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  1. I couldn't possibly disagree more with you. No one said anything about spending hours on learning codecs. If anything, muxing is the closest you'll get to "drag and drop" while retaining the same video quality. What YOU suggested is completely overkill and unnecessary. Muxing takes mere seconds and you get to retain the exact same quality. Why in the world would you want to spend minutes/hours on re-encoding the video, reducing the quality in the process, just so you can change the format? Now THAT is the definition of overkill - not to mention it's one of the worst options. Yeah at this point I can't even tell whether you're trolling or being serious. Adobe offers extremely limited encoding settings. You can only encode your videos using basic settings like framerate, resolution, bitrate, etc. No deblocking, barely any tweakable B/P/reference frames, no aq-mode, no aq-strength... I could go on and on. For software that costs so much money it's laughably bad. And please, of all things... Adobe CC? How is that any different from shitty software like any video converter out there? It has no effect on the actual filtering. Adobe doesn't provide ANY filters that are supposed to improve such footage (debanding, anti-dotcrawl, anti-rainbowing, proper deinterlacing, etc). None of it. So what is the point other than using a bunch of unnecessary effects that mess up your video? As someone who heavily uses Adobe software, you're just spewing out nonsense now. Adobe CC's internal upscaling method is pretty much the same as bilinear resizing...at which point even the average media player could do a better job. Not even gonna bother addressing iSkysoft here. Sounds to me like you think you encoded a video in HD just because the resolution changed, as I predicted earlier. You couldn't be more wrong. And for the record, when I say Adobe CC, I'm talking about video editing/encoding software such as Premiere Pro, After Effects and Media Encoder.
  2. First off, welcome! I'm sure your suggestion is appreciated, but the title clearly states Fenikkusu is looking for a simple mp4 > mkv conversion (in which case muxing is unarguably the best solution). So I'd say flexibility and a wide variety of formats is hardly important here. Plus, as the name of your suggested software suggets, it's a video converter. In other words, it re-encodes the video (reduces the quality). Which is pointless since the h.264/AVC stream can simply be copied and pasted between mp4/mkv formats in mere seconds without ANY video processing/quality loss at all. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by converting old cartoons in HD formats. Because re-encoding an old 640x480 cartoon in 4K won't suddenly turn it crystal clear UHD material, for example. That's not how it works. The term you're looking for is called upscaling. Usually done with Avisynth using a precise combination of filters, depending on the source. I will admit I am unfamiliar with iSkysoft, but it sounds like yet another generic video converter/encoder that doesn't actually offer a lot of options aside from changing the framerate, resolution, bitrate, etc. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. I believe these are the same rips. For example episodes 1-3 of the link I posted are 760 MB in total, while episodes 1-3 from the other link (combined into one file it seems) are 760 MB as well. And if that doesn't prove anything, try selecting every file in MEGA and clicking ''info''. Both pages state it's ~15.30 GB. So I'm 99% sure they're the same rips.
  4. Hardly. As @Koby said, it's a re-encode. So that's already a bad sign. Judging from all the Bonkai77 encodes I've seen myself, they all contained artifacts caused by bad encoding. Whether that be major blocking, banding or just detail loss in general. It's a combination of poor x265 settings, insufficient bitrate and bad filtering. If you want to compare someone's releases to the BDMVs (doesn't even matter which anime), Bonkai77 is one of the last few people you should be thinking of.
  5. This part is very important. As Catar said, it all comes down to cost/speed ratio. Gaming is an entirely different subject because it's a real-time process, where a certain amount of frames has to be displayed in a certain amount of time in order for the game to be ''playable'' in a decent manner. For most people, 60fps is considered optimal. Some are with fine 30fps. If your computer cannot reach these numbers, then yeah, it's simply not suited for gaming and you're probably gonna have a bad time. This is why it's essential for most PC games to have customizable graphics setings. The point is, when it comes to encoding, the only thing that really matters is time. A $500 PC can yield the same output quality as a $10,000 PC. It just takes A LOT longer to process and encode.
  6. Since it's likely going to take a while before season 1 gets posted I'll just share this little link here... https://mega.nz/#F!JyhxHQyD!hGasvUCW2q-IE5cE9PflhQ Found it on /r/megalinks. These are 1080p versions of season 1. Not sure what the source is... probably fan-made remaster/upscale.
  7. I have never even watched Monster so I have no idea LOL. Skimmed through the first episode and it showed a hospital... so I guess so? Rather than being vague I'll just link the MAL page here.
  8. New Funi-DL release of Keijo!!!!!!!!, featuring the new and improved encoding settings from Funimation. 8000kbps video and 256kbps CBR English audio. Enjoy.
  9. Totally agreed. It was better than I was expecting... plus they absolutely nailed the humor this time for the second part of the movie. Cogman was hilarious. Finale was great too. As flawed as Michael Bay may be, he did a great job directing and visualizing all those fights and especially the grand finale at the end. Recently watched Wonder Woman as well. Definitely one of the better DC movies, but still not quite as good as The Dark Knight trilogy.
  10. 7000!!!
  11. 6998
  12. 6996!
  13. 6994!
  14. 6992!