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  1. Its not a separate image its integrated into the .exe application
  2. Ya I understand what you mean. What do you mean separately? It coded into the Net-frame Application. I'll take it down if it isnt allowed.
  3. As I just stated its a auto HD wallpaper rotater It also has a neat function of auto setting the wallpaper.
  4. Right, anyways, if anyone is curious just take a look. Thanks again everyone.
  5. Well its been awhile and Im back. This here is a HD ANIME wallpaper. It can also auto set your wallpaper in HD or use as a rotate. [LINK REMOVED] Enjoy~
  6. Aww thats sweet of Dart. Nice guy. That is a crazy weekend after all.
  7. http://i989.photobucket.com/albums/af18/L3Kl/Capture.png there's mine
  8. If its active for people with 500+ posts, I can't see it.
  9. You are hereby banned from ever posting any graphic work or participating in any graphic competitions ever. You have been found stealing other peoples work and taking credit for it.

  10. Thank's alot I'll be sure to do what I can :D

  11. You should invite me to the asian group! >.

  12. Sure thing. All member who are interested in GFX or are doing are welcome to the group.

  13. Hey sorry to bother you,but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind adding me to the GFX Artist's group,I know I'm still new but I would like to join it.I'm moderate at Graphic's and if you need any reference to my work you can find it here I try to keep it up to date with any new graphic's I make.


    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  14. Thank you so much. ; u ;

    And that's awesome to hear.

    Mine's been a bit of a bore.

    So many assessments this week. D:

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