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  1. INDEX III ! Time to buckle up kiddos, shit ALWAYS rolls down hill, mwahahaha...

  2. It's the lore, the mountains of dialogue, the dozens of different ways you can go about doing a given task ( burn down door, knock down door, pick lock and stuff like luring enemies into oil or puddles to fry or electrocute them with your spells) The entire world is just very detailed and lends itself beautifully to story telling
  3. Great game, I was so excited when it first came out.
  4. Kewl, nice to meet you, stick around and you'll meet alot of characters and get linked up to some nice anime and the like. I've been a member for the better part of a decade, was inactive for a few years and just recently found my way back.
  5. Woahhh, language! Anyhow I'm playing lots of sims 3 again.
  6. Oh c'mon you can manage more than a one word post, for instance "Hey guyzzz" XD but seriously it's poor forum etiquette to do posts like that, maybe tell us something about you, your interests yada yada. Anyhow I'm Space how are you? I'm craptastic, trying to work and all my equipment is deciding to be total sphincters
  7. Not anime but anime related, I bought a Megumin nendoroid. (this is the good smile co.s store image not mine) I spent way more than I'm proud of actually There's a school uniform version of her that has the props for when she was stealing bread crusts too that I'm undoubtedly going to buy as well.
  8. Oh wow, Idl was here, I miss alot of people from back when too, Apollo, Shazi (well I still talk to her occassionally),Honey, Mal, Poe, the freaking OP of this thread... The closest friends I made I still talk to though, guess that's what counts.
  9. Well maybe that is the problem I tend to refer to movies by their native titles rather than translated ones not to mention I think it also goes by the title "The Shape of Voice" (which is better sounding and also a better translation I think), for whatever reason I don't usually do that for series though Still I think even people who do know about it shy away from it due to it's themes, it seems like one of those slow sad films but really it's paced masterfully imo... I've still not seen Your Name but yeah I'm still gonna say Koe no Katachi is the better film.
  10. I'm not so sure it's underrated, it apparently did well but whenever I talk about Koe no Katachi nobody knows what I'm talking about, I absolutely adore this film, the story, characters, animation, all of it.
  11. Heya forum dwellers, been a good loooooong while since I was last around... So what are all the kewl kids watching these days?

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    2. Saf


      I don't know. I was watching something else at the time, so I wasn't entirely certain of the baby chicks motive.

    3. Koby


      What's a kitan? You space creepo. xD Always good to see old faces.

    4. Spacecreepkitan


      The world may never know Kobes... the world may never know

  12. I've seen Revolutionary Girl Utena and enjoyed it, though I was admittedly a little iffy on the animation style and Cardcaptor: Sakura always felt like 25 minute merchandise commercials to me though I wouldn't say it was awful either, hmmm, I'm pretty sure I've heard the entire genre described as 25 minute merchandise commercials before though so it might just be my tastes. Oh and thank you for the Yuuki Yuuna rec Ramen, it was pretty much exactly what I was looking for, I also found Flip Flappers (Which wasn't exactly what I was looking for) and enjoyed that immensely as well, Oh and thank you Broken Visage for the Sunday Without God recommendation I see what you mean about having some magical girl aspects, much appreciated guys.
  13. Lol, it was just the plain matter of fact way it was stated had me a bit confuzzled, wasn't sure if it was a serious reply or if it was akin to saying "it'll air when it airs" like the next season will come out when the next season comes out. I feel like it juss seems like I'm rambling and not at all clearly clarifying why I thought that heh. But I'm super pumped to know it's hitting in October, now if we can get more Railgun that'd be nice, I'd be pulling for Accelerator too but the source material honestly sucked. Hope I didn't come across as abrassive, I honestly thought you might be putting me on.
  14. I'm not sure how to take that tbh. Was it a [email protected]## answer? Next year? Or did you mean the fall anime season? I also really hope to see another season of Railgun, alot of people rank it behind Index but in my humble opinion it's on equal footing, possibly even a rung higher due to it's characterization, that and sisters, Saten and Uiharu plus Index deals more with the Magic side while Railgun deals more with the Science side which I always found to be more interesting.
  15. Been rocking Cross Code as of late, it's leaving early access in September brings back fond memories of Terranigma and has some interestingly complicated puzzles, definitely recommend to anyone with a retro streak or anyone who is in to pixel art.
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