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  1. Scyrous

    SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    No plans at the moment, and probably not. Sorry. The native resolution is 864p which means you’d be losing out on detail. And generally I’m not a big fan of encoding below the native resolution.
  2. Scyrous

    SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    Completed: First release under [SCY-Raws]! Comparison is included in the topic. I will be doing a dual-audio release of this anime in the distant future. Probably 6-12 months from now, depending on when the USBD gets released.
  3. Scyrous

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Saw the new Jurassic World movie. Couldn't help but facepalm at least once every five minutes. Good grief.
  4. Scyrous

    SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    I did, but I'm going to wait for Beatrice-Raws so everything can be released at once.
  5. Scyrous

    SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    Still waiting for Horodep from Beatrice-Raws to encode the final episode. The BDMV is different from the previous episodes (there's aliasing and haloing for some reason) so I imagine it would require him more work. I offered mappings for which scenes to dehalo (which would save him a lot of time) since I already encoded it at 720p, but he declined.
  6. Scyrous

    SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    Completed: Been a while since my last upload. Good to be back.
  7. Scyrous

    Wayshway's Downloads Index

    Decided to check out one of your threads and I'm slightly confused. Your Spider-Man upload is marked as 1080p everywhere, but the MediaInfo shows it's 1080x720. That's not 1080p. Ignoring old aspect ratios and whatnot, 1080p is 1920x1080 pixels. Your files are barely 720p (actual 720p would be 1280x720). Someone in the thread even asked if it was 720p yet you still answered it was 1080p. Additionally, the files have massive black bars despite being 4:3. So either you didn't crop the material or you added the black bars yourself?... just to make this clear, if you were to do an actual 1080p upscale of Spider-Man, the files should be 1440x1080, not 1080x720. Edit: your recent Fantastic Four upload seems to have 1080p files, but once again the aspect ratio is wrong since the files should be 1440x1080 (instead of 1920x1080 with giant black bars). What software are you using to encode these files?
  8. Scyrous

    Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    Assuming the people here prefer quality over size, I can confidently say neither of these two groups are any good. DHD is a group that does USBD encodes with Handbrake, combined with untouched DTS/TrueHD audio and PGS subtitles. So what you get is a rather bloated release that could have been miles better had they used Avisynth/Vapoursynth and JPBD material / FLAC audio / fansubs. Pseudo is a HEVC mini-encode/re-encode group who (I’m fairly certain) also uses Handbrake. Most definitely inferior to DHD though, because re-encoding is never a good thing (especially if you want the output to be several times smaller). The only decent HEVC anime encode group I know of is VCB-Studio.
  9. Scyrous

    Attack on Titan Season 03

    Found a great comment on Reddit that I'm gonna post here because I'm getting tired of people saying ''but the manga is different reeeeeeeeeee''. Credit to /u/jblakk. Post contains minor references to the manga.
  10. RIP Stéfan Karl Stefánsson


    He will always be number one

    1. Arian


      B-But he was supposed to be one of the survivors! I thought he was #1! ;(

    2. Saf






      ...Shit. 😪

  11. Not sure why you'd want to do that, since the Blu-Ray is both upscaled from an SD source and forcefully deinterlaced at that. Not using the DVDs is one thing, but not downscaling the BDs is another matter entirely. As for Future Diary, I talked with AC and it will be an in-house project entirely. So we will be using my encodes for it. Feel free to encode it yourself for your own remux though.
  12. I was implying that I would encode it for AC myself. But if you want to do it and can beat FFF, go ahead I guess. As for A:TLA, I hope you're encoding from the DVDs, because if you're downscaling the Blu-Rays you're losing a lot of detail by default.
  13. i gotchu fam. Haven't been really keeping up but we are talking about encodes for Future Diary right? The 26-ep TV series? ill just encode ep01 or something and try and see if i can beat FFF. then ill let you do comps if you want
  14. Why not do our own encode and beat FFF?
  15. #TeamRightTwix

    1. Koby


      Team Right Twix are animal abusers.

    2. Nabull