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  1. SchallMann1978

    My Hero Academia Anime Gets Fourth Season Announcement

    Oh, sweet! This is proving to be one of my all-time favorite anime. -I look forward to what season four has in store for the fans.
  2. SchallMann1978

    Kametsu is now on Discord!

    Just joined the server under one of my handles, but changed my nickname to my Kametsu handle.
  3. I am really disappointed to hear that one of our very own members has decided to leave, due to people disrespecting his wishes.

    I reached out to him in his initial post because I was genuinely shocked to hear the news in the Simpsons thread.  Anyone who tries to convince a forum member to come back, solely for their releases is awfully selfish and should really reevaluate themselves, do some soul-searching, and ask why they joined this community in the first place.  If your answer is "Oh, I only come here for the downloads," you've missed the point.  These forums more than just a place to download files for your personal viewing!  Kametsu is a COMMUNITY, FIRST and FOREMOST.  REMEMBER this, folks!

    While I will CONFESS that I initially joined Kametsu to get the ONLY WEB-DL release of MTV's Good Vibes, I STAYED BECAUSE of this great COMMUNITY.  I've learned about some great software and improved on my own SKILL as an encoder, myself.

    While I haven't uploaded anything new in a while, I do plan to in the not-so-distant future, as I have some files have yet to pop up here, as I try to post things unique to Kametsu.

    I suppose that's all I have to say without sounding like I'm talking over myself.


    1. rand


      I have been getting more then 60% of my media downloads from nyaa.  Its just click, add torrent file then i wonder off.  I dont come here for community as its too small and close knit.  My home forum is blizzhackers.cc while its quite dead its fun to talk about old times.  Only a select few users actually here talk to each other or have like interests.  I actually joined in 2012 but lost my account back in 2015 due to exploits.  But in that time i saw the same people come and few go, it seems to be a cycle for small communities.  At this point i don't give it much thought when people come or go because i know very soon those accounts will be inactive.  Just add the next item into the download que, and fill the media hard drive and not over think it.

    2. ZeroPenguins


      I get 100% of my downloads from torrents via my seedbox. I only go on this forums for the lols...

  4. SchallMann1978

    New Theme: Titan + Updates + Snow

    @Koby, this is probably the most beautiful theme you've introduced to the forums! -Kind of reminiscent to the themes before the forum update!
  5. SchallMann1978

    Attaching Images in Topics/Replies?

    Ah! I will continue to use my Photobucket account for that. Thank you, sir!
  6. SchallMann1978

    Attaching Images in Topics/Replies?

    I've tried that, but my options are "insert existing attachment," or "Insert from URL." I don't see anything that allows me to post an image directly from my computer. The first option implies images I had attached already, unless there's something I'm missing.
  7. This may seem like a silly question to ask (I've searched the forums with no topics, relevant to my question, but) I'd like to know how do I attach an image in my topics/replies? -I see that there's an option for on the bottom right, but I cannot seem to figure it out. Some feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  8. SchallMann1978

    H.265 HEVC to H.264 Converter

    The container isn't so much the issue, the codec is; while I have been able to convert from h.265 to h.264 with handbrake, and later changed the mkv output to mp4 with XMedia Recode, after learning that while the container can be changed, the codec's properties remain the same (on both h.264 and h.265 codecs, respectively.) I should probably have this closed, since I've been able to preserve as much of the video quality, while keeping the same audio tracks, thanks to MKVToolNix. I do appreciate everyone's input; I like XMedia Recode for the lossless container conversion.
  9. SchallMann1978

    Hard Drive issue

    That does not sound good at all; it sounds like your drive may've failed, OtakuSama...
  10. SchallMann1978

    Disc Rot and Workarounds?

    I've experienced disc rot with my CD-ROMs, before I purchased my first portable hard drive in 2008. -The fact is, burnable discs are a bygone era, with digital and streaming media taking over. You could try running them through a recovery program, but I highly doubt you'll get much out of them if you're experiencing CRC errors. -My suggestion to you is to get a sizable, external hard drive, and preserve whatever you can from those discs.
  11. SchallMann1978

    Hard Drive issue

    The Geek Squad doesn't cover data recovery, I'm afraid. The real question here is did you drop the hard drive by accident? -Is it an AC Adaptable hard drive, or is it a portable USB hard drive that you can take anywhere with ease? Additionally, how old is your hard drive?? I ask because this afternoon, my blue, portable, 1 TB, Western Digital My Passport hard drive that I've had since September, 2011 suddenly had Delayed Write Failure, and ultimately died on me. While I did lose 60 gigabytes worth of files in that drive (some of which were irreplaceable) I was not entirely worried, or panicked because I had a backup of them, and even rebuilt the drive's directory from my backup, which had additional files that weren't in the drive that crashed. Now, as for the clicking sounds on a hard drive? -Usually, it's a telltale sign that the hard drive has failed. However, that's not always the case. -Have you tried using a different USB Cable to connect to the hard drive?? Sometimes USB cables go bad and can't supply enough power to the hard drive, causing it to act improperly. If not, I'd suggest doing so. If it still clicks with a different cable, it's probably on its way out. You could try recovery software to recover your files, but that's not always guaranteed, like in my case, with the dead hard drive.
  12. SchallMann1978

    H.265 HEVC to H.264 Converter

    I realize I'm posting in a thread that hasn't been active for four months, now, but I'm going to try XMedia Recode, as I've played with a portable version of Handbrake that does support the .h265 HEVC codec for the purpose of porting over HEVC .h265 to ,h264, and had to experiment with it, which was quite time consuming. I am not concerned about loss in audio quality, as I traditionally mux the original, source audio from what I've dwnloaded onto whatever I've converted with MKVToolNix. If XMedia Recode does change the container, without loss in quality, I will be quite happy, and will probably close the request thread I posted. Edit: XMedia Recode definitely changed the container, but the files still have the HEVC .265 codec.
  13. SchallMann1978

    Start backing up Mega Files

    All of my releases that're on this site are backed up in an external hard drive that has all of my downloaded TV shows; no worries there.
  14. SchallMann1978

    Windows XP Professional 64 bit edition

    I've an ISO of WinXP SP2 X86 that's an unattended install, that a totally blind friend of mine gave me. -if you still want WinXP, I can upload it for you. Additional Comment: The Disc image does not require a key and is ready to use after installing Windows XP. -I also have one for Service Pack 3 that has integrated drivers, within the disc image. I've not tried this one before, but it was given by the same friend who gave me the unattended install of Windows XP SP2. In addition to what I've said, the install works if you boot it from the CD for the installation to initiate.
  15. SchallMann1978

    H.265 HEVC to H.264 Converter

    Thank you so much, Tooncore! I hate that the only healthy torrent of the ENTIRE Brickleberry series is in H.265 HEVC (I saw it as HVEC due to my eyesight not helping me, last week). Additional Comment: -The link I found on YouTube had all these different files and folders to it, which threw me off. Thank you so much for directing me to the Windows port of this. Uodate: thanks for providing a link to the hevc converter, unfortunately it does not recognize matroska files.