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  1. Fresh start with a new sig and avatar set coming together. >.>

  2. It works perfectly fine for me. I'm currently on iPad and it's compatible.
  3. :/ doesnt seem like you will be online anytime soon. guess ill just have to spam you, just in case you return :P

    1. Edder



  4. HIIIIII! long time no speak :P

  5. Feels like years since I've visited this place. I've missed you guys. ):

  6. The Walking Dead? Hell to the yes! The Walking Dead has always been one of my favourite shows by far. Lori's dead. Finally. Sorry not sorry ;o Bring it on Season 4!
  7. I was introduced to FF when I was younger but I never actually got the opportunity to play the game. I have XIII-2 (for almost 6 months+) and it was the first Final Fantasy game I ever bought. I am only up to the first boss and I am already struggling, thus turning me off the game a bit. I already know the ending of the game, I've seen it on Youtube, and I have to agree with what everyone else is saying, I mean, how many FF do we need? Can't we just have a good end to the story instead of a dragged on series of games that everyone is starting to get bored of? Excited 20%, Bored 80%.
  8. Definitely The Anomaly when it comes out. < BIGGEST Ian Somerhalder fan right here!
  9. Obviously I haven't been online as much (in fact I've hardly been online at all.), reason being is I've just seemed to have lost my interest in anime. I'm still a cosplayer, but I just need a break. Sooooo I'll be offline alot. :<

  10. I've rarely been on here... so much crap going on. Looking forward to the school holidays so I can get back to chatting with you guys and actually doing something positive.

  11. Minecraft anyone? Tekkit?

    1. Dark_Angel13


      I play both so I'd be interested in gaming with ya =)

  12. They barely interest me. I mean, they don't help me out much in-game, they're just... there. I don't play the games just to earn the trophies, to me they're just another little notification banner in the corner of the TV.
  13. These are sooo neat! n.n I'm a big fan of the space/galaxy theme type of thing. I really like your work, and this one is my fave: Keep up the good work, you're really good at it!
  14. I've a lot of things to do in my daily life. Lately I haven't been able to spend much time on anime with end of year exams and all, but beforehand, anime was a part of everything I did or said. Back to the actual question, if I was deprived of anime for a month I think I could actually handle it. I am a part of other fandoms too.
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