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  1. will it be streaming on funimation or crunchyroll
  2. hello welcome to kametsu
  3. hello everyone can anyone suggest me new anime and manga
  4. thank you @koby for updating 2019 link
  5. pokemon Dragon Ball z Inuyasha Beyblade Digimon Yu Gi Oh Doremon
  6. well its rare anime is made by non-japanese that too Shounen
  7. i was searching for dual audio anime and found kametsu and it is very awsome site
  8. i guess rock lee can defeat neji because rock lee trains so hard and he can open the eight inner gates which was taught to him by guy sensei with that he could defeat neji
  9. It is one of my favourite show it made me laugh like hell and action scenes are good 'gintoki vs takasugi' is one of my favourite fight scenes of anime. And in my point of view it is a great show
  10. waseem shaik


    Hi everyone nice to meet you all
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