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  1. I really enjoy listening to both lyrics and sound. I find that both are equally important, especially if the music has a message or meaning that it wants to get across to listeners. Some music just seems to be for the beat and night clubs though... Still fun to listen to but it doesn't hold as much meaning for me. I guess it's the memories you can make with music too that can make or break the importance to a song/tune.
  2. Alas, I can't stand the new series but I'm happy that so many have grown to love MLP. The fact is that it wouldn't still be around if it wasn't special to begin with and since most of us have grown up with MLP in our lives, it's somewhat heart warming to know it's still there and thriving thanks to the old new and current generations. My favourite is so totally Rainbowdash.
  3. I'm not a hardcore fan of AT but I do really enjoy watching it. The plot is very interesting and when you sit down and really think on what you can see in the background or why some characters exist... it can actually be pretty dark. The air of mystery behind Susan Strong is something that has always captured my interest. Many fans have their theories but I'm just looking forward to when an episode will be able to give out more hints or clues as to her origins. Some people I know say that the animation is "stupid". Of course they don't see what AT is actually about. All they see is a talking play-doh dog, rainbow unicorn and a candy kingdom. If you're not into it then that's fine but it always seems so sad when a series isn't given a proper chance. D:
  4. Catwoman

    Ben 10

    I'm not going to lie, I just couldn't get into AF at all. After being such a big fan thanks the the original, it just seemed that far too much had changed in AF. I couldn't enjoy it. So in the end, I stopped bothering with the Ben 10 series. I still watch the repeats of the original but sadly, that's all.
  5. Most people I know either love or hate the series but personally, I think it's hilarious. Like every series in existence, you will have the odd episode you don't really like or get. However as an overall show, I find it very enjoyable and entertaining.
  6. "I'm Bart Simpson. Who the hell are you?"
  7. Personally, my favourite class is Summoner. There is just something special about it to me. Well, all the classes are but... this one stands out the most for me. Why, I'm not certain.
  8. I got into Final Fantasy thanks to my husband. I met him when I was 13 years old and as we got to know each other, I realised just how enthusiastic he was about the series. I had only seen clips and glimpses of the games due to coming from such a poor background, however, over time I was able to afford a few of the games and as I played, I fell in love with their stories/characters/music... everything. It was very hard to afford them at the time but I'm so glad that I did because now I can't imagine my life without the games. Sounds corny - but it ended up being a big part of my life.
  9. ;o; Kuuupoooo

    1. Kinara Uzumaki

      Kinara Uzumaki

      A name change so that means you're back!!!!!!!

  10. Happybelatedbirthday.jpg

    Well happy birthday Botan hope you had a lovely time, here is to you and the hopes of you coming back some day things just are not the same without you here.

  11. Happy birthday!!!! I know you probably wont be on anytime soon, but I hope that it all goes well

  12. Hey there! You've gone MIA......hope you're doing fine^^^^

  13. Didn't get much of hols actually. Just two measly days......boring as always but I was so relieved to stay home for a change instead of being on the road constantly..........What's the new year done for you so far????

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