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  1. Correct it would be the same. As soon as its loaded into your torrent client (doesn't matter how it got there) it's public to your ISP. Apart from a few other things, the magnet link connects directly to the tracker and peers and actually downloads the structure and contents of the torrent from them. Alright sounds good o7. Good luck.
  2. The browser extension will be fine for your general day to day browsing or bypassing geolocation restrictions and/or direct downloading from websites (but can be slow is usually a paid service). Yup no worries. To be honest HexChat takes no time at all to setup and connect to the channels. It also makes it possible to join multiple channels and have everything under one interface (and of course download stuff). There are plenty of us around here who can help you set it up if need be.
  3. No problem. Yes the vpn will "hide" you from grabbing the torrent from an online source, however once you start actually downloading it, that traffic is known to your ISP if you don't have a vpn installed at your systems OS level. There is no browser extension for HexChat/mIRC that will allow you do download, but there are web portals that will allow you to connect to the Kamestu and other channels without you having to install any software. I'm sure there is a link at the top of the forums that will take you to a webchat version of IRC.
  4. Highly recommend against using that as if memory serves correctly, they were the subject of a data breach not that long ago. I'd recommend Tunnel Bear or Internet Private Access. Dont know what you mean by hiding torrents and torrent extensions, but a browser add-on won't do it. Also googling your previous question will give you the answer you seek. TL;DR no SSL is not like dsl. You need to use HexChat or mIRC if you want to download via XDCC
  5. No you don't. Xertion does support SSL connections however: "SSL connections are accepted on ports 6697, 9998, and 9999" http://wiki.xertion.org/w/Servers
  6. Moodkiller

    Recommended MPV configuration OS X

    There isn't much, but then again, there can be a lot of options to set. I will post you a snippet of the config file I currently have put together - though it should be worth mentioning that this is very much untested on macOS. ############################ # Quality related settings # ############################ #profile=opengl-hq profile=gpu-hq # Higher quaility output, more resources used scale=ewa_lanczossharp # Manual override for best video output, disable if dropped frames occure cscale=ewa_lanczossharp # Manual override for best video output, disable if dropped frames occure video-sync=display-resample # If audio and video go out of sync, instead of dropping video frames, resample the audio # (a slight change in audio pitch is often less noticeable than dropped frames) interpolation # AKA smoothmotion tscale=oversample # Make motion appear smoother by changing the way that frames are shown so that the # source framerate jives better with your display's refresh rate keep-open=yes # Don't close player after current playback stops I also have a customised version of MPV here if you want to check out some of the settings:
  7. Why? Just why? . This is about to be 4 seasons too many... could literally be anything else.
  8. Moodkiller

    An alert about Donations

    Lol, hey, apparently the "next bitcoin" \o/. Hmm, subway makes me feel anxious with all that red around. Wonder if it will be worth seeing which themes are used the most and least and then dropping the least used until there are like 3 or 4 left? @Koby - Are you privy to those stats?
  9. Moodkiller

    Random Talk.

    Oh yes for sure. Wasnt trying to discourage, just a personal preference. LOL, you know very well there is a way around this :P. What is a pain, is setting that method up and potentially having the hardware for it. Hopefully that day never comes!
  10. Moodkiller

    Help with Aegisub Karaoke scripts

    \o/ - glad you got it all to work. I do remember being able to change the line that gives you the error to be able to work in line0's release... however I can't remember what I changed. One of those "well, I will never have to do that again" moments. You are welcome. The KaraEffector programme has a butt ton that you can apply (lead-in/out, highlight, effects, shapes, etc), and still customise if you wish.
  11. Moodkiller

    Random Talk.

    At least they happen somewhere which is nice ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I personally prefer the discord and IRC options because it's closer to a group DM. And as far as discord goes, it's more "portable".
  12. Moodkiller

    Help with Aegisub Karaoke scripts

    Yes usually it will either apply it to the selected lines, or you can specify whether to apply it to a specific style or similar (this was with reference to the programme I thought you were using, not the actual one). As for the error, which version of Aegisub are you using? I found I had to use 3.2.2 (so not line0) in order to apply some KFX templates and 3rd party progammes that generate karaoke effects. I just tested with yours and I can apply the template in 3.2.2 but I cant in line0's build. I have had a closer look at this now, I thought you were downloading this: https://karaeffector.blogspot.com/p/kara-effector.html With your last statement, I would assume that the programme you are using is indeed looking for the \k tags. What you could try is entering karaoke mode on an English line so that it inserts \k tags throughout the line and then trying to apply the effect?
  13. Moodkiller

    Help with Aegisub Karaoke scripts

    Yup. It’s a little bit buggy but on the first window you need to make sure it says “Lead in” and that you have your English lines style selected from their various drop down boxes. Once that’s done hit apply and then you can choose your lead in effect from the template dropdown menu and hit apply/ok again. You don’t need any kind of tags or comments to use lead in/out effects. I would send screenshots but on mobile and away from my pc at the moment. EDIT: In addition to what Koby said, make sure that your template lines are at the TOP of the sub file and commented out. You would also need to set the effect or actor field to say “karaoke” of your English/romaji lines, other wise the template lines don’t know what to apply themselves to. Can’t remember which field it is again, but the aegisub docs will help with that.
  14. Moodkiller

    An alert about Donations

    I'm just short of cash just in general from my ideal amount... Can I drop you a PM too??
  15. The only other select few who will use it are those who want to stream Netflix 4K @Koby yeah I feel a bit of a restrictive Apple vibe here.