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  1. What display do you use to watch anime?

    Mostly a crappy Macbook book Air's screen 13inch 1440x900 pixels My Kobo arc 10HD tablet 10.1inch 2560 x 1600 and my Toshiba tv (Don't use it much though) 43inch 1980x1080
  2. Hi! LightEssence corrected the filesize error for the 6th movie you wanted to download. :)


    Edit: Oh, nevermind! lol

    1. Ashven288


      Thanks for the heads up :) 

  3. Anime to watch list.

    Try watching other Makoto Shinkai movies. He's the guy who directed your name. I personally loved 5 cm per second and a garden of words.
  4. Funimation English Dub Rips.

    Next time this would be a good place to search https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q77LGybXGMIpbi1zyJDAkhJphg98NOarCBjdrrbL6Jg/edit#gid=277951849 https://nyaa.si/view/255612 https://nyaa.si/view/424417 https://nyaa.si/view/358799 https://nyaa.si/view/645452 https://nyaa.si/view/706868
  5. It seems like an easy enough job, I'll do it. Guess i can finally hit Torrent master now.
  6. Maybe not the best but this one is up there https://nyaa.si/view/884488
  7. Kametsu Projects Index (Archive and Discussion)

    The honourable spreadsheet is here to answer all your questions. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q77LGybXGMIpbi1zyJDAkhJphg98NOarCBjdrrbL6Jg/edit#gid=0
  8. Requesting a Dual Audio Version of Kamichu!

    https://nyaa.si/view/937816 This is a 480p release but doesn't seem to have any seeders https://nyaa.si/view/108567
  9. They didn't release it for S1. Best alternative would be from Coalgirls. https://coalgirls.wakku.to/6895/durarara
  10. This is the best dual audio version. It's not HEVC though. Aniplex USA also doesn't tend to release anything in 5.1 Audio.
  11. Obtaining Manag

    I usually download manga from madokami. You do need to create an account from irc https://manga.madokami.al/Novels/!READ.txt
  12. opps, I thought Animetorrents had an open registration, sorry about that. The newer season doesn't have a dual audio release yet is because most group tend to wait for the blu ray release for the better audio. Heres the movies, https://kametsu.com/topic/43223-megacute-berserk-the-golden-age-arc-i-ii-iii-bd-hi10-720p-dual-audio/?page=1 They're meant to be watched before the second, newer season i believe
  13. The Blu ray for Mob Psycho 100 hasn't been released by Funimation yet, so there isn't a dual audio on yet. For berserk 1997, G_P seems like the best one. https://animetorrents.me/torrent-details.php?torid=23148 As for the newer series, couldn't really find a blu ray release by viz, so this is the best i got, https://animetosho.org/view/koby-berserk-2016-web-1080p-aac-english-dub.n909952.