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  1. @bobalot it honestly upsets me too, I tend to like forum/BBS formats. Blame social media formats for that. We tend to mostly hang on Discord and/or IRC now so at least there's that...
  2. @professa X haha sorry I didn't mean to frighten you! In a nutshell it's just basically adjusting things so I can continue to maintain the server the site sits on itself, such as that it continues to have a web presence in addition to our Discord and IRC. Odds are we'll likely just archive the forums as read-only. I don't really see any problem keeping the data stored so no worries there we'll maintain it. And I think you'll find a nice new shiny handle color at least on Discord now you can bug Koby for anything outside Discord e.g forum
  3. Reminder: Before posting in here, please remember to check if there isn't already a post for the same thing. The most recent post for Warhammer Skulls 2023 was merged into the original.
  4. Hi all, long time no post! This announcement is a little sad, to be honest with you, but we do like to be transparent with our community, so pay careful attention to this announcement. The forums are...well let's just say they're old. Most of the topics on here don't get updated anymore, we don't see anyone that really logs on these days, I even disabled registration some time back (yes, that error you see if you try to register is intentional) because really it made no sense for there to be accounts that would never be used and a lot of what we do these days doesn't really even require you to have an account on the forum itself. A lot of these circumstances came about from years back when Kametsu ran afoul of copyright law. The actions taken by these agencies directly resulted in the loss of most of our community, including the people that were only here to just converse and have fun, so you can blame them (the copyright folks) at least somewhat for the current state of this community. We had some part too but that was only because our hand was forced as well if we wanted to stay out of legal trouble. Our backs were against the wall then, there was no telling what would happen if we had resisted; aside from us, they could have easily obtained user information too. YOUR information. And that didn't sit right with us. We made the difficult decision to protect the community and keep them safe from harm. I did kind of stray just a bit from the intent of this post but I felt it was important to provide back story context to help support what I'm about to tell you now. Since then, I've been sustaining Kametsu's infrastructure entirely out of my own pocket. This has, to this point, not been any sort of issue and I'd been doing it without a problem for quite a long time. However, hosting costs continue to rise, and just like most working adults, I have my own bills to maintain as well and the costs associated with those also continue to rise. As a result of these increases, it's beginning to slowly impact my financial viability. Given the state of the site, there's zero justification to ask for donations because it just wouldn't make any sense. We're not in a position to do that because we simply do not have the community activity to do that with. As such, other measures must be taken to keep everything solvent. The biggest problem we have now at the moment, is I'm essentially paying for server resources that are just simply not being utilized at all, and by a large margin at that. Now, I say that but, before anyone asks NO the website and community are NOT going to be going away anytime soon or in the future! Aside from that not really being my decision to make, it's not really the end of the road either. Instead, what I intend to do is work out a definitive plan for the site in the coming months that will involve a lot of downsizing. You'll probably see a lot change here. While nothing is set in stone yet, one of the ideas being considered is to dissolve the forum (most likely archiving it) and focus the community entirely on IRC and Discord, using the website for news postings kinda like how we have the existing blog now. This plan would keep the website running, keep the community aspect since 99% of it is on our Discord and IRC anyway at this point, and at the same time allow me to downsize our capacity, which will reduce unused utilization and subsequently reducing costs by a significant margin bringing everything back well into the green. I don't really have any timeframe for any of this to happen as I still need to talk it over with Koby. But as soon as we have one we'll let y'all know here, on Discord and on IRC. Please, rest assured that we DO NOT intend to kill off the website. That will remain. We will maintain our Discord and IRC presence; that will also not change. What will likely change is simply the format the website takes in the future, that's all. I know that was a lot to read and I apologize, but I felt it was important to communicate the current situation and let you know we still do very much care for those of you that are still with us, including those of you residing on Discord and/or our IRC - and we thank you for continuing to do so. We'll have more details in the coming weeks/months. Looking forward to the future... - Nekone
  5. This announcement is primarily for anyone who used the "Sign in with Twitter" functionality on the forum. Effective immediately, we have decided to remove the ability to sign in with a Twitter account. This is both due to - and in protest of - Twitter's recent decision to suspend our application access, as well as their decision to start charging money for API access. We are fully aware Twitter has a free tier for API calls, and we are equally aware that login functionality through Twitter is included in all tiers, but given the direction Twitter has been going we do not want to take the risk that this may all change for the worse in the future. We regret making this decision, but we do not agree with Twitter's decision to commercialize the API so many have relied upon for years, regardless of whether or not we can use the login function calls for free or not. Any users that had use the "Sign in with Twitter" functionality before should still have access to their accounts on the forum, these will not be deleted. However, you may still need to request a password reset email in order to access them, or request help from either myself or Koby. We highly prefer you use the email option as neither of us can guarantee availability for manual reset requests and we would still have to manually validate you via email before allowing you to set a new password. Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes.
  6. To all members, After some discussion with Koby, a preliminary decision has been made regarding the future of this website. The good news, is that we'll be keeping the forums around for now. To that end we'll be sprucing up the forums and underlying software. This is expected to occur over the next couple of weeks or so. Ultimately, we still may decide to fully wind it down at some point in 2023 but this is not definitive at this point. We'll post more details on these plans if and when we decide to do so. The Discord and IRC communities will remain as they are, in fact we may work on tighter integration with the website! Stay tuned... Rest assured, that if we do ultimately decide to "retire" the forums, they will likely be archived (though some "cleaning up" will occur as part of that process) as Koby and I are in agreement that a lot of the topics and subforums should be preserved rather than deleted. For those of you still sticking around, thanks for being a part of the community, as always! We greatly appreciate you!
  7. Sorry about the site issues everyone! That was my bad. I hadn't realized that the server was using an old configuration that was meant for the other server, so it was causing memory-related issues. I implemented a fix and hopefully it'll hold up.

  8. UPDATE 8/30/2022: We are continuing to monitor the situation with the current Kametsu Discord server. As of this update it is still functioning. We are considering the option to sunset the old server and migrate everyone to the new server. For your reference, links to BOTH servers are below. If you are *NOT* joined to both, *PLEASE* join both! YOU CAN FIND THE LINKS TO BOTH OUR DISCORD SERVERS HERE: https://discord.kametsu.com/ Please stay tuned to the forums and IRC for more updates. --------------- ORIGINAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to Discord's unfair and unjust treatment of Kametsu's owner, as well as their total refusal to provide proof of any sort of wrongdoing committed by him, we were forced to create a backup Kametsu Discord server. Right now, the *NEW* Kametsu Discord server is EMPTY as we have not yet activated it. There will be no activity on it at the present time. However, if Discord's mods attempt to delete the current Discord server, it will become necessary to migrate to it. Therefore, please use the invite link at the bottom of this announcement to join the backup server. PLEASE NOTE: There will not be any current activity yet, as the backup Kametsu Discord server has NOT YET been activated. We only request you to join the backup server via the invite link in this post, and idle there just in case we do end up losing the current Discord server. SHOULD THE WORST COME TO PASS AND THIS ACTUALLY OCCURS - we will make a further announcement on our Facebook page as well as on the forums, and we will activate the backup server at that time with an @everyone announcement on the new server. We feel it's really unfortunate that the entire community has to suffer a punishment when they had done nothing wrong and the server itself was not even involved in the alleged violation. We will continue to stand by and support our community fully as we always have, and we thank you for sticking with us through these tough times. NEW DISCORD SERVER LINK CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://discord.kametsu.com/ - tAGAIN, the new Kametsu Discord server (Kametsu v2) *IS NOT YET ACTIVE*, we are only asking you to place yourself there for the time being just in case we do lose the current Kametsu Discord server!
  9. This evening, multiple issues were brought to my attention by @Koby: Remote image loading appeared broken Some users were not receiving their usual emails (password reset, post notifications, digests [if you enabled that], etc) This issue was due to a configuration error upstream of the website that affected the server's ability to reach the internet - it was not allowing any traffic to flow out of the server to make the above things actually work. As a result, the backend image proxy system cached bad data due to it being unable to reach remote image URLs, breaking all remotely referenced images. On top of this, email system was broken because it was unable to contact DNS to resolve email hostnames. This one was on me, sadly - I was performing some upstream maintenance and left a faulty configuration in place that I had intended to remove. The issue has since been fixed, and emails should be flowing normally again though anything received for the past few weeks, up until tonight, will not be received. Remote image loading should also now function again. I'm sincerely sorry for any inconvenience that caused!
  10. Good afternoon everyone! A bug was reported to me by @Koby wherein the redirect from http:// to https:// was not occurring automatically as it should have been, instead placing visitors to the http:// version of kametsu.com on a "default" page, the "It works!" page for the entire server. This was caused by a parsing issue with our webserver configuration files where it was not correctly interpreting the settings for the plaintext http:// version - it had believed that there was no configuration for the http:// version of kametsu.com and thus was placing visitors to this on the default configuration host instead of redirecting visitors to the secure https:// version of the site. An updated configuration file was uploaded with a corrected host configuration with a full proper URL defined within +the web server restarted. This appears to have fixed the issue. Moving forward we will likely be employing HSTS rules to force browsers to unconditionally use HTTPS mode by default even when http:// is entered in the address bar, which should help further reduce or even completely eliminate any other possible occurrence of this issue. My apologies for any inconvenience this issue caused!
  11. BDRyan here (aka IkarosBD), just a quick heads-up that I have dropped my old persona and adopted a new one. I'm still the same 'ol person as before, just new name.

  12. Hi everyone! Few things to cover, first off - this is IkarosBD...but I have decided to change personas after 5-6 years. I'm still me, still the same ol' admin I always was. Just a different name, different avatar, etc. If you do not know where this name came from, see this link and this link. There, now with that out of the way - I finally have some news! Towards the end of this year, we will be making the move primarily to a blog-based website with the community refocused on our Discord and IRC channels. We will still retain the forums, of course, but they will probably take a backseat likely in an archived state at some point. Koby and I agreed that it's just too hard to completely let go of the forums so we settled on keeping them around for now. There is no definitive date yet for making the switch, the only thing I can say is it'll likely be towards the holiday season, likely between Thanksgiving and Christmas. My work will be transitioning back to the office in mid to late October so I may have to make some adjustments to that plan but that's what I'm aiming for at this time. For those of you that stuck with us - we thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts. Your loyalty and dedication to the community is greatly appreciated and without you we just wouldn't have one anymore! That being said, please, PLEASE get into our IRC and/or Discord servers! Links to Discord are in the menu bar up top and I'll try and publish up-to-date IRC information within the next few weeks or so. Our core community resides in those two locales - so please join us if you haven't already. Lurkers welcome, but feel free to start up a convo! Note that due to differing hours, there'll be lulls in activity. Look for more updates in this space soon!
  13. Hey everyone! Sorry that took so long but the migration of the site to its new server is now complete! There exists a possibility of a few glitches here and there and maybe a hiccup or two - I'll be sorting those out if any over the coming days. In the meantime, if you notice anything out of the ordinary please don't hesitate to let myself or Koby know! Thanks again for your patience! We'll have more details about where we're going from here sometime in the middle of July most likely - stay tuned!
  14. Hi @DemonTatsuya I'm unsure of who set your ban or why since the server's not providing this information to me at this time. In addition, the last record we have of the ban 'existing' was on January 22nd. Given this + the time frame that's passed, I have removed the ban. Again though since I don't know why you were banned in the first place, there's no way to ensure it wouldn't occur again so please reach out to me directly via private message if it does, so that I can investigate further. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  15. @sniper23 yes, the sections were removed, but due to an error on my part, most (but not all) of the threads and posts within remained. I had incorrectly assumed that removing the sections would take all the threads and posts with it but this failed to occur. Since these threads/posts lost their parent forum, they also lost their permission sets, resulting in a default "deny all" when what should have been appearing is a "not found". Not even us admins could view them. We only became aware of it very recently when people began dropping us PMs asking what that was all about, and it was then that Koby discovered the issue and ran a more thorough cleanup, removing the orphaned threads properly this time.
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