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My World is getting bigger!


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OMG!!!!! Congratulations :D. I know you'll be an awesome Daddy ^.^

Are you hoping for a boy? a girl? twins? triplets!!!?

Hoping for a boy, but will be happy either way. Oh gosh... I hope there isn't more than one, lol.

Oh cool. Congratulations man! Glad to see you're behind it. Was it planned or unexpected?

Also Sakura will now have a new friend.

It was a big unexpected shock, but we're both happy about it either way!

Triplet boys. Calling it right now.

I sure hope not. -_-

LOL congratz Koby, you should get married to your girlfriend. If you can have a baby, then why not make a commitment to marriage?

We believe in doing things on our own time and don't think we should get married just for the sake of having a baby. Maybe one day though.. Who knows what the future holds.
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