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  1. To All those that have inboxed me and commented on topics of mine and i havent bothered responding. i apologise. will start being more active on this forum once again. In the process of replying to those messages as we speak

  2. ISP Troubles :( First ISP says they are limiting download speed from my seedbox as it is against the uncapped usage policy. 2nd ISP shapes everything today going from 10mbps to under 1mbps because i downloaded 300gb in last 10 days... im paying "$90"pm for umetered internet that is metered #FML

    1. Koby


      I pay $50 for 300GB a month cap on a 50Mb/s connection.

    2. Mr.Waddles


      haha sorry this rant is geared more towards people outside the US coz i know u guys are abused by ur ISP's thinks its time warner and err comcast. Think google fibre is the best over there tho. my rant is geared towards everyone else like users in netherlands that pay next to nothing for 100/100mbit fibre and uncapped :(

  3. Mr.Waddles

    Conficker Virus Help

    Read this and download bitdefender at the bottom http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-downadup-conficker Also just to make sure there isnt any other spy or adware. Download and run this in order. Rkill Adwarecleaner Junkware removal tool Tsdd killer Eset online scan All the software can be found at bleepingcomputer.com it clears all toolbars and addons and other cr@p
  4. Mr.Waddles

    New site in the works

    Very Cool. Love the invite only aspect
  5. Mr.Waddles

    Testing Filehosts

    Hey There so aside from netload im looking for other filehosts. I will use mega for ongoing series only but for the complete series im looking for alternatives because mega only has 50GB limit and im not gonna spend that much cash per month for premium. i have uploaded a file too 3 filehosts and would like feedback regarding speed. Once a winner has been decided i will upload my complete shows to that one. Tusfiles https://www.tusfiles.net/ny9qw57srp4b/Superjail.S04E01.Superhell.720p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-iT00NZ.mkv Hugefiles http://hugefiles.net/hoxfke6dfb1g/Superjail.S04E01.Superhell.720p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-iT00NZ.mkv Sockshare http://www.sockshare.com/file/DE1F7489B244D3A6
  6. Mr.Waddles

    Testing Filehosts

    Dayum $5 for 6 month premium? i like dat! will test out free account. only thing i dont like is that there is no paypal option to pay for premium
  7. Mr.Waddles

    Testing Filehosts

    Upload speeds: Netload - 11MBps via ftp Firedrive - 11MBps via http Hugefiles - 10MBps via http Mega - max 4MBps via http So server4you is fine its the shitty free account i have
  8. Mr.Waddles

    Testing Filehosts

    ok so joined the channel and conversing with White_wolf and he is helping me out. also decided to use Mega as backup. only crap thing is upload speed is under 2MBps on a 100mbit line. so crap, going to take forever to upload 960GB
  9. Ok so along with XDCC bot i am going to reupload all my files to MEGA. its 950GB and mega only uploads at +-3MBps so its gonna take a while. Please be patient. No sure which order i should upload in first

    1. Collector


      Hi....thnx for all ur and ur group's uploads...special thnx for Scooby doo mystery inc....:)...

      had a ques: whats ur XDCC bot name? is it on Kametsu?

      nd hav a request too....:)......The Scooby-Doo Show of 1976....at least season 2....

      This show's 1st and 3rd seasons were only released on dvd.....the 2nd season hasnt...

      but the 1st and 3rd season rips available around are also having an issue of audio syncing...

      so it would be verrry much appreciated if y...

  10. Sigh Netload upload speed = 11MBPS, Firedrive upload speed = 11MBPS, Mega upload speed = 3MBPS :(

    1. Arian


      Yeah, but Netload is crap for downloading files.

    2. Mr.Waddles


      lol im aware thats why im dropping them. im just commenting from an uploaders perspective

  11. Mr.Waddles

    Testing Filehosts

    @John - thanks for the info. unfortunately i need babying so will try and get in touch with sakura. still have him on skype but not sure if he will respond. @white wolf - will join channel tonight to have a chat. @moodkiller - Thanks for testing it out. i also get quite good speeds with them @undertehker - thanks for testing them all out!
  12. Mr.Waddles

    Testing Filehosts

    ok im going to setup the XDCC... just need someone to guide me step by step. will limit the upload to 5MBps so i still have some upload speed for torrents i seed and im still going to try out filehosts. if they delete my files its fine since i have every single file backed up on my server. Can someone test out this Firedrive link - its Batman Mask of Phantasm - Please let me know what speeds u get http://www.firedrive.com/file/9F8699D50E5EAAE7
  13. Mr.Waddles

    Testing Filehosts

    hmmmm main reason. didnt know where to start or how to utilize my server. Koby is helping me out. going to try and host XDCC bot but i dont like the idea much. seems a bit involved to setup and download from. i feel that users here want the easiest fastest way to download for free and i would like to give it to them but it doesnt seem feasible anymore. Direct download will not work because of bandwidth limitation plus i use my dedi for creating and seeding on BTN and IPT and itunes downloads and uploading to usenet and as my seedbox. THinking about creating private torrents just for this site but it was pointed out to me that most people will just hit it and quit it and not seed plus there is chance of IP's being blocked. sooooooo yeah gonna give XDCC a shot now. just working on setting it up.
  14. Mr.Waddles

    Testing Filehosts

    1TB isn't much space, at least not for people like me and Shiro, whose encodes and uploads exceed that (or eventually will if not yet). For instance, I've currently got 1.4TB on my FileCloud account. @JohnFlower How much do you spend in a month for all your shit? I don't make that much money. Im currently using this server. has 4tb space - POWER X6 - http://www.server4you.com/dedicated-server/proserver/#compare
  15. Mr.Waddles

    Testing Filehosts

    @ whitewolf thanks alot for the info really appreciate it will look into it when i get home from work. Oh and welcome!
  16. Mr.Waddles

    Testing Filehosts

    Come one man, thats uncalled for. All the OP is looking for is guidance and feedback. Sorry we can't all be knowledgeable like yourself. Thanks for feedback! no need to respond to negative comments.
  17. Mr.Waddles

    Testing Filehosts

    Yeah out of those three hugefiles gives me the best speed as well. sigh dont know what to do my netload expires in 5 days and since NO ONE downloads from there i think its pointless. its nice that 99% of my files remain on there but i have them all backed up on my server
  18. Mr.Waddles

    Testing Filehosts

    No one has actually tested the speeds yet im looking into Koby's option. Mega is not an option since i have 994GB of uploads and counting and will not create a buttload of free accounts. also i dont really trust mega since they openly admitted that they would through any illegal uploaders to the wolves if any copyright holders complain. @Darkshadow i dont know how u got that right but i cant rely on a glitch. u are really lucky though. i like sockshare coz its $12.99 for 3 months which is much cheaper than the usual $10.99 per month from most of the other filehosts. just need to figure out where to buy bitcoins from.
  19. Mr.Waddles

    How To Convert MKV To Mp4!

    Why do you want to convert exactly? is it because your vlc does not play the mkv files?
  20. Posted topic requesting users to test download speeds of three filehosts - http://forums.kametsu.com/index.php?/topic/42816-testing-filehosts/

  21. BTW i know most of u hate netload. I will be uploading to other sites i just need to decide which ones. Just getting all my "Encodes" uploaded to netload first and posted here. Im thinking about uploading to usenet as well.... Any thoughts?

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    2. Mr.Waddles


      @eonjone. i dont understand ur question. Do u mean how long does it take to upload 900GB or how long do filehosts keep 900gb on there server? Think it would take about a week to upload 900gb. i have a dedicated server with 100mbit line

    3. EonJone


      IS dedicated server have limit to download/upload in months ??

    4. Mr.Waddles


      @eon. Nope its unmetered/unlimited/uncapped

  22. Uploading Planet Sheen S01 720/1080p WEB-DL tmrw

  23. Will be uploading Gravity Falls Season 2 WEB-DL when it starts in August

  24. anybody looking for dedicated server to encode and or setup as seedbox? im hiring server and 2 users have dropped out recently and i cannot cover costs alone so need some people to join me :(