hours a week is pretty crazy, I feel that 50 hours a week is tiring and I usually tend to aim for 45 hours max a week since I don't get paid overtime. I am like you, I have a second job as well but it's only a few hours per week and it pays super super well like X4 my hourly rate for my full time job. So I get around an extra $600 per week from just doing a few hours per week, so I can't really complain. I tend to dislike traveling, but I do visit over in SE Asia time to time, but I guess if I was like you with a Japanese girlfriend I would travel often as well lol. P.S. sorry I was meaning to reply back in a timely fashion but I forgot about it until now lol.
  6. True true. LotGH remake is somewhat slow pace as well, so it's probably better to binge it anyways. Makes the pacing feel slightly better. So hows life?
  7. Welcome to that other anime forum that you were planning on joining for the past few years but never got around to forum... What are your thoughts on the new Legend of the Galactic Heroes anime? I find it okay, but it sure has a lost a lot of its charm and pacing that I enjoyed from the original. The original felt more intense during the fight scenes, compared to the new anime, though I am enjoying the new anime so far...
  8. Technically speaking you could spin up another web server (i.e. lighttpd with just HTTP) to display the maintenance message during your maintenance window. After you're done with whatever you're doing, you can just turn off lighttpd and start apache (or nginx) again.
  9. You will be heavily disappointed with Windows Scaling compared to how OSX does their display scaling... You probably be better off installing some Linux distro on the Dell for programming.
  10. Not worth, I have a Switch that is collecting dust on my table...
  11. Thousands and thousands of 3.5" Floppy disks. I haz best storage solution here!
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