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  1. Free Guy | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX Looks absolutely hilarious. Count me in!
  2. On-par in what way exactly? Because compared to the PS4 and Xbox One (the first versions), the Switch’s graphical output is definitely inferior when looking at most games. And in hand-held mode there’s even more limitations (lower quality settings, lower resolution). I recommend you check out some comparisons on YouTube from DigitalFoundry. They know their stuff. It’s a good hybrid for sure. Both hand-held and ‘console’ performance is acceptable most of the time, especially for official Nintendo games (third-party, not so much). But it is definitely not on-par with actual consoles like the PS4 or Xbox One.
  3. Avengers: Endgame. I was at the midnight premiere in my country.
  4. Shazam (2019). While it was funny at times, ultimately I did not enjoy it. The family/school scenes felt extremely cringy, characters were very clichéd and the villain was as one-dimensional as it gets. I feel like the entire reason this movie was made is because the producers liked the premise of ''young kid tries out newfound superpowers for the first time'' and they thought they could make a 2-hour comedy out of it. While those gags may be entertaining at first, it gets dull after a while. I was expecting something a little more serious, but alas. This one is definitely meant for the youngest of audiences.
  5. Linked Horizon's next single will be released on June 19th 2019 and will contain season 3 part 2's opening "憧憬と屍の道" (which can be translated as "Path of Longing and Corpses").
  6. Roughly 6-7 months. It will be airing in the autumn/fall season of 2019. Sorry, I was wrong. The second OVA is slated for October 2019. I can't find info on S2.
  7. I should clarify I was referring to the MCU when I said 'Marvel flick'. Out of the 20-something movies made so far, quite a few of them just feel very average, especially the music. I can't think of a single track from Captain Marvel that stood out to me.
  8. I enjoyed it as well. Certainly no masterpiece, but it's also no worse than your average Marvel flick.
  9. Knowing what's going to happen doesn't take away from the hype/excitement for me in the least bit. Manga and anime are two entirely different mediums, so it's still going to be a fresh experience even for manga readers.
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  10. It's explained in the manga... I'm really not sure if they will touch upon it in a future episode. While I'm tagging this as a spoiler, it's pretty minor IMO and doesn't affect the rest of the story. Honestly, I think it's a pretty half-assed explanation.
  11. If you'd like to follow me on my current and future endeavours, please PM me or leave a comment here ;)

  12. i will gladly send people noots if that's what i need to do to save pingu
  13. Might as well just tell LighteningOne to sell it himself then. Naturally it'd be nice if the person who won the key actually has a use for it and plays the game. How would you feel if you gave someone a gift and they ended up selling it behind your back? I can assure you most people wouldn't like the sound of that. Of course there's no way to ensure the winner will play the game, but still, it'd be nice if they did. I already own this game so I have no need to enter the giveaway.
  14. Pingu will be very grateful if you vote for his animu Please support Pingu and help save Antarctica together we shall noot our way to victory
  15. Overlord (2018). Had my eye on this ever since it was announced. Watched a WEB-DL version last night. Admittedly it was rather disappointing. Plot turned out the be fairly generic. The ''villain'' also felt very forced.
  16. Something here confuses me... Spider-Man: Far From Home is intended to be about Peter's second school year. If the gap between Infinity War and Endgame is 5 years (as stated in the synopsis of this thread)... how would that work? I have a feeling that some kind of time-travel will be involved in Endgame. Or else half the population (including Peter) is going to wake up in a world where everyone else is 5 years older (assuming everyone who was snapped stopped aging). I don't see how the latter situation would suit the school narrative of the Spider-Man movies.
  17. AoT S3 Part 2 PV


  18. Scyrous

    Status Quo

    Let me stop you right there. No one ever said this. Discussing a release (for example: Death.Note.S01.540p-Hi10p.BluRay.FLAC2.0.x264-CTR) doesn't tell anyone where to get it. I talked about the discussion of releases. Not vaguely pointing users towards said releases. I didn't say anything about ''oh by the way, you can find it on <website> or <XDCC bot>''. Nothing of the sort. If the word CTR here (I can't think of any other plausible word) is somehow meant to point people towards piracy, you might as well ban the words Kametsu, Koby or SCY then. Or any word that could be vaguely connected to piracy. There's this subreddit named /r/piracy with over 300k subscribers. Thousands of users discussing piracy every single day, with no illegal links being shared (and those who do and disregard the rules get banned). The mere discussion of piracy isn't going to get anyone in jail or put them at risk, lol.
  19. Scyrous

    Status Quo

    What bothers me the most is that a significant portion of the site seems to have been lost for no reason. I get how removing all links might have been necessary to comply with all the DMCA crap Kametsu had to face. But I find it very hard to believe the mere discussion of piracy/releases (without any sort of links being shared) also puts Kametsu in some kind of serious danger. I would have been fine with a text-only index where I could continue to post updates about my current/future projects and where others could ask questions (and in the same vein, I personally believe project topics without actual download links would have been totally fine). But even that seems to be out of the question now. Or perhaps I'm just looking in the wrong places. In any case, I can't find any sort of place on the site dedicated to piracy anymore. And I think that's overkill. I agree. I initially came here specifically for the downloads and didn't start putting out my own releases until over half a year later. I stayed because of the community. I rather enjoyed the community aspect and being able to discuss my own and other's releases. Now that all of that's gone, there just isn't much to do here for me anymore.
  20. This one's easy... Pingu in the City Season 2
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