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  1. Since they are starting to port alot of games, this might be along with the KH HD Collection, whenever we get it that is. >.> Should Include; Kh1, Kh2, Birth By Sleep, and mabye Chain of Memories.
  2. I give it an 8.5 Gonna take some time to Platinum this, every time consuming, and the game was good even if it didnt surpass Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm. Lol
  3. Looks good, Preordered my copy yesterday and got a siiiiiiick Limited Edition Metal Case. xD
  4. I will aswell, but there isnt gonna be a collectors ed. of Naruto.
  5. This is the last time you will see me on Kametsu my friend. Hopefully we will play on PSN every once in a while if I'm not busy with other stuff. Have fun with Kametsu.

  6. Fast Five, Ghost Rider, Inception all 720p xD

  7. I will Possibly in a week or 2. Since I have 2 sigs, Ima jus rotate them until I change my name(for the 1millionth time xD)
  8. o.O Niice, I have to say that they are both done great. Thanks to you both.
  9. Very nicely done J-Lord. You certainly have the skills to be on the graphics team. I like it!(: Thanks for attending to my request in such a short amount of time 0.0 Also, I need the link for the sig.. Edit: Nvm on the link.
  10. I'd like to request a Sig and Avatar, been a while since Ive been here and I need a new sig and avatar xD They still have my old name on them. Image: http://www.renders-graphiques.fr/image/upload/moyen/brotherhood_11.png Color: It doesnt matter. Text: None Shall Stop Me Uhm.. I think thats all. Thanks to anyone who decides to do this.(:
  11. I want for my ps3; FFXIII-2 Dmc Dmc HD Collection Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm: Generations Kh3 FFVsXIII Hahaha xD So far that I know of.
  12. Yeah, I was kinda guessing that. FS was working fine lol.. Thx

  13. Uhm, Im having trouble downloading Episodes 24&16 lols..

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