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  1. What?! Really curious to know why?
  2. When ever I see ufotable I get reminded of Fate series and it's awesome animations. And the tales of zesteria as well. So I don't think twice to see any ufotable releases, I know atleast I will get quality animations. But the story is exactly like seraph of the end. This will definitely be in my ongoings list.
  3. gskumar

    Shingeki no Bahamut: Manaria Friends

    Just watched two episodes and man there's literally no plot. But the animation was God level. Really beautiful animations. Looks like I will drop this. SOL? There's nothing like that. All I see is human Princess blushing upon seeing dragon princess. It's is purely targeted for moe fans. So saying it a SOL doesn't fit right.
  4. gskumar


    Actually I am surprised people voting for the show which isn't even completed airing. If it is just based on few episodes then Goblin slayer is no doubt the winner but overall GS has zero potential for a AoTS. It just had the serious head start with that infamous scene. If at all Irodoku, bloom into you or zombie land may be good to see, it may not be awesome but were really wholesome shows. Though I haven't seen first two but most of the reviews are positive. Zombie land saga was also good except that CGI idol performance.
  5. It's anime starring kids but it's much more. All the kids are kept in a closed house and and are raised for some specific reason (No spoiler introduced). When they learn about it they decide to escape it but what awaits them outside find out by watching it. It is definitely not a kiddie show, infact it is more like death note playing mind games. Watch two episodes and decide by yourself. I assure you, this will blow your mind.
  6. I definitely didn't notice it though. So dubs were pretty good, yes it's infact much better. Glad I didn't start sub.
  7. gskumar


    I hope it doesn't. I always feel happy to see my favourite anime is being recognised, I hope everyone thinks the same and votes for their favourite.
  8. gskumar

    Log Horizon Season 3?

    I am not going to speculate the reason, but most of them are about dub dialogues being modified. Recently all the dubs are being very good, I think we already long past the time where dubs are horrible. There are dedicated people/production companies doing quality dubs. The sub>dub is no longer a issue now. For example I saw mob psycho in sub and I liked it very much and I thought dubs for this show would suck if it was ever made, but when I saw its dub I was amazed by it. It didn't loose anything from sub, I enjoyed it as much as subs.
  9. gskumar

    Log Horizon Season 3?

    Waiting for the god dam dub for over month now
  10. gskumar


    This time we got good no of votes(67) better than previous AoTS,may be reaching 100 votes may not be difficult given we are just half way through the time period. I hope we can get it.
  11. After a bump at ep 3 I think anime is going much smoothly now, building up the right amount of tension and showing the important elements.
  12. gskumar

    Game Giveaway #001: Call of Duty WWII

    Oh good! It doesn't matter how long is the key I want that for my friend anyway. He can figure it afterwards, if I get it that is Definitely I am telling this give away to every one of my friends. Yeah may be a poll might help but it depends on koby I guess
  13. gskumar

    Fact of the Day

    I never thought I would see such post on forum. Not just rats any creature with high surface area and less volume like ant can survive the fall, like ant. On the note cat can also survive the fall, but this reason is different, it's because of the flexible spine. I will say what I know today. Do you know that our Earth core is solid?