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  1. Not watching AoT? Season 4 is set to air on December 6th or 7th, meaning within the fall season.
  2. Free Guy | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX Looks absolutely hilarious. Count me in!
  3. On-par in what way exactly? Because compared to the PS4 and Xbox One (the first versions), the Switch’s graphical output is definitely inferior when looking at most games. And in hand-held mode there’s even more limitations (lower quality settings, lower resolution). I recommend you check out some comparisons on YouTube from DigitalFoundry. They know their stuff. It’s a good hybrid for sure. Both hand-held and ‘console’ performance is acceptable most of the time, especially for official Nintendo games (third-party, not so much). But it is definitely not on-par with actual consoles like the PS4 or Xbox One.
  4. Avengers: Endgame. I was at the midnight premiere in my country.
  5. Shazam (2019). While it was funny at times, ultimately I did not enjoy it. The family/school scenes felt extremely cringy, characters were very clichéd and the villain was as one-dimensional as it gets. I feel like the entire reason this movie was made is because the producers liked the premise of ''young kid tries out newfound superpowers for the first time'' and they thought they could make a 2-hour comedy out of it. While those gags may be entertaining at first, it gets dull after a while. I was expecting something a little more serious, but alas. This one is definitely meant for the youngest of audiences.
  6. Linked Horizon's next single will be released on June 19th 2019 and will contain season 3 part 2's opening "憧憬と屍の道" (which can be translated as "Path of Longing and Corpses").
  7. Roughly 6-7 months. It will be airing in the autumn/fall season of 2019. Sorry, I was wrong. The second OVA is slated for October 2019. I can't find info on S2.
  8. happy birthday bro.

    I love you man.

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      Happy Birthday ! 🎁

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      thank you my friends

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      Very belated happy birthday bro.

  9. I should clarify I was referring to the MCU when I said 'Marvel flick'. Out of the 20-something movies made so far, quite a few of them just feel very average, especially the music. I can't think of a single track from Captain Marvel that stood out to me.
  10. I enjoyed it as well. Certainly no masterpiece, but it's also no worse than your average Marvel flick.
  11. Knowing what's going to happen doesn't take away from the hype/excitement for me in the least bit. Manga and anime are two entirely different mediums, so it's still going to be a fresh experience even for manga readers.
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