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  1. I just got my Xbox One X recently and I've also had a PS4 Pro for like 1.5 years. Honestly, I love both of them, but the One X has definitely surprised me by how nice it is. PS4 definitely has the edge on exclusives, but everything else is better on Xbox. I love the backwards compatibility with 360 & OG Xbox games, and the thing is a power house in a great sleek package. I love the extra power and it looks great in 4K HDR. Xbox has good integration with a bunch of other services like Discord and whatnot. Best of all is Xbox Game Pass. I love this service and it has so many great games on it. For Black Friday, there are definitely some decent deals for the Xbox One X. If you already have a PS4, I'd definitely recommend looking into a One X as well.
  2. Yah. Higher resolution, better draw distance, better performance (especially after optimizations and patches). Most or all of the Wii U ports of the previous Nintendo games have superior graphics, resolution, and performance on the Switch (BotW, Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 2, etc).
  3. Nintendo Switch is superior to the WiiU in terms of both hardware and peripherals with the joy-cons and its motion control. Honestly, I basically forgot that BotW is available for WiiU because no one owns one any more. It's essentially a Switch exclusive in my mind.
  4. Zelda Breath of the Wild is legitimately one of the best games of all time and definitely in the past decade. It's the perfect amount of action swordplay, Rpg elements, exploration/quests, etc. Super Mario Odyssey is so god damn amazing as well and transcends platformer barriers. Bayonetta 3 is coming out for Switch which sounds like your cup of tea. There are just tons of amazing games that I could keep listing but what I like most is the form factor. Portability that maintains the quality of a home console is so underrated. I've enjoyed so many more different kinds and types of games that I wouldn't have played before. Plus it is definitely perfect for Addie as well as the child library is great and it has tons of co-op options in all its biggest games (Mario Odyssey, Donkey Kong Country, etc). It's a good complement to the PS4's library. If there is a good BF deal, I'd pounce on one. I do know the Switch plus Mario Kart 8 bundle will be on sale for $300.
  5. I know, right? I don't mind the new colorway that much, but that Slim case is EXACTLY what I wanted in the original Elite bundle...
  6. Shiiiiiiiiiiiit. Right after I get my grip, they release the f'n Limited Edition Holiday Bundle that I would have LOVED to have gotten instead with a red/black grip and the new SLIM case. https://satisfye.com/products/limited-edition-holiday-bundle Plus, you can enter the discount code BACKER15 for 15% off the order (it's supposed to be a code for the backers but anyone can use it). Total with shipping ($10) comes out to $50. I'm super tempted to get this and maybe try to sell my original black grip. While I love the red/black colorway, I realized that it might not look so good with my purple joy-cons and my alternate pink/green joycons. I'll definitely order the new SLIM case when that becomes available for separate purchase. I didn't like the original big case because it was so... well big. This looks like the perfect dimension. If anyone hasn't placed an order and would like to, here is the chance for a nice deal. Apparently these will sell out soon.
  7. Yah, this grip is a god send. Sooooooo much more comfortable than anything before it. I had the Orzy Comfort Grip before and it was just so so. This has the legitimate handles/wings on the controller which makes it so much more comfortable to hold. Also, I really do like how the right side is slightly offset in order to more comfortably reach the buttons and analog stick. For the price, this is an absolute no brainer. Here's a pretty good review of it. And honestly now is the perfect time to order. Before it was brutal because we had to wait for all the crowdfunding and manufacturing to finish, but now they have all/most of their shipments completed and it's literally just "order and ship" now.
  8. PSN: deaninja Nintendo: deanzel (on my Switch), Friend Code: SW-1553-4057-0525 Xbox: deanzel Just got an Xbox One X, so added my Xbox gamertag as well. I plan to change my PSN tag to "deanzel" whenever I get the chance officially.
  9. Just the grip. I was thinking about the Elite bundle but that carrying case is just sooooooooooo big. There's like almost no point to it. I'd rather than just put my Switch in its regular carrying case and have the grip out in the open in my bag if I was taking it somewhere else.
  10. My Satisfye Gaming Grip finally came in today (waited since the summer with the crowd funding thing), and it's amazing. It's big as hell but good lord it improves the ergonomics of the handheld Switch by leaps and bounds. I legitimately feel like I'm playing with a regular controller and my hands will not go into complete pain if I'm playing Hollow Knight or any other platformers in handheld mode. I highly recommend it to anyone else who tends to get sore hands when playing in handheld mode. Pics below:
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  12. Yah, it won't happen anytime soon. The Hori d-pad joy-con is coming out but it has issues already, and no wireless/gyro/rumble functions so it's basically useless. The D-pad mod is not that hard to do and I'd recommend giving it a go as the shells only cost like $15-20.
  13. God fucking damnit piece of shit fucking horse cock in the ass Dead Cells. Fuck. I'm so close to beating it yet so far. I hate this game.
  14. My beautiful 500 million limited edition PS4 Pro translucent blue console with the controller & camera. Almost too pretty to game on. Almost...
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