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  1. I actually commented/lamented about it in the IRC yesterday. I didn't realize that there was a thread about it as well
  2. > No mention of usenet anywhere. Epic f'n fail as usual. I'd expect nothing less...
  3. Oh no, I prefer it to download the games onto my internal drive with the hybrid SSD part in order to minimize load times. I'll try to avoid having to use an external for as long as possible.
  4. First, I love all your anime releases. I'm one of your biggest fans. I'm currently downloading Steins; Gate, Fate Zero, Log  Horizon, and plan to download all of your releases. Your releases are available in BBT and Nyaa(which seems to be dead). I use BBT but it's not accessible right now and they don't have your releases  which are listed in their blacklist. Since nyaa is gone,and  I don't have an account of AB(animebytes), Is there a way for me to join AB? If there is please tell me or if u can invite me somehow, please do.



    Looking forward for an early reply..

  5. Well, final decision has been made on my headset. I got a great deal on a basically like new Astro A50 gen 3 headset for $150 and it was too good to pass up. Normal price is $300. I'd never pay full price for it, but at $150, it includes every feature that I'd want including being wireless. I don't really use the mic too much atm, but in the future, it may become more useful. Time to return everything else tomorrow And @Toddler Naruto I did get the Firecuda 2TB hybrid, which was a pretty good move in retrospect now. I didn't realize that basically every PS4 game (even if you have the disc) basically does a full install on to the hard drive and runs it all off of there. The disc is literally just used as a security check for the game and nothing else. With just a few games, a 1TB HDD would already be filling up.
  6. Just picked up Horizon Zero Dawn, The Witcher 3, Bloodborne, and Final Fantasy XV for $65 total. I think that my backlog is set for the near future...
  7. Episode 4: Nice. This was actually a well-paced episode adapting the source material without rushing through everything. It's nice that they're letting this arc breathe a little since it is pretty epic overall. Gave us some nice background on Rumia x Queen, and even had that nice Lynn/Rin moment. And poor Rumia... When will people stop trying to kidnap/kill/molest her? Not any time soon...
  8. So, I made another PS4 related purchase... I realized that my Bluetooth headphones won't work with the PS4, and I really prefer wireless, so had to splurge a bit on the Playstation Gold Wireless Headset. I got BestBuy to pricematch it at ~$72 which isn't that great of a price, but I wanted the option to return it easily at the store if I didn't like it or found a better deal within 15 days. I like them so far especially with the "virtual" 7.1 surround sound modes making things more interesting. I thought it would be BT wireless but you have to plug an adapter into the PS4 for it work (which I think is for any wireless headsets for the PS4). I haven't tried using the mic that much, but I've heard it isn't the best. However, I don't really play too many online games that really need crystal clear voice pickup. What headsets are others using for their PS4? Maybe the Playstation Platinum Headset? Any other recommendations?
  9. Daaaaaaaamn. I was at BestBuy today returning a couple things and was just staring down a copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for like 5 minutes... I want it so bad (and have the 20% BestBuy GCU discount for physical releases), but I'm gonna attempt to hold out for the digital version. I haven't made the plunge yet on the digital version because I'm hoping to see if any deals pop up for Nintendo eShop cards. They used to have like decent 15% off deals on them especially with combining eBay coupons (I should have loaded up back in January), but they've stopped allowing the codes to work on gift cards recently... My other hope for a discount on the digital version is when/if MyNintendoRewards finally launches their Switch section, that MK8D might have like a 10%-20% discount for some gold coins. This one is definitely me pushing my luck to the max.
  10. Yeah, I'm leaning toward wanting a hybrid drive for my internal slot because I've heard that it improves loading time performance. If I need more egregious storage, I'll use an external. I've heard that a pure SSD doesn't give the PS4/Pro that many advantages because of way data is read on the PS4 (apparently). The Seagate Firecuda 2TB 2.5" is actually on sale just for today at Newegg.com for $90 (until midnight PST), so I'm really tempted to pick one up. However, I don't know if a 3TB or 4TB hybrid 2.5" is possibly on the horizon, and that would be something that I would definitely hold off for as I'd rather not have to attach an external HDD to my system. Decisions decisions...
  11. http://www.metacritic.com/game/switch/puyo-puyo-tetris Puyo Puyo Tetris is getting a lot of good reviews as well, and I tried out the demo on Switch the other day, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I love puzzle games (Tetris, of course) and the style was definitely right on. I was hesitant to get it at the $40 Switch price, but the digital version costs "only" $30 on the Switch eShop. I think that I'll probably buy this game along with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe digitally so I can have some quick on-the-go gaming available to me at all times. Now, if a Lumines title were to be released on Switch, I'd die and go to heaven
  12. Yeah, that's what I thought. It actually looks like 4TB 2.5" HDDs are more affordable than I thought I think that I'd prefer to get a "fusion/hybrid" drive just to get some possible loading time improvements, but I think the largest ones that I can find is the 2TB Seagate FireCuda. Are there any larger ones?
  13. If you're interested in getting one of the last NES Classics, BestBuy will have them in stock tomorrow morning. Mine is handing out tickets an hour before opening. This will probably be the last shipment EVER.

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      It's a beautiful little box and I'm actually very very tempted to just open it up and play it. Must resist. Anyways, already up on CraigsList with the extra controller and cables that I got at a discount.

    4. Etzimal


      If no one buys it, hmu. I'll pay over the MSRP, but not 250$... xD

  14. Wait, I thought you could only load a 2.5" drive into a PS4? I'll hold off as long as possible on a drive upgrade because now you can just plug an external 3.0 HDD into the PS4 and use it with the new firmware (I believe this was added). I'd be more interested in installing a SSD to improve loading times and speed (like a 500GB SSD). It provides improvements on the PS4 Pro, right?
  15. Lucky me, indeed Usually I won't go with a pre-owned console either (hence literally all my other console purchases including my recent Switch), however, the PS4 Pro just released like 6 months ago or so. Even if the person is "lying" about when they bought it, it can't be more than 6 months old. This one was in great condition as well, which could be seen immediately. He bought it 4 months ago, barely played, and when he did play it, it was mostly digital versions of games. Couldn't pass up the deal