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    Haha, I heard he preferred Cater as well -- tell everyone else!
  2. index

    Heh, think of a users name that rhymes with platter. I'm going to qc it for them and then we will release. Hopefully this weekend as it (hopefully) will be a straightforward remux.
  3. You must be one of the few. Personally I found it (and other clients') slow, buggy, rushed release, not suited for desktop, direct x 11 only and no native start menu with a boring flat UI. My general rule of thumb has been that if you are on Windows 7, you will probably prefer it more to Windows 10. And if you are on Windows 8/8.1, then you should be on Windows 10.
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    The lack of emojis in this sentence leaves one's imagination to wonder... You didn't notice I unfollowed yours at that point??
  5. index

    Update time!! Updated the list of current projects and added a few things to the list for planned releases. • Hyouka 720p - need to remux • Attack on Titan S2 720p - waiting for USBD's • A Certain Magical Index II 720p - need to remux • The Devil is a Part Timer 1080p - Add FLAC audio to release Also you may, or may not, have seen a whole bunch of Google Drive links being added. I have tried to mirror all the releases to Drive with the help of @Catar already getting a head start on me and having them in his drive. Thank you. At this stage it's about 95% done with most of mine/Kametsu's releases being added. Any issues, please let the topic poster know. Speaking of Google Drive, *sighs* it pains me to ask this, but IF anyone wants to help out with a donation, then please feel free. Otherwise, enjoy the improvement and RIP Mega.
  6. index

    Re: Himouto - Got both resolutions' encodes ready to run. baal just wants to check a few last things before setting it on its way. No new ETA as he has gotten himself involved in other things xD. Re: Hyouka - Yes, something I am about to do and could do fairly easily, however I would like to QC that one for both parties that are going to do this series
  7. I didn't even notice that... because I have it in detail view ;). There has to be a registry hack for that for sure... Also for OP (and anyone else). Windows 10 is recommended (security, DirectX 12, better than Windows 8.1, long term support). As long as you stay away from the beta / insider releases, the public releases are a lot more stable then the initial release of it. I dealt with a lot of the Windows 10 bugs when it was first released and everyone jumped on it. Now it just seems to be the very rare Start menu bug (start menu crashes) or video driver updates that cause issues. Everything else seems good. This is me speaking from personal experiences with my own devices (one on beta releases, the other on public updates) as well as from an IT support perspective.
  8. I should have been more specific, call me when IRC gets offline scrollback when you are not online. This is the one big plus you get from Discord, offline messages when you yourself are offline. True scrollback. As you know, scroll back on IRC is possible 1) if you leave your main client open 24/7 or 2) setup an IRC bouncer (such as ZNC). IRC definitely has its place, especially for XDCC, but Discord is not as bad as you make out to be - like IRC, it's the chans.
  9. @Koby when irc gets scrollback, let me know. @Nabull https://discord.gg/XMsWdHd only the best people hang out on discord ;). Koby is just in the wrong servers.
  10. Oh... . You should see about acquiring one (either through invites or when registrations open) seen as most of everything is up there + very easy to keep a ratio, and they often have sitewide freeleech sessions
  11. Both have seeds on AB: TCL s1: https://animebytes.tv/torrents.php?id=3691&torrentid=115728 Damans s2: https://animebytes.tv/torrents.php?id=8419&torrentid=58512
  12. Apparently I do :P - but I do!
  13. Yeah that would be right as there are usually much stricter speed limits imposed due to the hosting methods of XDCC bots. For example, I host mine (Moody|Bot) at home, so I'm limited to my ISP's upload limit, but then still have it limited for each user downloading + limited further to allow enough bandwidth for the family members to still be able to use the internet. Then you get others who host their downloads from Google Drive through a very simple server overseas utilizing all the bandwidth available. I.e 250MB/s give or take.
  14. Yup, no problemo! At this stage, looking like a Coalgirls remux...
  15. I somehow managed to hit "Quote" and "Submit reply" at the same time and ended up just posting what you said. Hmm, alrighty, well don't forget to specify what res you are after next time (I know though that CTR normally only releases 1080p though)