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New site in the works


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Or should I say forum...


Don't expect it any time soon despite what the page says though, lol. I haven't even began actual work on it and I still am planning things out. There is a chance this never comes to fruition and simply fades away into oblivion.


But for what it's worth check out the coming soon page @ http://lostyears.cf


One thing of note is that it likely won't be open registration and instead will be invite only via invite keys. In which case I'd give all donators and contributors of Kametsu an invite and give them some invite codes to help things move along when that time comes. The idea of this forum and the basis for it is due to some things that have been taking place as of late and could end up changing how things role.


Though you're just going to have to wait till I release more details about it down the road.



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