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  1. Good news everybody! I moved my stuff off my failing HDD and onto a new, not failing HDD! Everything transferred, except one game I haven't played in months! Best part is, everything seems to still work the same; didn't have to recheck anything in Steam. I'm quite proud.

  2. NeutralHatred


    Hurray! Violet Evergarden won! Thanks to all those who voted. Even if it's a quick "I choose you, vote option on main page!", I'm glad people voted. Be sure to nominate Spring 2018 for the next poll when this season comes to an end.
  3. NeutralHatred

    Nintendo Switch

    I have no screen protector on mine. Granted, I don't take it out much but, I'm also not a moron and know to carefully slide it back down rather than slam into place. The problem charging he may be thinking is the charging port is on the bottom. You can still use it as a handheld while charging but, not propping it up. To be fair, as a tablet, the Switch is a beefy device. A gaming laptop has a shit battery. Most manufacturers know you'll likely have it plugged in for gaming anyway but, to be honest, you'd need a powerful battery to support extended playtime when you consider the hardware involved. People who bitch about the battery life on a handheld device with specs far exceeding a cell phone/typical tablet, are ignorant to how electronics work.
  4. I want another New Game! season. The world needs more Aoba.

    1. DJHulp


      If the blond girl Kou Yagami  (https://myanimelist.net/character/129053/Kou_Yagami) returns, I agree! ;) 

    2. manc4life


      I want more Hifumi and Rin too. We need another season.

  5. NeutralHatred


    I mean that little to you? You wound me.
  6. NeutralHatred


    Nope. Leaving it a tie. If you change it or force this tie-breaker, I will quit. See if I don't, damnit.
  7. NeutralHatred


    I would be okay if FranXX and Evergarden tied.
  8. NeutralHatred

    Best subtitles for Nichijou?

    That's a request regarding an opinion on best subtitles, not requesting a series or movie. Like Catar said, this is the current subforum we are using for such questions now.
  9. NeutralHatred

    Best subtitles for Nichijou?

    This is not a request. Moved the post to A/V Encoding as it is the subforum we have been using for such discussions.
  10. NeutralHatred


    Tagaki-san was going to be my first choice. I had to think about it. Violet's story stood out to me the most this season. As much as I enjoyed the cute romance from Tagaki-san, Violet Evergarden was better. The episodic nature of it made you see how Violet was learning. Most don't care for it because they only focused on Violet and her emotional development. It was the key part of the story but, I agree they should have fleshed out the others a little more. This could have been a 24 episode show. I wanted to exclude 2-cours from being nominated until the end of the second cour but, Koby wanted it this way. I suppose it would be a good way to see if a show was good from the beginning until the end.
  11. NeutralHatred


    To be fair, Evergarden's failings was development of the other characters. Violet's story itself was good but, they focused entirely on her. FranXX is just starting to get good in my opinion. The first half to me was, "Huh? What's going on? Who is this Zero Two chick?"
  12. NeutralHatred

    Heath issues due to wifi signals

    In all seriousness, @Midghost, wifi signals are not a health risk. They run on a very low frequency that does not effect us.
  13. NeutralHatred

    Heath issues due to wifi signals

    Wifi routers can cause health issues. If the router is thrown at someone's face, it could cause physical pain, lacerations, and possible head trauma.
  14. NeutralHatred


    Opinions are fun. You should have watched Violet Evergarden and you would understand.