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    1. Scyrous


      Not sure why they'd call it season 4... it's just the second cour of :re (aka season 3). MAL even lists it as 'Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season'.

    2. Inverti


      Good, I prefer not to wait years for a new batch of episodes. 

    3. Koby


      TG:re has been so terrible I probably won't tune into another cour. :/

  1. Krieg

    ASK upcoming anime in 2018 and 2019

  2. Accel World Infinite burst + the ovas are finally getting a dubbed release.


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    2. Inverti


      No thanks. 

    3. Koby


      Yeah they skipped so much shit that Infinite Burst's new content makes absolute no sense unless you're a novel reader. New characters, new abilities, etc... Since the first anime adapted like the first 4 novels, and the movie starts around the 20th novel. So they skipped roughly 16 novels.

    4. Inverti


      Makes me wonder why they decided to make the movie like that, then. Why waste resources on recapping the anime instead of trying to fill in the gaps? 

  3. Viz announced the got the license to One Punch Man Season 2.



    1. Inverti


      Wonder how long it'll take for the dub to get released. 

    2. Krieg


      I don't think it would take to long. I can't remember correctly but when season one was airing toonami had it two weeks after it started sub.

    3. Inverti


      Nope. The dub for S1 aired around 7 months after the JP broadcast. I could only hope that the S2 dub is gonna come out faster this time around. 

  4. Happy Birthday


    1. Inverti


      Totally called it. Why the heck would Teri Rogers return when she's not available, and that Bryn Apprill is CLEARLY a better Akeno? I'll miss Scott as Issei, but I've already gotten used to Josh as the pervy horndog that he deserves to come back, and lo and behold; he did. 


      Chloe and Leah sound pretty much identical, so the recast for Asia is okay with me.

  5. Krieg

    [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Winter 2018

    Darling in the FranXX
  6. The original dub cast is back for Steins Gate 0.



    1. Inverti


      As expected, since pretty much the entire cast are Dallas locals/have strong ties with Funimation. 

  7. A trailer for Attack on Titan season 3 was just released subbed. 


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    2. kitkat


      Holy shit.. the animation <3

    3. Ashven288


      24 episode confirmed!


      On a side note...


    4. kitkat
  8. Yes the original cast except for a few are returning for Full Metal Panic new season. 


  9. Funimation dub Announcements at Chicago’s C2E2 so far

    Twin Star Exorcists
    Ai Tenchi Muyo


    1. Inverti


      MORE TENCHI MUYO!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Also, more Bryce means more greatness. Can't wait to hear him in TSE.

    2. Koby


      Maybe I'll undrop Twin Star to watch the dub, dunno... they really screwed over the anime with filler that affected canon (hell the MCs pet itself was apparently anime-only) and terribly slow pacing.

  10. Happy Birthday @Scyrous

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    2. Koby


      Happy Birthday Young'in

    3. (AC)


      Happy birthday, Erm well If it gets too hot for ya AC will come cool ya down.

    4. monsieurcooler


      Happy Birthday mate :exciting:

  11. Krieg

    Fairy Tail Dragon Cry Movie English Dub?

    March 6th I believe last time I checked.
  12. Krieg

    [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Fall 2017

    The Ancient Magus Bride.
  13. Krieg

    A Certain Archival Index

    Yeah on a phone that's no fair imgur I am going to try the app see if that helps. Sorry for the trouble.