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  1. Hi Irish. It looks like we both picked a good time to come back.
  2. I got a computer a few months ago but now I'm finally back. I wonder what I've missed.
  3. That's so adorable. My little brother was the same way when my little sister was a little baby and these days they still stick together even though sometimes they drive each other insane.
  4. ...I didn't even pay attention to the date, oops. The two cons I went to, I wore my surviving fancy gothic lolita outfits to. Unfortunately, those are dead so I'd have to go in regular clothes which kinda kills the experience for me.
  5. I'm doing less okay than I thought I was tonight ._.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Apollo


      Giiiiirl, that's rough.

    3. Pinkie Pie

      Pinkie Pie

      My face is really itchy but if I scratch it, it'll get really irritated and red and I don't think a fucked up looking face is what I really need right now. Or ever, really.

    4. poetictragedy


      I literally JUST went through that because I read that tea tree oil helps with acne, and it turns out I'm allergic to it. So I know the feeling, and it's awful.

  6. Aww, what cuties. Scarlet is a really cute name too. So how do they get along?
  7. I haven't cosplayed before, but I totally want to cosplay Pinkie Pie and Sailor Jupiter some day.
  8. I dunnno, lately I'm more willng to try a straight relationship than I have in the past, but the standards for each gender is pretty much the same. I don't really are if they're not that attractive. It's mostly their mind that I care about, since I'm not really into touching other people all that much I guess. A basic requirement is that they share at least a few of my interests, but it'd be improtant that they share my love of horror, are willing to read what I write and be able to give some honest feedback about it, and would at be interested in at least one of my fandoms. I wouldn't be able to date someone unlesss they were interested in at least a few genres I listen to as well. I don't expect many people to listen to Viking Metal, oldschool punk, and J-Core and love it like I do, but it's not too hard to get into Bowie or some of the other artists and bands I love. I just don't want what I love to be trivilaized because the other person "doesn't understand" it. I'm so tired of getting that kind of reaction from people .-. Communiation isanother really important thing tome. If there's someing bothering them about me, I'd want them to tell me instead of try to sppare my feelings. That just proves cowardice instead of fixing whatever I do that they don't like.
  9. That's some extreme honesty there, partner.
  10. I think an invite only system adds more accountability to the people that get invited in. For example, if someone invited an asshole that managed to cause issues between people, the person who brought them could face repercussions if it was proven that they knew they were going to stir shit up when they invited that person since it'd be likely that the staff would now who invited who.
  11. Pinkie Pie

    Gay Rights?

    ...I'm not sure if that's just ignorance or unbridled fear of everything different that could possibly inspire something so hateful and confused. I don't know what made you think that was an okay thing to post. I was going to respond to it going point by point on how terribly wrong you are, but I'm just baffled that a grown person would actually post something like that. Is it trolling? Is it being being both homophobic AND misogynistic? No one really knows .
  12. No one in the room understood me when I said ISIS makes the Taliban look like Team Rocket /hides forever/

    1. StaticX


      James: Surrender now or prepare to die, die, die!

      Meowth: Meowth alar Acbar!

    2. Pinkie Pie

      Pinkie Pie

      lmfao that's great

  13. I thought of you right away when I saw this. XD http://shinta-girl.deviantart.com/art/Sailor-Laughter-Pinkie-Pie-384036882

    1. Pinkie Pie

      Pinkie Pie

      I just now saw this. I love crossovers like that tbh.

    2. Arian


      Well, now that I know you like that kind of stuff, I'll be sure to fill you in any other cute findings. XP

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