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  1. Fall 2017 SimulDub Line-up New SimulDubs are starting up and we are discussing what we'll be doing. As of right now, @freeka and I will be doing Dies Irae utilizing HorribleSubs video with our own TS. I am planning to do Love Live! Sunshine!! S2 with FFF's release but, I won't hold my breath. @Idle and @Scyrous have not announced anything just yet and I believe Scy may be focusing on his Kametsu releases instead. Any other releases will likely start after the SimulDubs start rolling out. I, personally, pick up what seems to be popular so, those who want to see it dubbed have that opportunity. For now, we'll focus on ones we have decided on and will likely pick-up more as the season continues. Like every season so far. Check the original post for current projects. We won't be announcing anymore releases so, keep an eye on the LostYears Project subforum for ones we start doing.
  2. By board, I meant the motherboard on the hard drive itself. There isn't exactly spare parts laying around for it. Data recovery would be your only option.
  3. Locate Disk Management within your OS. If 10, right click the Windows logo and open Disk Management. If any other OS, search for Disk Management or locate it in the Control panel. If you see the HDD in Disk Management but are unable to access it, you have a logical failure, meaning the drive itself is functioning but the board attached to it which allows access to the information has failed. If this is the case, data recovery is your only option. Unless you can replace the board. Which is unlikely. If the drive is not seen in Disk Management, yet the drive spins up, it is still considered logical failure, however, more severe as the drive has failed so badly that the OS cannot even see a drive plugged in; it is only powering and spinning up. As sfaxt said, if the drive is an external, you may be in luck. In cases where the drive is plugged in and spinning but inaccessible, the enclosure itself may have failed instead of the drive itself. You will need to extract the drive from the enclosure and connect it to your PC via a SATA to USB cable or a Docking Station.
  4. Not sure why no one has learned that Samue1 believes what he wants, regardless of whether it is right or not. I'm locking this thread to prevent and further arguments.
  5. The average PC user and casual gamer would be fine with 8GB. However, depending on how much you want running in the background, the more RAM you'd need. I have Steam, Bnet, Eset, Corsair LINK, and other various programs I typically leave on, then there's Chrome and whatever game I want to play at the time. I also have two monitors so, my ability to multi-task is higher so, more things open. I'm currently replying to this with WoW running on my main monitor and I'm sitting at 6.5GB / 16GB being used. To be safe, 12GB is probably closer to the recommended area if you do more than just surf the internet.
  6. No. Eset is one of the best AVs out there that does not impact system performance. It even has a gaming mode where it disables he real-time scanner when a full-screen application is in use. True but, an AV that uses 4+ GBs of RAM is absolute garbage. Norton, for example, is a great AV but eats up RAM more than Chrome does. An AV that requires you to have a ton of RAM to not bog down your PC is shit.
  7. The plot actually picked up after the first two or three episodes... I thnk you're thinking of the wrong show.
  8. And I'll throw a cross at his face. Or garlic. Or get him some sun. Whatever the hip way of hurting vampires is nowadays.
  9. Apparently, you found your favourite series for this season.

    1. Inverti


      Hm, since Sentai's got it, we'll have to wait 'til 2018 at the earliest for a possible dub.

    2. Idle


      Honestly I still haven't watched anything this season yet, I got this from a webm on /a/

      http://i.4cdn.org/a/1508105734217.webm (alternative link if it dies: http://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/a/image/1507/76/1507761772227.webm)

    3. NeutralHatred


      Ehhhhhhh. The CGI kinda ruins the cuteness factor.

  10. Come on, man. You gotta be specific on what you're requesting. Did you even read the guidelines? Killing me.
  11. The best AV is common sense, yes. However, a decent AV to be a backup would help. I use Eset Smart Security. It's a pretty good AV. I also get the 3-Yr sub for only $20 as I sell it work. So, even better.
  12. Request

    You give me a headache. I just want you to know that.
  13. Request

    Why are you asking in your request thread? Make a post in the A/V Encoding subforum.
  14. Request

    I was incorrect; Media players don't control the positioning. You'd need to edit the subtitles in Aegisub to re-position them. Whether or not it's a simple "Position subtitles top" drop down box will be up to your ability to research. Fansubs may have to use that often in situations where there is multiple people talking. I, personally, haven't needed to use it. Also, it's likely it is going to be for each line of text and not a simple drop down box.
  15. Request

    I still am not following your issue. You want non-iTunes content to have subs positioned to the top or software that can remove the perm-top aliment for iTunes subs?