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  1. Can RWBY get its home in the Anime Section?

    A better way would have to classify this (and other shows like it) as 3D-CGi animation, so you would have cartoons, 2D anime, and 3D anime/cartoon (this could be up for debate since both countries (I'll throw in China as well) has done 3DCGi but to each their own.
  2. Discotek Cyborg 009 SDBD release fucking when?!

    1. Badman


      Did they ever specify that it would be in SD?

    2. Tsu.Ku.Yo.Mi


      It had to. There's no upscaled 720/1080p version of it, especially since the anime is OLD AF. Upscaling would just make it look shit.

    3. Badman


      There are shows from that era (Blood Plus) that were mastered in HD, and C009 looks like it was made on film with some CGI elements. Discotek has also released shows in HD that haven't been in HD before. Not saying you're wrong, but usually they mention when it will be on SDBD.

  3. News on upcoming shit:

    Kabaneri - encoding's done (days ago) h265 only; will upload soon

    Hundred - currently encoding 10-12 tonight and may upload this week


    Keijo and Occultic;Nine - I'll let you decide which I should do next

    1. mrbaer


      Occultic;Nine please

  4. Anyone know of good free seedboxes going at 1-2TBs (I'll also accept those $15-$20/month)?

    1. Scyrous


      Feralhosting is very good (used by me, Moodkiller, Catar and probably others here too).

      10 GBP/month for 1 TB, etc.

    2. emjay911


      Ultraseedbox provides cheap seedboxes as low as $5/month

      The 1TB option is for around $11/month

      $15 gets you a 1.5TB seedbox

      $18 gets you a 2TB seedbox with (20Gbps)

      Used them for over a year with prominent trackers, no issues, decent speeds.


  5. Usersfiles closing down 12.31.2017

    Looks like the site re-directs to sendit, which was a site I was using months ago. Hardly any of my files get deleted lol.
  6. New ADC account somehow (wink wink) so for those still waiting on the second half of Occultic;Nine GREAT NEWS I have it!! So that, Hundred, and Kabaneri (that I'm working on now and will be the only x265 encode I'll do) to be uploaded through these upcoming weeks.

    1. mrbaer


      good for you

  7. Squid Girl S2 01-08 later tonight, then 09-12 tomorrow, and that might be my last encode since ADC has the account disabled and trying to contact with them is impossible at this point.


    I wish there was another site that wasn't more b.s as ADC.

  8. Usersfiles closing down 12.31.2017

    Well, shit. This was the only site where your files would stay forever without the need of a premium account and hardly any file takedowns (that wasn't anime) out there. So now that's going to close, what other good (and by good I mean free) alternatives out there?
  9. My schedule of encoding for this week:

    Taboo Tattoo:

    4-6 today

    7-12 this weekend


    Squid Girl S1:

    1-6 tomorrow (maybe longer)

    7-12 Wednesday



    1-6 Thursday

    7-12 Friday



    I lost count on how many OVAs this have, but I'll encode them on Xmas

  10. I really need new USB cables as these can't seem to stick to these HDDs for long...anyway, AnoHana 8-11 and TABOO TATTOO 1-3 in a couple of hours.

  11. Good News: bought a new PC and HDD

    Great News: my HDD with my encodes and other anime...NOT DEAD! I'm so fucking happy right now! You can expect AnoHana 8-11 and (god knows how many eps) Taboo Tattoo this weekend!

    1. mrbaer


      :victory:GOOD NEWS for you:victory:

    2. emjay911


      Glad everything is sorted out

  12. Okay, for people wondering why I wasn't here for several days: my desktop took a turn for (hopefully not) the worse. Wednesday I got a document camera scanner in the mail from Amazon to my delight. Strange thing is, it never came with an adapter (although I have one now) nor an instruction manual on how to set-up the thing because it had one USB with a smaller USB conjoined to it but the pad had 3 usb ports(??). What happened was I tried plugging the smaller one in the front, PC shuts down. I tried the back, PC shuts down a second time, but the bigger consequence was 8 out of 10 usb ports blew out, and quite possibly 2 of my 5 HDDs...which is catastrohpic, because 1 of those 2 HDDs contained ALL of my encodes and a lot of dual-audio shows. I hope for those two drives, it was the 12V supply that blew out and not the drives, otherwise, I'm at a big loss (except I did put all my encodes on Onedrive and FTP I should get those back).


    Right now, my PC is going under diagnosis at a repair shop hopefully they can fix these ports otherwise what was going to be my $$$ for Xmas shopping may be $$$ to buy a new PC.

    1. RYONBO


       just in case you cant get some of them back, i'll give you my new password. Changed my name back from bRoKeN dReAmS.

    2. JG1983


      Crossing our fingers and hope for the best Tsu.Ku.Yo.Mi. I hope

      everything will work out in the end...

    3. Tsu.Ku.Yo.Mi
  13. I'm getting fed up with my PC

    Tried longer sleep and hibernate (well, hibernate's off but Handbrake doesn't have a sleep function, so....?) worked fine.
  14. I haven't forgotten AnoHana 7-11. Uploading tomorrow.

  15. I'm getting fed up with my PC

    Okay, a few things: I have a HP (PC: HP Compaq 8100 SFF Elite, technically only updates for anything this is Win 7/8, but not 10). Also, it doesn't support S1 or S2 sleep modes, just S3 (from the cmd, I tried BIOS settings but didn't have anything MK listed down). I saw a website of a problem similiar to what I have and came across a method that you'll need every device to wake up the PC when it sleeps. Well, I know I have a wireless keyboard and mouse which I use a lot to wake up, and my ethernet for...whatever reason, but they also state to drop-down human interface devices and open everything that was inside of it and allow the device to wakeup the PC to be checked. I did that, put PC to sleep for two hours, use the mouse to wake up, and IT WORKED! Now the real test is to see if I can wake it up after sleep overnight for many hours.