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[NOMINATIONS] Anime of Summer 2018


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It's time for another set of Anime of the Season nominations! And a poll that will likely be out much later than expected because that NH is wicked forgetful!


Same rules as before:

  • Each user may only nominate one show. Except me because I'm making these things. I jest.
  • Do not blindly nominate a series "just because you can"; nominate the series you are actually going to vote for. Lolis are always a good reason to nominate. And boobs.
  • As listed in the rules here, any shows that have had a previous season win, are not eligible to be nominated again, so check the Hall of Fame. This is so one show doesn't fill the HoF and allows other shows a chance in the spotlight. Spin-offs featuring new casts are still eligible however.
  • Nomination period is 1 week. It's on a timer so, even I can't forget.


Nominations will run thru November 2nd. The thread will lock automatically on November 3rd. The poll will be created and opened later on the same day. Or soon after because I am a terribly forgetful douchemeister. We will update this post as necessary as nominations come in. For reference, the Summer 2018 chart is located here - please check this chart before nominating a show in this thread, as it needs to come from the Summer 2018 season. NOTE: Shows that began airing in the summer season and are continuing into the fall 2018 season are STILL eligible for nomination. Also, please use the English title, where applicable.


Last added Nomination Update: Downlewd


x1 - Back Street Girls

x1 - Cells at Work

x1 - Chio's School Road

x1 - Dropkick on my Devil!

x7 - Grand Blue

x2 - Harukana Receive

x4 - How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord

x1 - Late Night! Genius Bakabon

x2 - Layton Mystery

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