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  1. PaulF

    Favorite Old School Videogame

    FF 7/8/9, monkey island, jagged alliance and some more retro games. Of course Mario and Kirby, sonic and so on too.
  2. Look to the right site and input what u search in the search.
  3. PaulF

    Morning or Night Person?

    I was a programmer, nerd and a lo tmore years ago, so sleep is unimportant for me, but due the fact that today, my kids kicks me out of my bed on 5.30am I need sleep. Mostly I fall into around 1am.
  4. Hey buddy, hope your ok, we miss you here.

  5. 30+ and for memories and my kids.
  6. Good list, it would be great if u upload ur stuff.
  7. PaulF

    johnny bravo cartoon

    It’s not the content area dude, just use the search!
  8. Sounds great! Can u make a list?
  9. PaulF

    Plex Users here?

    I just would like to ask if any more plex users here, who may want to share their libary for a giant cartoon netflix.
  10. Some weeks before, I planned with ToonCore a big project. Sadly he is away the last weeks and so, I ask you, the users here, if you want this project. We want to collect all HB Cartoons in every language we can get, for sure in the best quallity (including isos). But we cant do this alone, we need your help. Help with files, mirrors and wishes, ideas and so on. What do you think, can we rock this big project? Can we count on you? Can you mirror files or spend some? Or should it die like other big projects?
  11. PaulF

    Download from WidewineDRM

    U can stream it to smartphone, consoles, computer... #hdmisplitter #screenrecord
  12. PaulF

    TV Caps Area

    No worries, feel free to post a request.
  13. PaulF

    TV Caps Area

    I think you missunderstand my post. I start a capture of, lets say, boomerang, let it run for, lets say, 6 hours, give it a nice filename and capture the next station. Actually I have this in my collection: (Pinocchio.1972.S01.German.FS.DVDRiP.x264-iND) (Pinocchio.1976.S01.German.FS.DVDRiP.x264.iNTERNAL-ARMO)
  14. PaulF

    TV Caps Area

    I am may too nostalgic, but I capture many hours a day of different tv stations, like in the old VHS times (I already have over 700 of them...). I would share this with the others, but it seems there is no place for this here. May an idea, or may I am just too old and nostalgic?