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  1. Do you ever feel like a fish out of water? Cause that's what we are essentially.
  2. Dragon dragon, I'm the dragon, Dragon Ball Z ?
  3. I'm not your friend, buddy.
  4. Before you cook the goose,make sure it lays a few eggs. This way you can have some boiled eggs as well.
  5. Wow Natalie, your owner has trained you well. You are probably smarter then some humans.
  6. Smoke on the water,fire in the sky!
  7. I have to write a 5000 word assignment of just gas, i.e. BS. Not the best of days.
  8. The whole idea reminds me of this type of place. Stuffy and pompous
  9. dremler


    Has anyone tried eating their pets, like rabbits for example?
  10. Ehehehehehe. So much angst
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