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  1. Hi there! Do you have a discord account? 

    1. Mr.Waddles


      i do not but i think i will sign up now

    2. GideonWrath


      Nice. I'll invite you to the server with lots of kametsu people and rippers. 

  2. Hey waddles how have u beenglad to see ur still active hehe got some stuff need to talk about if u get a chance plz pm me thnx

    1. Mr.Waddles


      lol wouldnt it have been more efficient for you to just send me a pm instead of asking me to send you a pm? :look_down:


    Please, fix the ben 10 omniverse links

  4. Hello, I was trying to download Season 3 of TMNT 2012 and I noticed your post... I was really excited but then became disappointed to find out most of the links are down..I'm looking for the 720p ones.  Can you reupload them to Mega??  Thanks in advance.



  5. do you still have all your files ?

  6. Hi! Guess who?

    IT'S ME hehehah!



    For every week starting yesterday...new episodes of Steven Universe will

    be airing which is AWESOME!

    But what's more AWESOME is that Every Monday is a new STAR VS.

    which you already know hehe! I'm just excited and wanted to share

    my happiness with ya for this occasion! ^_^


    With today, a brand new episode is out and I want to thank you for

    all your work on uploading these episodes (and more thanks to the Star Beam Team

    for these amazing episodes), I really appreciate it and hope you don't have trouble

    getting today's newest one hehe!


    Mr. Waddles, I wish you an AMAZIIING~ day and again thank you.

    It's gonna be an SUPER WONDERFUL MONTH of my...well our and every

    fans favorite shows!


    See ya!


  7. HI, do you do your own encoding because there is a certain tv series on itunes that i would like encouded.

  8. Hey Mr, Waddles, I just watch all your cartoon release and i like it. Because of the quality are excellent. Thanks you and keep up a good work for release more cartoon :)  

  9. Mr.Waddles can you please reupload ben 10


    omniverse season 1-4 1080p please and


    can someoneelse can upload and please help.



  10. Can You Upload Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Please I am Requesting Please Answer.

  11. Would you kindly re-upload 337-338 - The Downer / The Return and 339-340 - The Triangle / The Money 1080p for The Amazing World of Gumball Season 3? Thanks!

  12. Hi Mr.Waddles Can You Uploude Kung Fu Panda Season 2 720p Web-DL

  13. To All those that have inboxed me and commented on topics of mine and i havent bothered responding. i apologise. will start being more active on this forum once again. In the process of replying to those messages as we speak

  14. Hi Mr.Waddles Can You Uploude Kung Fu Panda Season 2 720p Web-DL

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