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  1. CN blocks VPNs now, so no more Total DramaRama from me. I'm not fucking happy about this.

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    2. megajew


      Didn't work. This py file is probably the only way how to do it now and I haven't got a clue how to use Pythom. Oh well

    3. Dulus_No
    4. megajew


      I'll give it a go

  2. Zombieland Saga, RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida JoJo Part 5 Goblin Slayer SSSS Gridman Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san Golden Kamuy
  3. Happy vaginal exit day

  4. Had no internet

  5. "A bunch of strangers on the internet wished you a happy birthday!" "Th-thanks dad."
  6. Boku no Picodemia Lupin IIIi Back Street Girls Banana Fish High Score Girl Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa Planet With (not sure what this is yet)
  7. DMC 5 looks hype as fuck
  8. Happy spam day

  9. I knew it was coming, but still, fuck.
  10. Tubi teamed up with Hulu and it brought their DRM, blocks most VPNs too.

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    2. megajew


      @DigiPokeMonAnything that has been "presented by Hulu" is now encrypted. Link for reference



    3. DigiPokeMon


      I wonder why they did this for



    4. megajew


      Guess they got popular and Hulu wanted a slice

  11. Happy born day

  12. The creators are working on the Big Hero 6 cartoon
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