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  1. Manifesto

    Self Preservation?

    For the first one yes but for the second one if someone shoots at me my reflex would be to duck.So yeah I say yes to both I would rather survive.
  2. Manifesto

    My first signatures

    @Yuri thanks for the feedback. I was aiming to make it as bright as I could without the render/stock being unseeable.
  3. Manifesto

    My first signatures

    I like this signature but I dont like the text :/
  4. Manifesto

    SOTW #59: Harem [Results!]

    Haven't entered a SOTW in a while, might enter this one, just a question though, from the wiki definition of it, it says someone surrounded by a group of the opposite sex does the actual person has to be in it ? or can it be a sig with hot chicks in it lol just a bit confused.
  5. Manifesto

    Something cute!

    Lovely Complex is probably the best slice of life/comedy/romance anime I've seen.
  6. Manifesto

    Characters With a Split Personality?

    Ussop from One Piece.
  7. Manifesto

    Is this a good ending for Sasuke?

    I want Naruto to brutally kill Sasuke with no mercy ...nuff' said.
  8. Manifesto

    Blue Exorcist Sucks!

    Rin is the son of Satan, besides he can't even control his power completely if at all, so I wouldn't say he is that much stronger, its mostly because of his demonic blood.
  9. Manifesto

    Favourite Philosophers

    There are so many philosophers I admire like Plato, Aristotle, Rene Descartes,Confucius...but my favorite philosopher has to be Karl Marx, the guy was a genius, I really liked these quotes; "The philosophers have already perceived the world in various ways; the point is to change it." and ''History is not like some individual person, which uses men to achieve its ends. History is nothing but the actions of men in pursuit of their ends.''
  10. Manifesto

    Blue Exorcist Sucks!

    One Piece 99% complete copy of the manga apart from the fillers.
  11. Manifesto

    MW3 vs BF3

    Hard to pick seeing as we haven't really seen much gameplay apart from Cod xp, but from what Iv'e seen, MW3.
  12. Manifesto

    Best Anime Ending

    Wolf's Rain had the best ending of anything I've ever seen in my opinion.
  13. Manifesto

    Rookie to Elite?

    Nice color scheme, very 'clean' though simple I really like it . Just one thing the white outline of the girl(which is the focus I assume) is slightly distracting,it looks good on the avatar but on the signature its meh (I know its a stock so there isnt much you could do)but that's only my opinion. Overall a very decent signature.You are improving very fast keep at it
  14. Manifesto

    Blue Exorcist Sucks!

    1. It's pretty common in a lot of animes sort of like fanservice I guess. 2.Amaimon is a DEMON PRINCE he would obviously be stronger than Yukio and Shura besides Arthur the Paladin couldn't even take Amaimon on... 3.Give me an example please because i didn't see any scenes/animations/motions reused 4.There was no ending...they finished the series with a 'filler' in a way that they can start the second season.
  15. Manifesto

    Only Me!

    I do my homework in alphabetical order :L