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  1. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee For years i thought it was already too late to read that, turned out i was wrong. The only book Harper Lee's ever written, based on her life experience, and a masterpiece. Definition of a good book.
  2. to the whole True Detective soundtrack playlist, which pretty much calls for getting drunk or at least having a drink. Thats not gonna happen today, but the mood seems appropriate anyway. Enjoy >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4zluA60hjs&list=PL1j7brXL_skXDRsi2uUptPqwwIDMqmd88
  3. Discussing anything with the kid is welcome, nowadays they are going to learn everything by themselves anyway, so it had better come from you, that way you can at least put it right. Besides, spending some time with offspring, doing anything, is good enough. The child's gonna find trouble at some point, so he better not harm himself or the opponent trying to mimic what he's seen in that Jackie Chan movie the other day. Either that, or he'll be picking up a stone or something sharp and pointy to defend himself, going for eyes and such, and i'd rather he just kicked the other guy below the knee instead. Knowing how to handle oneself in a fight adds to confidence, it doesnt mean the kid's gonna go terrorizing the neighborhood. If he doesnt know right from wrong and is into bullying, he'll find a way to hurt others' feelings without knowing how to land a punch, so its not about fighting, its about morale, the two can be separate.
  4. in such cases - write something. in the end you'll still feel as tired and sleepy the next morning, but at least you'll have something tangible as a result of your sleepless night.
  5. Hows it been man? It;s been a while since we exchanged saliva...I mean words(I swear it;s so easy to confuse the two it;s ridiculous) with each other .

    1. Shade_13


      ooh, nothing like a good old mouth-to-mouth action called conversation to undo the grief of separation

    2. idl12


      (Late reply due to having sex with every female in existence then erasing their memories...for the greater good afterwards) indeed..no better way to rekindle old flames than by inserting your opinion into someone..best done from behind as a surprise for the most effect.

  6. BOOOO!!!! And cmon, why this thing doesnt tell us what you are doing at the moment, makes mah stalking hoby a lil difficult >_<

    1. Shade_13


      it doesnt?! freedom!

    2. Oblivia


      Dont ge too excited mistah! I can still see what you are doing from the online member list. I just got used to stalk someones profile and still be able to see what they are doing Q.Q

  7. you spending bucks on games. blasphemy.

    1. Nero D. Ace

      Nero D. Ace

      the pirate within me hath been banished!

      hah! as if. nah, just taking the best deals and cashing in on my birthday and Christmas presents.

    2. Shade_13


      oh what, you saying this and the fact Guys' club is gone is not part of some big conspiracy?

  8. veeeery late thanks, Shaz, hope it was great for you

  9. Happy Valentines Shade <3

  10. Oh really ?? (' o ') what kinda lessons ? I noticed even though I had to go to school and work 6 days a week XD

  11. Happy Birthday, Poetic Tragedy, all the best
  12. Not really, just checking once in a while

  13. im good man, really busy with school work though. you gonna be more active now?

  14. Hey, Raz, i'm good, how're you

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