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  1. deanzel

    Persona 5

    Literally most places when it goes on sale (every couple weeks). $30 has been the norm for its sale price (I believe regular is $40-50 now). It was $25 at Gamestop on Saturday for their Pro/Elite sale. Lurk at https://www.reddit.com/r/PS4Deals/ and you'll find a bunch of sales eventually. It goes on sale a decent amount on the PSN store for about $30 as well.
  2. deanzel

    Persona 5

    I finally beat Persona 5 a couple days ago!!!! It only took me a little over a year... VICTORY!!! It was a massive play-through where I basically got beastly everything (items, Persona compendium, achievements, confidants), and took me 160+ hours according to the counter. This doesn't include the tons of save-scrubbing and replays that I did through a bunch of parts. I may have easily spent 180-200 hours on the first play-through. I did basically everything that you could accomplish without doing NG+ other than getting the damn "Listen to 250 Futaba lines" achievement... I hate this achievement. It always fucks me over in the Persona games. As for the game itself, gameplay-wise this was like almost perfect Persona. Atlus has definitely almost perfected the formula. I believe that I still enjoyed Persona 4 "more", but Persona 5 is a close second just with all its fantastic gameplay improvements and tied around with Persona 3. The story for Persona 5 got a lot better towards the end. It was a bit meandering and a little too long in the middle portion (probably could do without Haru) which got me clogged up a little. However, once we started heading down the Shido path and going into the main twist, the story was gold. The "true ending" part with Yalbadoath was a little underwhelming, but the Shido parts were fantastic. I was going to finally start playing other games on my PS4 after finishing this mammoth backlog blocker, but I've already started my NG+ play-through I'm going with Japanese voices this time, and I'm actually surprised at how good the English voice acting was for the most part. I'm a little let down by the Japanese voice acting, but that might be because I really like the Japanese VA's that they chose for Persona 5 The Animation and the ones in the game aren't quite up to par with them. I'm almost at the part where I can pound out the remaining Persona fusions/compendium achievements/Twins fight, so I might stop after that. I'm still pissed that I couldn't get the Futaba command lines achievement. Anyone have any good tips on getting that last one?
  3. deanzel

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes, the D-pad works fine as separate buttons. So you can still use the left joy-con as its own controller. It makes things a little bit more difficult and doesn't feel quite as great when using it, but it still works ok enough for Mario Kart as you won't really be pressing multiple face buttons at the same time in most basic multiplayer games. The advantage of having a D-pad far outweighs this little fault.
  4. deanzel

    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    I finished up my custom mod of my 8bitdo N30 Arcade Stick with Sanwa OBSF buttons and a Seimitsu LS-32 joystick. Feels great and works perfectly with my Switch and SNES (Super Nt w/ retro receiver). Translucent buttons maybe didn't come out as great as I anticipated, but I'll get something more pimp with another stick
  5. deanzel

    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    Shit. I got Cave Story+ for Switch this weekend and it is not an easy game, especially when you're trying to go for the final and true best ending. Been playing it all weekend and I'm almost at the end, but god damn it. I had to restart the game like 3 times because of "fucking" up an item/decision and no way to go back without starting over due. That doesn't even count all the god damn boss fights that I've had to repeat and get good at. This shit ain't easy. I'm at the "final" set of 3-4 bosses before heading into the hidden Sacred Grounds level for the "true" ending. I've already gotten the 2nd ending, but I used my life pot (healing potion) during that/those runs. I need to save that life pot for the final Sacred Grounds and Ballos battle. Fuck, I love and hate this game at the same time.
  6. deanzel

    Nintendo Switch

    https://kotaku.com/the-switch-is-getting-lumines-we-re-so-doomed-tetsuya-1823922363 LUMINES is coming to Switch!!! My life is complete now. Possibly one of my favorite puzzle games of all-time. Got the original at launch for the PSP, PS Vita, and even the XB360 arcade version. Please make this a definitive edition.
  7. deanzel

    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    Finally broke down and got Monster Hunter World for my PS4 this weekend when it was on sale at Gamestop for $40. Too good of a price. We'll see if I get into it, and sink 200 hours into it within a month. Hopefully, it's not like my MH4U experience where I stopped playing after 15 minutes
  8. deanzel

    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    My new setup is now complete! Switched out my older 24" 1920x1200 side monitor for a new 27" 4K HDR monitor on a monitor arm to complement my Dell U3415W (34" 21:9 ultrawide). 4K HDR looks great with my PS4 Pro. Have my Nintendo Switch with new Atomic Purple joy-cons + a modified D-pad, and then finally got my Analogue Super Nt unit in today, to add the final piece to the puzzle. Seeing it all in action, just brings me to tears...
  9. deanzel

    Nintendo Switch

    Got done with my Atomic Purple Joy-Con D-pad mod this week, and absolutely love it. Having a D-pad is so much better than the previous separate buttons. It definitely took a while to do it the first time, but now, I know what the hell I'm doing. I also had to go back quite a few times to adjust various tightenings of the screws to get the perfect balance on the pressability of the buttons. It was a pain, but worth it in the end, because now I can't complain about anything Anyone else pumped by all the recent Switch announcements? I'm ready for Smash this year, but definitely looking forward to Okami HD, Octopath Traveler, Dark Souls, Crash Trilogy, and such. Gotta pick up Bayonetta at some point as well if it ever goes on sale...
  10. deanzel

    Persona 5

    If you ever get the chance, absolutely play Persona 4 (preferably Golden on Vita) and Persona 3. Persona 4 still ranks as my favorite of the series and in my Top 3 RPGs of all-time.
  11. Any chance of you sharing the Resynced Maison Ikkoku Eng Audio in your MEGA folder with the 12 episodes you did? It'd be a great help.

  12. Yooooooooo!! Maison Ikkoku custom subs and dub on ADC. Would you grab that for me and send me the subs/audio? I'd be all over that shit and might even finish the series. I have no seedbox anymore and I have a datacap at home...



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  13. Hello,


    If you didn't see ot yet the second half of maison ikkoku bdmv (custom eng dub and subs) is on adc and as silver for another 6 days.

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      Oh shit. Thanks for the heads up.

  14. I actually commented/lamented about it in the IRC yesterday. I didn't realize that there was a thread about it as well
  15. > No mention of usenet anywhere. Epic f'n fail as usual. I'd expect nothing less...