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  1. Fresh start with a new sig and avatar set coming together. >.>

  2. It works perfectly fine for me. I'm currently on iPad and it's compatible.
  3. Feels like years since I've visited this place. I've missed you guys. ):

  4. The Walking Dead? Hell to the yes! The Walking Dead has always been one of my favourite shows by far. Lori's dead. Finally. Sorry not sorry ;o Bring it on Season 4!
  5. I was introduced to FF when I was younger but I never actually got the opportunity to play the game. I have XIII-2 (for almost 6 months+) and it was the first Final Fantasy game I ever bought. I am only up to the first boss and I am already struggling, thus turning me off the game a bit. I already know the ending of the game, I've seen it on Youtube, and I have to agree with what everyone else is saying, I mean, how many FF do we need? Can't we just have a good end to the story instead of a dragged on series of games that everyone is starting to get bored of? Excited 20%, Bored 80%.
  6. Definitely The Anomaly when it comes out. < BIGGEST Ian Somerhalder fan right here!
  7. Obviously I haven't been online as much (in fact I've hardly been online at all.), reason being is I've just seemed to have lost my interest in anime. I'm still a cosplayer, but I just need a break. Sooooo I'll be offline alot. :<

  8. I've rarely been on here... so much crap going on. Looking forward to the school holidays so I can get back to chatting with you guys and actually doing something positive.

  9. Minecraft anyone? Tekkit?

    1. Dark_Angel13


      I play both so I'd be interested in gaming with ya =)

  10. They barely interest me. I mean, they don't help me out much in-game, they're just... there. I don't play the games just to earn the trophies, to me they're just another little notification banner in the corner of the TV.
  11. These are sooo neat! n.n I'm a big fan of the space/galaxy theme type of thing. I really like your work, and this one is my fave: Keep up the good work, you're really good at it!
  12. I've a lot of things to do in my daily life. Lately I haven't been able to spend much time on anime with end of year exams and all, but beforehand, anime was a part of everything I did or said. Back to the actual question, if I was deprived of anime for a month I think I could actually handle it. I am a part of other fandoms too.
  13. Rugrats and Road Runner! Every morning they were on TV Ehehe~
  14. Merry Christmas~

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    2. ZeroPenguins


      Wow early christmas

    3. Kyle_Dimetri


      a little too early don't you think

    4. Xanodus


      Mmmm perhaps, but I might not be able to get on soon since I have a lot going on.

      Hahaha Paddy xD

  15. Too... much... pizza...

    1. DeathTheKid



  16. 80GB of data down the drain :<

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    2. DrumRoll


      I don't trust cloud. I prefer a hdd, nice and safe in my bottom drawer.

    3. dark4yoyo


      And cloud, if you have a bad upload speed takes ages.

    4. Xanodus


      80Gb external hd broke outta nowhere

  17. Wow, haven't been on in a bit. Having to try and fit in the internet with homework + crap is hard u_u I'll try to be on as most as I can now, ehehe~

  18. ||| ... V Serah Farron died? I found her death to be quite perfect imo, you know, with Noel screaming her name and how she collapsed in his arms (I love romance teehee). But did you expect her death? When Caius died, that, was a shock for me, but when Serah died and Caius spoke about how the seeress dies if he dies, I knew that Caius not only wanted to die to save his beloved (and also seemingly-young-oddly-underage love Yeul, but to kill Serah as well. The music also had a big impact on trying to make the player feel sad about her death, and I actually quite liked the song x) So how did you feel about their death?
  19. When you have a perfect cosplay set out and then... NO shops sell her cosplay sotume for a reasonable price + shipping to Australia. Serah Farron cosplay... here I come!

  20. Social groups. Depending on whether or not the popularity rate was high o not, but I thought they were quite useful.
  21. Beautiful as always Poe! I keep having to look back here time to time to see your newest works and to see some effects I could apply to my work to make it as great as yours.
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