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  1. megajew

    Muh Stuff

    It's just season 3
  2. megajew

    Muh Stuff

    Tried it. It either doesn't work because it literally needs a New Zealand IP address or the site blocks VPNs like 9Now.
  3. megajew

    Muh Stuff

    Region locks are dumb
  4. megajew

    Muh Stuff

    I don't have a New Zealand server
  5. megajew

    E3 2018 Discussion

    DMC 5 looks hype as fuck
  6. Happy spam day

  7. megajew

    Muh Stuff

    Fair enough
  8. megajew

    Muh Stuff

    It does look interesting, did Netflix even advertise this? First I've heard of it.
  9. megajew

    Muh Stuff

    @Ariandid it
  10. megajew

    Muh Stuff

    Fair enough, I still don't like it.
  11. megajew

    Muh Stuff

    Getting the exact millisecond correct in order to sync is awful. It's just trial and error and boring.
  12. megajew

    Muh Stuff

    It doesn't need re-syncing, just have to add the English. Wouldn't do it otherwise because it's tedious.
  13. megajew

    Muh Stuff

    I'll be posting in seasons The episodes have a hindi audio track playing over the english one, not on separate tracks. They're unusable. Removed the audio and manually re-added the english track, this one will take a while.
  14. megajew

    Muh Stuff

    Okay, figured it was a cartoon.
  15. megajew

    Muh Stuff

    Each episode has it's own specific hls number code. It would take forever, I've already got 20 episodes of the 700mb ones for speed comparison. It's a cartoon or live action? I can't tell.