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  1. I preordered and bought this game and never played it, lol
  2. Can someone tell me how to donate? I try to donate and all i end up is a private message from Koby saying 'thank you for the donation'. Trying to use Master Card, if anyone knows how this is done please PM me.

    1. NeutralHatred


      We use a different way to donate now, I believe. The only way to donate is by PMing Koby and he'll give you the details on how to do so.

      Problem is, Koby is currently away and I'm not sure when he'll be active again.

      You'll need to wait til then, I'm afraid.

    2. Orochimaru


      I see, thank you. I will wait then.

  3. Omg that is awesome, one of my favorite films. I can't wait.
  4. This movie franchise was probably the biggest disappointment i've ever seen on a screen. The games were great, and the first two movies were kind of ok, but everything after that has been pure crap imho. So i'm hoping the reboot will be better. <3
  5. I see, thanks for your work. barely anyone does Shippuden nowadays, i have followed the thread and will wait for updates
  6. Thank you, i'm checking it out and downloading some of it. Because almost all Shippuden that i have is 720p, but i would like all in 1080p. So if you do all the episodes in 1080p where will i find them? In that thread?
  7. Honestly, i like the old series as it is, but i would like to have the whole Shippuuden in 1080p I cant find Shippuuden in high quality anywhere
  8. I found about this community after watching one video and I decided to join because it seems like a cool place for sharing Anime related content ^^ Welcome desu You will not regret joining us!
  9. awwww Sakura is such a cute naaame
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