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  1. And they added 1 more the Names are S01E24 Extra - Black and a Mask S01E25 Tales - Veldora's Diary
  2. mrbaer

    Vinland Saga

    will it get a Dub or Dual I hope
  3. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
  4. good to be 30 years old again add 20 + years old

    1. DRX


      Same to you :)

    2. Arian


      And to all a good night.

  6. Well … I am addicted to Downloading Anime. I need help, am I the only one ?
  7. mrbaer


    I Miss The Chaos Legion He was one of my favorites
  8. How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord. It was surprisingly good and it's the only show nominated that I actually watched like Koby
  9. Turing 57 next year and still enjoying them! Many of them are fun and nostalgic
  10. It has been F*** here cold I hate it
  11. not giving a fuck in everything I do and everything in life for the last 20 + years
  12. Found it a long time ago on Cartoon-World before their forums shutdown and people were directed here as a recommended
  13. ALL TIME BEST GAMES EVER MADE 01. Ghost Master 02. Dungeon Siege 2 03. Dungeon Siege 04. Serious Sam : The First Encounter 05. Serious Sam : The Second Encounter
  14. I hope they make a S02 of FranXX
  15. you can use potplayer and it is free and it will update you can watch anime and Live action movies
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