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  1. Ayylmao, anime @ 4K... Get the new AMD Vega card or the GTX 1080TI to max out those scaling algorithms on MadVR!
  2. If you're posting other people's shit, please don't try to be a smartass and don't give credit/remove their names off the encodes. Other than that, post whatever you like =)
  3. If you're using the rewrite engine, it's actually not that perfect, can break certain links or interactive media (think javascript) when it comes to images/videos links. But thanks for doing the SSL/TLS, about time I say!
  4. Firefox has a nice memory leak issue. KAPPA
  5. Kimsufi UK/FR has a flash sale for their KS-2E dedicated server box. It has a dual core Atom CPU, 4GB ECC RAM, 2TB HDD and 100Mbps UP/DOWN. All for just €7.99 per month.


    This should interest some people here I hope.

  6. Now days, any scrub can now run 20+ instances of servers easily with Amazon EC2 or DigitalOcean or any other cloud hosting services. So the amount of servers you have doesn't really matter. What's more important is what you use them for...
  7. Search

    Don't worry, I already told them to remove the search functionality. Since you know, who needs it, amirite?
  8. Search

    Lol, apparently it's too hard to have a caching service or indexer installed, so every time a user searches it taxes the database with the SQL queries, in short taking up CPU cycles and RAM. So of course there would be a search limit or else it would be too easy to bring down most forums.
  9. No, a lot of users here use Seedboxes on their dedicated servers. They basically install rtorrent + some frontend like ruTorrent like I do. In short there aren't any decent free ones to use, either pay up or don't bother.
  11. Well as long as Subway isn't removed I'm happy.... @Koby, can we also get a Super VIP section for dem R rated works? You know, for your loli and futa collections? Wink wink
  12. bandwidth usage

    I guess I win for the lowest usage all month:
  13. Here's to another 9 years for 1 million posts milestone! KAPPA
  14. Well I got a 960M, and I can tell you right now that you would need to play most newer games at medium or low settings @ 1080p. If you want good performance either get a 970M or get one of those newer 1060 or 1060 GPUs in a laptop. 960M is only good for casual games such as Dota 2, LoL, CS:GO, Overwatch etc. 970M is roughly the same performance as my GTX 680 on my desktop PC, and that is kinda a sweet spot for 1080p. Most games at high or ultra settings is possible with decent framerates.