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  1. Back after a long absence

    Welcome back! I'm probably not who you're looking for but nice to meet you regardless.
  2. Steins; Gate 0 airs SPRING 2018




    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. cyborgicarus29


      HYYYYYPE. I can't wait. 

    3. VON


      And the wait for the dub begins!

    4. Inverti


      Indeed, Von. Indeed. 

  3. Quick heads-up: Moozzi2 is one of the worst sources to use when it comes to remuxes, and I highly doubt you'll ever see Catar uses his encodes for anything (or other members who strive for the same kind of quality muxes really). Plus as Catar just said, it's not dubbed or licensed. Our beloved Koby posted a few comments as to why Moozzi2 shouldn't be used. Anyway, @kBaraka and I will be doing this exact show in the near future. I'll be the one to encode it. So you can look forward to that.
  4. Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! Bluray

    He never claimed it to be a fact. dragonamar clearly said might. Edit: damn. Nice way of dodging my point.
  5. Inuyashiki: Last Hero

    Interesting last few episodes. The bit with the plane (episode 10) felt a bit over-the-top though... I do wonder how they're gonna adapt 28 (out of 85) chapters with only two episodes left. I'm guessing it'll be an original anime ending.
  6. question using mkvtoolnix

    None. Mkvtoolnix doesn't convert anything. It just adds/removes elements from your file.
  7. SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    Quick update: I have decided I will be doing Kabaneri 720p as well, using Beatrice-Raws 720p encodes. It’ll be a straight dual-audio release (no v2 stuff) since the USBD is only 4-5 weeks away. Garo S1 is halfway done basically. Creating OP and ED KFX from scratch took a lot longer than expected. Not sure if I will be able to release it before 2018 but I’m definitely trying. Sorry @cyborgicarus29.
  8. Avatar: TLA episodes 1-4

    @sok23 You are right, detail is definitely lost. It was my first ever encode. But despite all its issues, it is still considered the best release by a lot of people. The web versions of ATLA found on streaming services like iTunes, Amazon (Prime) and Hulu are some of the worst out there. They are presented with horrible deinterlacing artifacts (jagged, flickering lines), the framerate has problems (30p scenes from the DVDs aren’t changed to native 23.976), and the amount of blocking and artifacting is awful compared to the DVDs due to poor x264 settings and the low bitrate. Screenshots won’t tell you much about their quality as a lot of the problems are only visible during motion. I don’t have any of the episodes as I deleted them a long time ago. No point in keeping something saved that’s of no use to me. Whichever DVDrips you currently have, I highly recommend you replace all of them with the files Catar just mentioned. They can be downloaded through XDCC using any IRC client.
  9. Avatar: TLA episodes 1-4

    Remastered version has significantly less haloing in episodes 1-4 compared to the source material; just throwing it out there. Not sure what you mean by ghosting since it's barely present in the source. There is only one ''genuine'' 1080p upscale and that is the one I encoded back in 2016. The rest are all re-encodes. I plan on re-doing the entire thing at one point though, including eps 1-4. No idea how long that'll take so don't hold your breath please... iTunes/Amazon/etc WEB rips from Nick are absolute garbage, including their so-called ''HD'' version - which appears to be a very poor DVD upscale that doesn't offer many improvements, if any. For eps 1-4 I recommend you download either furiseto's 720p upscales from 2011 (check ThePirateBay) or hue's 480p encodes. The first is a re-encode with lots of blocking and artifacts but it's got very good deinterlacing and the haloing in eps 1-4 is less noticeable. As for hue: it's the best 480p release out there. Not sure where it can be found though, sorry.
  10. Search function doesn't work anymore?

    Kametsu's search is slightly awkward and should be changed imo. You are right @SwiftNimblefoot. ''Class of the titans'' results in nothing. However, try using Advanced Search instead. It's at the bottom of the dropdown menu. Then switch to this option. Search again and it should show you about ~2100 results. Problem with this method is that it's extremely broad and general. It's far from foolproof but atleast it's better than no results at all.
  11. Avatar: The Last Airbender HD WEB-DL

    Can you mirror these images elsewhere maybe? Not working for me. Probably because it’s from hdbits which is a private tracker iirc.
  12. Gundam Requests

    Koby did December Sky and I’m fairly certain he was gonna do Bandit Flower as well. If not, I probaby will. I know @Idle is working on some Gundam stuff but I can’t exactly remember which titles. Origin might be one of them.
  13. [REQ] SiGMA'S Rips

    Those aren't encodes. SiGMA simply rips them from Amazon, hence the 'WEB-DL' tag. Maybe try public trackers like rarbg or TPB? rarbg has quite a lot of SiGMA stuff actually.
  14. SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    You’re welcome! i haven’t actually watched the movie yet
  15. SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    Completed: I was surprised to see that no one had bothered to upload a remux featuring either Beatrice-Raws/SmugCat encode + MTBB subs and FLAC audio. So I took it upon myself and uhh here you go! A little side-project of mine. More or less requested by @Ryutai through discord lol Not sure if he was serious but here it is