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  1. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee For years i thought it was already too late to read that, turned out i was wrong. The only book Harper Lee's ever written, based on her life experience, and a masterpiece. Definition of a good book.
  2. to the whole True Detective soundtrack playlist, which pretty much calls for getting drunk or at least having a drink. Thats not gonna happen today, but the mood seems appropriate anyway. Enjoy >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4zluA60hjs&list=PL1j7brXL_skXDRsi2uUptPqwwIDMqmd88
  3. Discussing anything with the kid is welcome, nowadays they are going to learn everything by themselves anyway, so it had better come from you, that way you can at least put it right. Besides, spending some time with offspring, doing anything, is good enough. The child's gonna find trouble at some point, so he better not harm himself or the opponent trying to mimic what he's seen in that Jackie Chan movie the other day. Either that, or he'll be picking up a stone or something sharp and pointy to defend himself, going for eyes and such, and i'd rather he just kicked the other guy below the knee instead. Knowing how to handle oneself in a fight adds to confidence, it doesnt mean the kid's gonna go terrorizing the neighborhood. If he doesnt know right from wrong and is into bullying, he'll find a way to hurt others' feelings without knowing how to land a punch, so its not about fighting, its about morale, the two can be separate.
  4. in such cases - write something. in the end you'll still feel as tired and sleepy the next morning, but at least you'll have something tangible as a result of your sleepless night.
  5. you spending bucks on games. blasphemy.

    1. Nero D. Ace

      Nero D. Ace

      the pirate within me hath been banished!

      hah! as if. nah, just taking the best deals and cashing in on my birthday and Christmas presents.

    2. Shade_13


      oh what, you saying this and the fact Guys' club is gone is not part of some big conspiracy?

  6. veeeery late thanks, Shaz, hope it was great for you

  7. Happy Birthday, Poetic Tragedy, all the best
  8. Not really, just checking once in a while

  9. Hey, Raz, i'm good, how're you

  10. everything is cool, i had lessons anyway so didnt really notice kam's absence.

  11. I realize that if i say "i never would", it would be a lie. Under certain circumstances i would, i will damage a person, a human being physically, regardless of sex, age or anything. Dont get me wrong, i am not a violent person, i welcome peaceful solutions to problems and, even more, preventing problems and avoiding them if necessary. But there are lines, that, if crossed, ought to be responded to. I personally can take in my address a lot of crap without blinking an eye and giving any importance to it. But, damn, help that person whatever god he's praying to if he thinks he can blackmouth people whom i'm close with and get away with it. If he's anywhere near me, i'll attack (no matter the outcome), if not, i'll remember. I dont know, maybe that sounds weird, that's the way i see it personally. Luckily, i must add, i dont really imagine a girl passing that line, so all in all the chances of me attacking a female person are very slim.
  12. Elder Scrolls is the original of Fallout? The two games had nothing to do with each other until Bethesda acquired the rights, and New Vegas was even developed by another studio. Now the similarities they share are only technological, it's hard to call one a version of another.
  13. Funny thing - i really looked forward to the game, and when it came out everyone started bashing it, i also watched a couple of vids and didnt like it. So i just passed, like there was no sequel. And when i finally played it (even on medium graphics, cause higher options were locked for xp), i enjoyed it pretty much. Not as much as the first one but still. It's simplified, made in an obvious rush, but it's got the original's music composer (Inon Zur) and the writers. That turned out to be enough for me. tried to play co-op with friends?
  14. To be honest i dont remember when was the first time i read about Hachiko, thats one of those stories you think you know by default. And the movie with Richard Gere must have popularized the story among those who hadn't heard it. I'm a dog lover, ive seen how wide the emotional range of those creatures can be with my own eyes, so the story never was something unimaginable for me. Still a good story, and i'm glad that what was at first just an article in a paper lived on to our days. P.S. I dont really care about the body after death, but stuffing it seems inappropriate to me.
  15. It's not that old to be discarded, maybe of year 2006, and not used like a mule. Cant say for sure cause it didnt belong to me, but for the last year it just rested in its bag. I learned it had a fall though, so yeah maybe physical damage. Just thought if it was that bad it wouldnt work at all, now itss like hiccups, you think it's gone then it comes back
  16. oh hay, long time, how's life

  17. Yeah, there are hardly many programs running, but i'm sure the problem isnt related to that. But thanks for the brainstorming. Probably it really is not durable enough anymore.
  18. Hey I'm using this ASUS notebook (Intel T2250 1,73Ghz, 1gb RAM) and while i fully realize that it's not supposed to be a beast, it still has to work fine for browsing and such. But it doesnt, actually almost every performed action makes him zone out for a few seconds. Not like the system freezes dead, no, it's just like he takes his time doing it. Task manager doesnt show any significant pressure on either cpu or memory. See, i thought it was a software problem, malware or something, but the problem stays after a full OS reinstall and even hard disc change. The machine doesnt heat strong enough to cause such problems. Now, i know that making conclusions based on such a brief description isn't easy, so i just ask if anyone has encountered a similar problem or knows how to confirm a fault in hardware. If it were a desktop i'd play with its components, cant really do it with a notebook. Thanks for your time P.S. while i was typing this, something else came up, like the TouchPad icon in the toolbar is supposed to track my touch, but instead it just shows as if i pressed somewhere in the middle and hold it that way, also when i want to type ', it doubles the letter like thiss. Those are trifles but it's kind of weird anyway.
  19. ok, good

    i mean not good, but convenient

  20. Why cant you tell what's in mine? I thought it was obvious, it's a green shiny donut inside... something... probably. Obvious. Oh, i want the fubonus cookies. Hm, let me think... Lara Croft and Duke Nukem? ... No? Arh, i suck at FF.
  21. Darker than Black, though maybe it's more fiction than science. Eden of the East, I personally didnt like that much, but a lot of people did. I hear Gants is good, gotta watch it sometime. Serial Experiments Lain has a lot to it, sci-fi too, it might be a bit difficult to watch Paprika is about a technology that allows to analyze and interfere with people's dreams. From what already has been mentioned: i find Cowboy Bebop is great, and Neon Genesis Evangelion is what got me interested in anime (it is being remade now in several full legth movies, wont be finished earlier than in a few years though.)
  22. here is the PSN related thread http://forums.kametsu.com/showthread.php?t=1294 have fun
  23. I'll just sign under this. Fallout offered much more of freedom (and i dont mean open world, i mean decisions and consequences) than TES even back when it was still isometric (though the first TES i played was Morrowind, maybe the two before that offered more, i dont know), then lost a lot of its charm with the third installment and regained it in full and added more with NV. In Skyrim, Molag Bar tells you to beat a person to death (to several deaths, even). You do that, cause you dont have choice. You cant tell him to stick that mace up his daedric behind, no, and some may say that it's logical, you cant argue with a powerful demonic-godly type of creature. Maybe, but when in NV House tries to manipulate you like a puppet you can find his cryogenic capsule and work some amateur science on it with a tragic outcome. That i like. Where is Molag Bar's cryogenic apparatus?
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