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  1. spice and wolf and baccano come to mind
  2. guild wars as well, to get as much armor and titles to go for my hall of monuments to get the extra stuff in the second one as possible
  3. baccano will aways be the best in my opinion, but second and third would be FMA and (brotherhood) and then code geass
  4. card games on motorcycles HAHAHA nah but seriously? texas holdem and blackjack when I was a kid pokemon, didn't really get into yu gi oh
  5. alright, so I've done a spaceship, but I have no Idea what to color it, any ideas? oh yeah and I've been away from the forums for a while, but now I'm back huzzah!!!
  6. I look for an enjoable journey that has interesting characters and crazy conflicts something I havn't seen befor and action or comedy that I havn't heard before
  7. it is a bit, BUT, I think it explains things about the world and how thing work, and succeeds in a lot more things than the first one, but I found some things in the first one a lot more emotionally engaging
  8. AWESOME man, massive studio ghibli film, and the art, you can really tell it was studio ghibli, that entire game screams ghibli, and really looking forward to it
  9. Vael

    Mushi shi

    well I really enjoyed it, but if you want an anime that has excellent character development with a progressive story line it's not for you
  10. guild wars, it's the only game that I've constantly gone back to over and over and overe again and still enjoy
  11. I'm a guild wars player, been playing for a long time now, and HIGHLY anticipating guild wars 2, I have tried WOW but it wasn't worth my time, I can't play anything without something to drive me to play it
  12. between tatum j michael, crispin freeman and vic mignona
  13. because americas producing verry little shows/ movies worth my time
  14. Stuy

    it's reidenholt

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