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  1. I really need new USB cables as these can't seem to stick to these HDDs for long...anyway, AnoHana 8-11 and TABOO TATTOO 1-3 in a couple of hours.

  2. Good News: bought a new PC and HDD

    Great News: my HDD with my encodes and other anime...NOT DEAD! I'm so fucking happy right now! You can expect AnoHana 8-11 and (god knows how many eps) Taboo Tattoo this weekend!

    1. mrbaer


      :victory:GOOD NEWS for you:victory:

    2. emjay911


      Glad everything is sorted out

  3. Okay, for people wondering why I wasn't here for several days: my desktop took a turn for (hopefully not) the worse. Wednesday I got a document camera scanner in the mail from Amazon to my delight. Strange thing is, it never came with an adapter (although I have one now) nor an instruction manual on how to set-up the thing because it had one USB with a smaller USB conjoined to it but the pad had 3 usb ports(??). What happened was I tried plugging the smaller one in the front, PC shuts down. I tried the back, PC shuts down a second time, but the bigger consequence was 8 out of 10 usb ports blew out, and quite possibly 2 of my 5 HDDs...which is catastrohpic, because 1 of those 2 HDDs contained ALL of my encodes and a lot of dual-audio shows. I hope for those two drives, it was the 12V supply that blew out and not the drives, otherwise, I'm at a big loss (except I did put all my encodes on Onedrive and FTP I should get those back).


    Right now, my PC is going under diagnosis at a repair shop hopefully they can fix these ports otherwise what was going to be my $$$ for Xmas shopping may be $$$ to buy a new PC.

    1. RYONBO


       just in case you cant get some of them back, i'll give you my new password. Changed my name back from bRoKeN dReAmS.

    2. JG1983


      Crossing our fingers and hope for the best Tsu.Ku.Yo.Mi. I hope

      everything will work out in the end...

    3. Tsu.Ku.Yo.Mi
  4. I'm getting fed up with my PC

    Tried longer sleep and hibernate (well, hibernate's off but Handbrake doesn't have a sleep function, so....?) worked fine.
  5. I haven't forgotten AnoHana 7-11. Uploading tomorrow.

  6. I'm getting fed up with my PC

    Okay, a few things: I have a HP (PC: HP Compaq 8100 SFF Elite, technically only updates for anything this is Win 7/8, but not 10). Also, it doesn't support S1 or S2 sleep modes, just S3 (from the cmd, I tried BIOS settings but didn't have anything MK listed down). I saw a website of a problem similiar to what I have and came across a method that you'll need every device to wake up the PC when it sleeps. Well, I know I have a wireless keyboard and mouse which I use a lot to wake up, and my ethernet for...whatever reason, but they also state to drop-down human interface devices and open everything that was inside of it and allow the device to wakeup the PC to be checked. I did that, put PC to sleep for two hours, use the mouse to wake up, and IT WORKED! Now the real test is to see if I can wake it up after sleep overnight for many hours.
  7. I'm getting fed up with my PC

    Ever since I got this thing in March, apart from power outages via weather or some jackass messing with the wires outside, absolutely no random turn-offs.
  8. I'm getting fed up with my PC

    So, two weeks ago, when I have the abomination that was Windows 10, one day my PC couldn't wake up from neither sleep nor hibernate mode; my PC and all my ext HDDs would function but my monitor won't show anything except the power blinking on and off. Next I tried everything, from disabling hibernate, to installing older versions of Intel MEI, to alterating shit on Power Options.....ALL RESULTED TO NOTHING. So I wiped out Win 10 with EVERYTHING in it and re-installed Win 7 fresh, thinking I would solve the problem, but NOPE! Same shit's happening with that as well! What the hell is going on...it hasn't even been a year since I bought the PC or even 6 months that I bought the monitor. Now, the only thing that does work is to leave my ethernet to wakeup on LAN, but the problem with this is only the monitor goes to sleep, while all of my hard drives AND the PC is still on the whole time, and that's NOT what I want. Please help a man who's this close on losing it...
  9. Remember the whole win10 can't wake up from sleep shit I had 2 weeks ago? Same thing happen AGAIN today just FOUR DAYS after I re-installed win7!  Now I'm thinking, is it the graphics card, the PC (both which I bought THIS MARCH), or the monitor which I bought back in July?

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    2. Inverti


      Preferences aside, this seems like a motherboard/hard drive problem. You should get a professional to check on it.

    3. DJHulp


      1. Open the PC-Case and look if everthing is connected in the right way.

      2. Start you're computer in safe mode or with boot disc.

      3. Reinstall it again and go to PowerSupply from Configuration Screen and Disable Fast Start PC, this could also be the problem.


      4. Still doesn't work go back to store or proffesional.

    4. emjay911


      I had a similar issue last year and it got worse early 2017

      Turned out the issue was faulty rams

      bought new rams and issue solved

  10. How's your hard drive doing?

    2 Toshiba externals 2 WD (My Book, 10EADS) 1 Segate Backup+ 1 Seagate FreeAgent which currently doesn't work because of some I/O error even though this is the most recent HDD I bought and doesn't have that many files on 1 extra internal HDD from my past PC that fucked up and died and 1 WD My Book worth 8TB cuz it was on sale and plan to buy another one this week
  11. For people waiting on my encodes of AnoHana and 91Days: I spent the WHOLE day moving back to Win 7 cuz fuck Win 10. I am 80% done re-organizing and installing stuff (just need to install Photoshop and IDM if I can find where the fuck I put them). The rest of 91 Days will be uploaded tomorrow morning. I may encode AnoHana eps 3-5 tonight.

  12. So, for those STILL waiting on 91 Days, I have eps 12-13 left to encode (would be sooner if I didn't spent the majority of the week dealing with win 10's can't-wake-up-from-sleep/hibernate shit. 


    Also, side project AnoHana first 3 eps (WITH ENGLISH DUB) I hope to upload Sunday.

  13. I think I almost fixed this long-resume-from-wakeup/wakeup to hidden BSOD problem, so I can encode eps 12 and 13 of 91 Days tonight, and upload everything tomorrow.

    1. mrbaer


      that's good for you

    2. Tsu.Ku.Yo.Mi


      No, the problem came back, although minus the BSOD2restart thing. I dunno wtf is going on. I was thinking of trying to update my BIOS on HP but the PC I have has NO updates for Win10.

    3. mrbaer


      OH NO!!!!!!!!!! that's win10 for you

  14. 91 Days eps 10-13 is delayed until I figure out a way why the fuck my PC resumes from sleep mode in minutes instead of the usual 10-20 seconds (using win 10, had NOT windows update since July (although updated to Nov a couple of days ago)).

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    2. Tsu.Ku.Yo.Mi


      Few things:

      - It's NOT an upgrade; I bought a refurbushed PC that already had Win 10 and several updates installed since March. This problem just started early last week.

      - I also know when I had the problem, I thought it was due to me not getting the latest Windows Update. The last time I updated that was July and disabled it until a couple of days ago.

      - I have a lot of external HDDs, as well as one that used to be an internal HDD on my last PC before it died. Only 1 of the 6 wasn't showing up on my PC via some i/o error which I'm still trying to figure out wtf caused it (and that was several months ago), but it's unplugged now.


      It's already night, so I'll see tomorrow once I wake up.

    3. NeutralHatred


      Oh. Well I see your main problem.

      You bought a refurb.

    4. Tsu.Ku.Yo.Mi


      I'm this close of actually going back to Win 7. Just need to search on how to Win 10 -> Win 7.