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Name Change Announcement

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Okies, I never used this before. So here is the rundown!

I was.. Vanitas, Then I was TheBlackReaper... Then I was Knightmare, Then KnightmareYoshi... Now I am Yoshi Mushi. xD

Hell of alot of name changes, eh? ;P

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I'm still the same girl.

You can call me whatever you like. ;D

I started off with Elliot because I thought it would have been a good way for others to know my name before changing. I've always been a Yu Yu Hakusho fanatic hence the username. Admittedly, I did sulk a little that I couldn't have both for a username.

UPDATE!: 17 September 2011

Elliot > Botan > Kisara > Trucy > Kisara

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