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  1. Test Post

    Hello to you as well.
  2. I agree with overly long titles being redundant. If you insist on introducing a minimum amount of information needed, it’s only fair to have some kind of “maximum” as well. Anything beyond the relevant tags is largely pointless and doesn’t add anything of worth (exceptions being “STATUS:” etc.) Those kinds of comments/jokes should be placed in the thread itself, not the title.
  3. Happy Birthday mate :)!

    1. DRX


      A day late, but Happy birthday bud ;)

    2. VON


      Happy Birthday Scyrous!, thanks for all your hard work & releases. Relax & have a great day.

  4. Will anyone from Kametsu do Fate Stay Heaven's feel movies? The JP bd comes out in May, though I'm not sure on USBD... :) I'm also interested in No Game no Life movie or either Mahouka retousei.. :) Curious whether they will dub Mahouka retousei movie or not, since they dismissed the entire series..  I guess if these get no dub, none from Kametsu will do them 

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    2. dorall


      That is nice to hear, :) also  kinda sad about the treatment irregular magician series received... irregular magician novel is licensed and read by many people abroad, we recently got movie and they do not even bother dubbing it lol. 

    3. Inverti


      Same could be said about the Monogatari series. It's Ishin Nishio's more successful series, yet his nicher work, Medaka Box, got a dub instead.

    4. dorall


      That is very sad.. Honestly Medaka Box manga was insane but VIZ screwed like always and did not license it. Meanwhile Medaka box anime was not so good. At least we got Monogatari Novels by Vertical now. I am also happy that Re zero is getting dubbed, hope it’s good. Oh and btw is not Heaven’s Feel shown in cinemas now? I couldn’t find any web rips for some reason, :/ 

  5. Hi Scyrous, I wanted to have a quick chat with you about Attack on Titan... Are you sure that Winter encode is the best for your Dual-Audio release? I have the FFF release and I made a close comparison of some scenes. I see Winter encode has some tiny grain in shadows on shirts, where FFF does not have it.. I can send you snaps if you would like.. Im sure FFF video looks better and would be better for your release. :)

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    2. desu-ka-moe


      Im missing episode 21 from your release. Im not at home rn, but I have my 2 external hdds with me, can you please split it in two parts with rar or zip etc so I can dl it? I dont have enough space on either disc so I will need to put it on both. Can you upload it to MEGA or somewhere for the next hour pls? Would that be a problem?

    3. Koby


      On top of the loss of detail in FFF, FFF also had some weird tints of green in some scenes.

    4. (AC)


      Less grain = detail loss pretty much In most cases.

  6. RIP Stephen Hawking 1942-2018


    1. Nabull



      Just found out, I'm depressed now

    2. MarioSonicU


      Damn, I didn't know he was dead. He's such a great guy tbh.

  7. SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    Project started: Episodes 6-11 won't be available for another few months, so I'm going to announce this now.
  8. DmonHiro 720p BD Quality

    Most/all ReinForce releases are 8 bit, which is basically always worse than 10 bit if we're talking about modern Blu-ray encodes. I would recommend going with top groups like Beatrice, Yousei, Winter, Philosophy or VCB-Studio instead.
  9. DmonHiro 720p BD Quality

    I don't think his releases are that good. He's lied about sources before (claiming his Keijo!!!!!! encode is from the JPBD - which is somehow only available on a mysterious chinese tracker) and he even re-encoded 1080p encodes from other groups at 720p (like Sword Oratoria). As for subs, either HorribleSubs with very minor editing or subs from a random fansub group. And from what I've seen the subs are never attached to the MKV files either; they're just dropped in the same folder with the same names as the episode files. As for the actual encodes, I am not sure. I never bothered to take an in-depth look. But since he's known to re-encode stuff (which is a big no-no), I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  10. [Kametsu] 91 Days (1080p) might be 25-30 GB. Any interest in 720p version?

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    2. emjay911


      I am always for a 720p version.

      25-30 gb is just too much  and especially for a 12 episode series. (I am guessing you'd have to deal with a lot of grain?)

    3. Scyrous


      Reason I ask is because - as you guys pointed out - 25-30 GB is rather large for 13 episodes. I haven't looked at the BDMV yet, but none of the encodes I checked had any noticeable dynamic grain. It's all very static.


      If I were to do a 720p version, I'd have to encode it from scratch. I feel like both the BlurayDAce and Glue 720p encodes could be improved, so I'd rather not use those.

    4. VON


      @Pa1 Don’t expect anything to good, the show had a good start but after a while all the premise seemed to disappear & then quickly jumped to a very anticlimactic ending.

  11. SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    Yes, frost is from Beatrice-Raws. I feel like the individual user often gets overlooked, which is why I like to credit them specifically (on top of the release group itself). Atleast that's what I've been trying to do lately. Some QC would be nice. I will contact you at some point (if I don't forget lol).
  12. SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    I sorta forgot to update this place... better late than never. Completed: Now... update time! I'm currently working on 'Attack on Titan: Junior High' 1080p/720p encodes. Source has quite a lot of grain and some noise, so encodes are gonna be large. And of course there's two FLAC tracks per episode (sometimes three). USBD subs need to be fully retimed, edited and TS'd though. So that's gonna take quite a while. Not sure if a Hajimete no Gal [Kametsu] release is gonna happen. I have yet to see any BDMV volumes. So that little project might get cancelled as there's nothing I can do without solid JPBD encodes or BDMVs. Good news for Inuyashiki fans. I bought the first BD box set (first 6 episodes iirc) with a friend. We will probably buy the second box as well in a few weeks/months if no one has uploaded it by then. It's gonna be a sub-only (for now?) release under [Kametsu] with 1080p Beatrice-Raws encodes and modified MTBB subs. Not sure about 720p yet. For Testament BURST, I'm gonna use the new 1080p encodes from frost. Looks slightly better than VCB&Philo HEVC imo. 720p encode will probably my own as there's basically nothing out there at the moment. As for the Pokémon movies, I finished movie 10 (Rise of Darkrai) the other day. I'm probably gonna upload the movies in batches of 3-4 every now and then. Getting proper subs is the trickiest part. 91 Days for Kametsu is being worked on. Waiting for more Beatrice encodes. Same goes for High School DxD S1. I've also been working on a Kametsu v2 release for Terror in Resonance. That's probably going up tomorrow or this weekend. That is all.
  13. Recent Anime Purchases?

    I bought Inuyashiki BD box 1 (eps 1-6 iirc) together with a friend. Should be arriving in a few days. @Koby
  14. SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    As some of you may have heard, Avatar: The Last Airbender is getting a Blu-ray release on May 1st 2018. Thanks @Etzimal for pointing it out to me. Obviously, any work on the DVD upscale v2 is put on-hold until then (wasn’t planning to work on it anyways just yet). I have a feeling it’ll just be a re-packaged version of the “HD” WEB versions Nick released a while back, which are DVD upscales and not actual re-scans or remasters. Plus those WEB versions come with arguably worse issues than the DVD, making them very unappealing as source material to improve on. Only time will tell. But for now: expect more anime releases.
  15. :waaaht:Is this for real? Have you been watching since the day you were born? How is this humanly possible?:waaaht:


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    2. EljayFlintok


      Why this trickery? o_O

    3. emjay911


      I saw this earlier and I wanted to tell you about it because for some reason it annoys me real good. Now go fix it as it should be !!

    4. Koby


      lol, I haz Days: 376.8 without any tricks to inflate. Though unsure if it's a good thing I've spent soo much of my life on watching chinese toons. lel