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  1. Hey is this Kenzou?

    1. professa X

      professa X

      sorry for the late reply. naw i've never been kenzou

  2. ugh 10 weeks of manga to catch up wish me luck

  3. Yo i need ur expertise. Taking bluray 1080p anime to 720p. 

    Are the following settings fine

    H.265 (intel qsv) 

    Fps: variable framerate 

    Encoder preset :quality 

    Encoder profile:auto

    Encoder level: auto

    Quality: 20 QP


    1. Arian


      It depends on what encoding software you're using and what the size of the encode will be as a result. For instance, if a 23-minute episode in 1080p comes out as 100MB, then you know something's not right amd you need to lower the quality number until it's a reasonable size and passable quality.


      So in other words, test it with your current settings and see what you get.

    2. Darkshadow6400


      Using CRF 20 with x265 will usually give decent results for watching on like a laptop or tablet, keeping in mind it'll probably be comparable to a mini encode. I'd suggest trying something like CRF 17 to start with and one of the slower presets, as that should help retain some of the quality. 


      Ultimately though, you're losing detail by using x265.

    3. professa X

      professa X

      so i went with x264 (intel qsv) quality preset with crf 18. 24 minute 1080p video took 10 min (this was a pre encoded 1080p) shit came out amazing.

  4. asked this before. i dont think its illegal to download but illegal to upload. torrent is illegal for downloaders since u are uploading bits ur self. anywho this is still no proof cuz i can copy anones pic and post plus i dont think ppl are using there real name i certainly am not and its hard to prove if someone is actually doing so.
  5. thanks for sharing. i would DM @Guillermo31 just to keep it kosher
  6. What about subs do u need? Do u need some one to create subs? Do u need a type setter? Do u need someone to synchronize subs? Do u need a source?
  7. Dude u are officially my dude! This is more than i hoped for. Thank you so much. MadVR: frame sampling. Frames are repeated. SVP: motion interpolation. Utilize the frame blending discussed (a new image created via algorithm). My goal is to watch 24fps animation on a 60hz screen. I have used madvr and reduced judder significantly but u can still see it. I use the setting where it only enables smooth motion if there will be judder so some frames get repeated and some dont. this helps prevent ghosting vs having smooth motion on all the time. Now it seems the best idea is to use madvrs frame sampling along with svp frame blending. I feel that ideally i would want my smooth motion to convert my 24fps to 30fps via frame sampling then take that out put and apply frame blending with a integer multiplication of 2 so i achieve 60fps on 60hz. But i dont know how to achieve this. I feel like i should just convert this stuff first then watch it. Do you have some pointers for either approach (madvr + svp, convert my self). Again, thanx!
  8. Pickle Riiiiick


    Gotta get dat parkour





    Tiny riiiiick



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    2. Nabull


      Meh, watching anime and stuff? 

    3. professa X

      professa X

      reading manga, just cant get into anime again for some reason which  is funny cuz i recently posted a topic about madVR and SVP

    4. Nabull


      Yeah, I saw


      VR Pron :haha:


  9. Yo Been ages! So i got to clarify somethings and im hoping u guys can help. madvr has something called smooth motion. I use it cuz it helps with judder albeit with ghosting. If im correct then madvr use frame blending to achieve this. Svp is pretty cool too. I havent used it but seems like it makes some smooth video playback. But they are a bit confusing. On the wiki page in tge section "under the hood" the interpolation describes sounds more like blending, but other google search link titles as well as youtube videos use the moniker frame doubling interpolation. So im confused as to which one it really does. jRivers wiki implies that frame blending is not interpolation but i think it is. I think interpolation is a general term and madvr uses frame blending while svp uses frame sampling (if its frame doubling) am i right? I also want to know if AMD's Perfect Picture and Steady Vision is really a one package with stuff similar to madvr and svp in it? And one final thing. If i have content that is natively 30fps (consistent) and i watch it on a 60hz screen. Would i see a difference vs the same 30fps upscaled to 60fps on a 60hz screen (utilizing either frame blending or frame sampling)? Would i see a difference between content that is upscaled via frame blending vs frame sampling aside from ghosting that frame blending creates? Yes i used the terminology frame sampling under the assumption that frame doubling interpolation that at svp uses is frame sampling. Please help this driving me nuts!
  10. Yo so i jus wanna kno Those patches i made for simuldub audio on hdtv rips would they go under ur thread?
  11. And here i thought he would magically spin a new arc...
  12. hey guys i've been a way for awhile. An now im back. I realized how much i missed my anime. kept up with manga but so much simuldubs have passed and sooo many bluray releases... so i need everyones help here. i need a list anime that has been dubbed and realeased since d grayman hallow. funimation, sentai filmworks, toonami, aniplex any of those and more. please i need this. i need to get back to my one true waifu! ps i might just back in to patching business tooo. much love guys and gyals
  13. im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack


    now show me some love!

    1. mrbaer


      you are not dead or gone GOOD back to work you took a long enough vacation

    2. mrbaer



    3. professa X
  14. swiggity swooty i'm coming for that booty

    1. NeutralHatred


      Koneko's booty belongs to me.

    2. professa X

      professa X

      sorry that booty has been through crapper already xD

  15. fyi its not like Reborn. its very different. i still liked the manga for as long as it was scantilated. cant wait to see the rest of the story via animation
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