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  1. Any and all drives will fail at some point. Doing what MK said is the fastest way to verify if the drive is DOA or not.
  2. I'm getting fed up with my PC

    I would locate anything in BIOS regarding sleep or hibernate and disable them. Let Windows control how your PC sleeps. Personally, my system is on all the time. My monitor will turn off after half an hour of inactivity but, for the most part, I leave everything running. I have a WD utility that puts my external drive to sleep after 15 minutes of inactivity and practically all my programs that I leave on all the time are running on my nVME drive. So, the actual mechanical drive in my PC isn't really doing a whole lot most of the time, unless I'm accessing it or playing a game that is located on it. Anyway, disable anything in the BIOS regarding sleep. Even if this prevents Windows from controlling sleep settings, at the very least, you won't have a broken sleep/hibernation mode anymore. From there, you can also slowly turn on settings you want to get it where you want.
  3. What an interesting day. Start off the day at work with a failed customer hard drive. Quoted them $700 for data recovery services. They proceed to break down and claim there is a critical file on the drive they need because their neighbor is trying to kill them. Still unsure if being serious or batshit crazy.

    'nother customer decides to berate me for charging them $50 (half off usual cost) to reinstall their OS because Dell doesn't cover software issues. By berate, I mean insulting and telling me to shut the hell up.

    What a day so far. If I die, everyone is invited to my funeral.

    1. mrbaer


      they are just asses you doing your job

    2. spaceman99


      Ignore them, but watch your butt for the nut.

    3. Samue1


      that guy is a nutcase.

  4. Hurray! Second season of Made in Abyss announced! :D

    1. Scyrous


      To be more specific: a sequel. Could be a movie too, who knows.

    2. NeutralHatred


      To be even more specific, more Made in Abyss.

      Could care less if it's another season or movie.

      As long as it actually finishes this time.

  5. Middle mouse button. Why you not always work now? What did I do to upset you? I honestly seldom use you. Mostly to open new tabs in Chrome. Or shoot special arrows in Tomb Raider.

    Why middle mouse button? ...guess I'll put up with you until the Naga Trinity is out.

    1. Octirius


      Try opening the mouse, and cleaning the insides. If this doesn't work, then it's time to bid your farewell, and get a new one :)

  6. uTorrent puts new downloads in the wrong folder. Forgot to change it when I reinstalled Windows the other day.

    Accidentally deleted a potential source for Flip Flappers.

    Gotta redownload it.

    I really have to stop holding shift when I delete shit. Like, remove the shift key from my keyboard.

    And replace it when playing games. Or typing.

    Or.. just stop.. holding it down when I delete shit.

    1. mrbaer


      yes you do put a piece of tape on it so you will not do that

  7. All my releases are on Monday and Tuesday. I got, like.. nothing to do the rest of the week.

    How boring.

    Maybe next season will be different.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. NeutralHatred
    3. Catar


      added. do poke me (or moodkiller) if you need any details updated on there for projects you're running <3

    4. Koby


      Dunno what day it is, but another easy LY release would be DDYs Garo.

  8. Did not know Touhou was now on Steam. 

    Guess I'll get to see how bad I suck at this.

    1. IkarosBD


      @NeutralHatred it is? Am I just blind? O.o

    2. NeutralHatred
    3. NeutralHatred


      It isn't in English. May be the main reason. Can't just search, "Touhou".

      There is very little in English. It's a little rough to navigate.

      Even the dialogue is in Japanese. I guess there's a patch coming out for the Steam version, though.

  9. Bought a 1080 Ti.

    Took it out of packaging.

    First thoughts: "This card is team lift material."

    ...might be funny if you have worked retail.

    1. Pollux
    2. Cat


      Lol, is it really that heavy?

    3. NeutralHatred



      I was half kidding; It is a fairly large video card, though.

      The version I have from Asus has three fans on it.

      So, it's kinda big.

  10. Had to reinstall Windows on my main system. Gotta say, keeping your OS on an nVME is a stupid fast reinstall and setup. Did forget to backup my downloader files for my FUNi rips. @Koby saved me, though. Good guy Koby.

    1. EljayFlintok


      Ha, yea, SSDs once and forever! xD

  11. If you aren't watching Blend-S, you are a terrible person.

    Or just not into SoL. Which is okay. But you're still terrible.

  12. Is my ISP screwing with me

    Do not use CCleaner's registry cleaner if you're on Windows 10. You run the risk of screwing up Windows login and will be unable to log in. Then remove Rogue Killer. MalwareBytes is a legitimate anti-malware program. Given the fact you're having these issues on multiple devices, it is your ISP. I would verify you haven't reached your cap (if you do, in fact, have one). A good 'ol resetting of the router could do wonders as well.
  13. The world needs more Rem. Where's my OVA, White Fox?

  14. Best suggested to connect to a computer

    Lightning is for their iPads and iPhones. MacBooks with the Touch Bar use Type-C, which is what you may be confusing. It is likely Mini Displayport that I'm thinking of. Thunderbolt is Apple's version of the USB 3.0.