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  1. Up to you really. Plenty of people aside from OGG are doing DBS.
  2. I can't believe I'm announcing this, but... Planned: Ghost Stories (DVD 720p) [Dual-Audio] I've been meaning to watch this one for a while. But then I realized the only decent dual-audio release is from E-D, which is slightly bitrate-starved, contains vobsub tracks and re-encoded 128kbps vorbis audio (original is 224kbps AC-3). Perhaps there's something on rutracker to be found, but I hate traversing that site, so if anyone wants to look feel free to. Aside from doing a 720p upscale, I'll be providing .ass subtitles (dubtitles and subtitles) as well as my own typesetting.
  3. index

    Oh, I saw the word ''source'' and immediately thought you were asking about potential video/subs source. I shouldn't be posting comments at 10 AM. Sooowrrryy... D:
  4. index

    Beatrice-raws did it edit: nvm im stupid lol

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    2. NeutralHatred


      I think Scyrous likes this Inuyashiki.

    3. Scyrous


      What can I say... I like my CG cyborg grandpa tears.

      Oh and CG doggies. Those are neat too.

    4. basheer_naimi



      I hate him and i want him to DIE 

      And Oh yeah also i want the CG to die

  6. You're correct. Still not a reason to blame 500 million Reddit users though.
  7. ...then why recommend it even though you know it's stupid? Or why bring it up in the first place? Blaming all of Reddit is a very broad and generalized accusation. The main problem is certain people from filesharing subreddits such as /r/megalinks. The remaining hundreds of millions of Reddit users have absolutely nothing to do with sharing Kametsu links. Let's say 1000 users from Reddit are sharing links from Kametsu (that's an exaggeration but you get the point). Are you really gonna blame 500> million users for the actions of a few hundred or thousand people?
  8. It ended in 2009 and got a full BD release in 2014. A third season is extremely unlikely to happen.
  9. Yeah... I can barely tell what this is all about and I certainly don't intend to take part in whatever lovely stuff you guys are talking about. A few things though, @Samue1. Next time when you make a thread about a problem you're having, include some more details. Outsiders like me have no idea what this is about. Money? Scandalizing? Previous posts? You should explain yourself as if you're talking to a complete stranger, someone who is completely unaware of whatever took place in the past. Tell us the full story. In your very first sentence you immediately go on the defensive instead of explaining the matter at hand, that what you're being accused of, etc. There's a logical order to these things. Another thing: no need to personally target users like that. There is no need to portray yourself as the 'good guy' and call MaxxCatt or DRX 'traumatized' for having suspicions about something. Broad statements such as ''you guys are just breaking my barriers'' or ''I'm a newbie here and what? I'm treated like an outcast? An old rival enemy? Why can't I get some respect like a guest just walks in the door'' won't help you one bit. Anyway, I'll leave it at that. I'd rather not get involved further in this. Just wait for a mod to reply and try to sort things out alright.
  10. I guess so. Sorry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also, in the future I recommend you quote users when you're replying to them, rather than leave a general comment in the thread. Otherwise, people who aren't ''following'' the thread won't get a notification (which means they will never know if someone replied to them).
  11. Koby has been planning on doing this for a very long time. Not sure if it'll ever happen. Definitely not for the foreseeable future. There's quite a lot of dual-audio releases on AnimeBytes. Or you could grab OZC from XDCC. Also, are you sure ShadyCrab ever did Black Lagoon? It's not listed anywhere on his index. Maybe you were referring to ShaqSalazar. Anyway, there's no ''definitive'' archive-quality release as of yet. So you'll have to make do with mediocre releases on Nyaa and AB.
  12. Both, of course. Kametsu topic + Nyaa/AniDex links, as well as Google Drive and (possibly) XDCC mirrors. Probably best to 'follow' my index page if you want to stay up-to-date, or check out Catar's sheet every now and then.
  13. Completed: [Kametsu] Alderamin on the Sky (BD 1080p/720p Hi10 FLAC/AAC) [Dual-Audio] First Kametsu project done, woohoo. Testament and Anohana will be released later this month (or early November - depends on when USBDs get shared).
  14. My first [Kametsu] project Alderamin on the Sky is now available.


    (Gotta get that self-advertising going y'know)


    Next time I'll actually submit the thread once there's stuff to be uploaded. :P

    1. Ryutai


      farming those likes :P

    2. Scyrous




      Well no, truth be told, I'm only mentioning it because I feel like creating the thread prematurely (without releasing any stuff) was a bad idea. It hasn't been getting a whole lot of attention. Or maybe I'm just paranoid, I dunno.

    3. Ryutai


      yeah it can work both ways it can build up more hype and or interest posting early but sometimes people forget about it, those who are interested generally end up subscribing though so most who are/were interested should get a notification at least ^_^

  15. In the event that anyone should come across this topic: I've picked this up. I will be doing the first season of Garo in 1080p/720p dual-audio, featuring FLAC and AAC audio respectively.