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  1. Noragami & Noragami Aragoto, A Certain Magical Index and Scientific Railgun series, Bleach, Charlotte, Your Lie In April, ERASED and left the best for last, Toradora!
  2. Try not using the downloader? I.e. JDownloader 2 seems to now ignore the cap, or just download it through your browser and test again?
  3. index

    Hey, yeah at this stage I am. However I guess I can add s1 to that list as well for a dual audio release if thats what you are after? Many thanks. At this stage, no more updates other than there is not much left to do. @Baal and @Etzimal (and myself) keep getting distracted with other releases x.x (blame Etzimal mostly).
  4. @Koby Potentially, @vbb would be able to confirm/deny seen as they just set it up. Bearing in mind that we are still using 2.10.2 due to bugged xdcc downloading?? Or has that been fixed since? I was under the impression that it was on the list for mIRC...
  5. No problem. Hexchat > Network List > Add > Type "Xertion" (or whatever you want to call it) > Hit Enter > Edit > replace "newserver/6667" with "irc.xertion.org" > Under the Autojoin Channels tab, you can enter #Kametsu > close > Connect and you should connect to #Kametsu on the Xertion server My server is slightly different as that one turned out to be the most stable one based on my location.
  6. Yeah, so as the prompt says, join the correct channel by connecting to irc.kametsu.com (irc.xertion.org). Once in there connect to #Kametsu, you will see the [C-W]Archive bot, which you will be able to download from. "XDCC SEND denied, you must be on a known channel to request a pack" normally means the bot is not in the channel...
  7. Haha, yeah good call. I was in the same boat in the beginning as well, never ventured much into the world of servers. But really what I have built is just more of a seedbox than a server. I tried the linux route, but after countless hours of help from Sakura, JohnFlower and IkarosBD, I eventually switched over to a simple Windows 7 setup with limited linux abilities (XDCC bot and irc bouncer) and that's been running solid. Plus I don't have to bother the other guys <3 as i sit here with $ =P
  8. So many options, but I think the one that I get hyped about the most about when it comes to watching it, is Saga of Tanya The Evil Nothing beats the OP and ED
  9. I don't like Mecha at all really. Robotics;Notes was already too much... However the way Aldnoah handled and drew/animated their mecha, it was perfect. It felt like it fitted right in and was apart of the episodes. Some of the other ones I have see it feels like someone else sent the studio the animation and they just pasted it in. On the note of recently completed. Today I finished Steins;Gate: The Movie − Load Region of Déjà Vu (9/10) and The Boy and The Beast (10/10). The feels in both were good, so I'm emotionally drained. I wish Steins;gate concluded differently or had something more to it. The Boy and the Beast was just perfect. Such glorious animation with a good story. Also if anyone knows where to buy one, please let me know:
  10. If you 1) don't care about redundancy and 2) don't care about point 1, you could use as many as you can of the biggest of those drives and set up a spanned volume (Linux or Windows) and get "one" storage drive with a (I'm assuming) very large capacity. This was the setup I had for MoodyBot (1x 2TB, 2x 1TB and 1x 500GB all joined to form one volume in a software raid) which worked fine with understandable risk. I now have 2x 4TB drives in it seen as they were cheap.
  11. @Koby - Did you seen any of this? I approve! This will be great (locking of threads specifically) but will those be handed out to everyone? Or specific, trusted users? (i.e does it even have that setting?) ... Brave, yes. Subway, no. How about running a month long public poll for which themes to keep, and at the end of it, decide how many of the lowest voted we don't keep? http://kametsu.com/topic/57649-software-updates-feature-tweaks/?do=findComment&comment=532396
  12. Awesome, assumed so. Ah ok, yeah that's also fair enough, makes sense.
  13. Will you be removing the highest seed count or lowest seeded releases?
  14. Seen as Dropbox's Public folder is no longer public, if you come across any images that are broken, please let me know? (I have replaced what I can)

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      hahaha...Implying my posts are still horrible to look at either way.

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      I meant they are not ugly to look at now...Lol.

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  15. Welcome to everyone new! and goodbye to @YamiNoSenshi o/