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  1. I always start the graphic on the second layer. It's easier then to use the first layer for trying out different background colours to see how well it looks against different colours. When I'm done, I just delete the background layer, merge VISIBLE layers (Don't flatten image) and then save it as a .png. I'm not sure what program you're using, but basically if you use the second layer to place the shape that you want the piece, then you should be able to delete the background layer then to make it transparent. Haha, that second Scarecrow piece was a bleedin' nightmare to get right. The render wasn't the best of qualities, plus I had to erase a lot of it and re-draw some of it to try and make it look like he was stepping out of a portal or something. It's a very simple looking piece, but believe me it was bloody awkward!
  2. So, I've gone on a bit of a photoshop rampage... http://forums.kametsu.com/index.php?/topic/34483-paddys-stuff/unread/ Got a ton of new stuff here! Feedback would be appreciated. :D

    1. poetictragedy


      I'll probably write some reviews when I get home from work tonight. :)

    2. The Welsh Paddy

      The Welsh Paddy

      Awesome! Much obliged. :)

  3. I actually lost the .psd for that CD cover. But I have since moved on anyways, and went and got myself Photoshop... finally! So I've gone and come up with a huge batch of new stuff, which I hope you all like! Again, feedback is always good to have! Random Graphics Batman Graphic Catwoman Graphic Scarecrow Graphic 1 Scarecrow Graphic 2 KJB Cast Logo B-Movie Poster Cookies & Milk Sigs and Avas Zelda Sig 1 Zelda Sig 2 Zelda Sig 3 30 Days of Night Yuna Sig Yuna Ava Mickey Mouse Sig Bootsy Collins Sig And, I also made my current sig and ava set! Again, feedback is always appreciated.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. This is actually looking really neat so far. I tested it to see how it looks on the Title Screen, and while it does look pretty awesome, I think more could be done with it. I think if the render was glowing, that would be cool. And, something needs to be done about the text to make it stand out a little bit more. It's just the part that says 'Lunar Sea' that becomes quite difficult to read... I don't know what to suggest for that, though. I really like the font, and I would like it to remain consistent for the logo.
  5. Maybe making feedback mandatory? Or would that put people off from voting? I know I haven't been one to do this as often as I'd like, but I guess it would help if more people left feedback in these contests, especially for the entries that they don't vote for. I can imagine some people finding it quite daunting/demoralising if they enter such a competition, get no votes whatsoever and not a single positive remark about their entry.
  6. Well, from what I hear, I think Dreamcastor was suggesting something along the lines of mixing in the BOTM contest with a general GFXOTM contest. So rather than having a monthly banner contest, it could be mixed in as part of a contest involving making various other kinds of graphics?
  7. Well, this isn't SOTW related, but how about maybe holding a GFX of the month contest? It would cover a wider variety of graphics such as posters, book/magazine covers, etc. I think it would be pretty neat adding a bit more variety to the graphics section. Other than that, I think everything is dandy!
  8. I love the set you made for Darkangel. I like how soft it is, and if I'm correct, the very subtle enhancements to the image. I'm guessing you used multiple layers with different blending options?
  9. Tried out some new things with this. I've come to discover that Gaussian Blur is an incredibly awesome tool for making flames. Theme: Real Steel (The film) EDIT: Actually, I meant the Liquify tool. That coupled with Gaussian Blur and some other stuffs. Yeah... >.>
  10. Good lyrics are a bonus, but I rarely actually pay attention to lyrics. I mean, a song can sound well and truly terrible even if it had the most beautiful lyrics ever. The two main things that hook me with a song is the groove and the melody. Much of the music I listen to is foreign, and so I don't understand what the hell the singers are going on about 99 percent of the time, but it appeals to me if it has a solid groove and a nice/catchy melody. I personally think they're the two most important aspects of a song. Well... and the mood, of course!
  11. http://forums.kametsu.com/index.php?/topic/33329-pacific-rim/#entry287593 Beat you to posting it. Although, I got confused when the thread was merged. I hadn't noticed you already made one for the film. xD Rune... DID YOU SEE THAT MECH ROCKET PUNCH THAT MONSTER IN THE FACE?! Man that was the coolest thing ever!
  12. I thought Spidey's colors were fine. It still catches the essence of the Dark Knight, and the palette is similar to what was used for the Batman Begins poster. HERE But yeah, everyone's entry is fantastic. Goodluck everyone!
  13. I don't suppose anyone has noticed the Portal 2 reference as well?
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