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  1. Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu. I think Hitori Bocchi's Lifestyle is the English title, but I dunno.
  2. It doesn't. It is just the naming scheme of the manufacturer. They are 2GB sticks of DDR3 @ 1333MHz.
  3. Then something else is busted. If you're getting no Dell splash screen nor able to enter the BIOS, there is a hardware issue with the computer. I can't do much over a forum thread. You might have been ripped off.
  4. It sounds like it isn't passing the post test. Re-seat the RAM and make sure the cooler is firmly attached to the CPU, to ensure it hasn't moved in the socket during shipment.
  5. More than likely a proprietary motherboard. I think it may have the same mounts in the case to fit a standard ATX board but, I might be wrong.
  6. Well, this was a fun sounding post.
  7. Link's Awakening is clearly the best announcement.
  8. Coolkyoushinja’s Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid manga series has revealed on the 8th volume of that a second TV anime season has been green-lit. No additional information has been given regarding when it will air but, it has been officially announced.
  9. This guide was intended for users with limited technical knowledge. If they knew how to use a Linux Live CD, they probably don't need a guide on how to install and scan with MalwareBytes. Eset does have an online scanner that you download, update, then run without actually installing it. I have used it on several occasions but, dislike it simply due to how long it actually takes for the whole process. Updating, scanning, then removal can take up to 45 minutes, depending on hardware and level of infection. Granted, it isn't a live CD but, it is an on demand scanner that isn't already installed, possibly eliminating it from being comprised by the malware.
  10. You didn't, I understand. Thank you for your contribution to the topic.
  11. It's based off uBlock anyway. Besides, this is my guide with my own knowledge so, since I am unfamiliar with it, I won't recommend it, regardless of its validity.
  12. I don't care if they plan to sell the key. This is to benefit the forum and get people to have conversations.
  13. Bunny Girl bored me to pieces on the first half of episode one. If I'm already bored halfway through one episode, you failed at episode one. Just sayin'.
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