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  1. *tumbleweed rolls by* Where are you!? :C *stomps her foot*

  2. Hey there Shazi nice to meet you! your name is pretty interresting from where did you get it?

    1. Shazi


      It's a Japanese Stylized version of my childhood nickname Shuzzy

    2. EvilServo


      Oh well in my language which is Urdu shazi is a common nick name for Shazia ... so how are you? Hope we can be good friends

  3. I DREW MORE THINGS Actually I have opened up a commissions shop on pokefarm because I need to just draw SOMETHING so I got a bunch of requests there to draw stuff and I slapped them together in a commission dump My stepmother's beautiful little chihuahua passed away not long ago from a long life of mental illness. Dogs can have mental illness as well as we discovered with this little guy. He would be super nice and loving one second and then the next something in his brain would snap and everything in the world would be his enemy, then he would be back to being nice again. I loved him, even when he was being mean because I understood that he wasn't well I am also trying to redesign some characters I made a few years ago and this is the first one, Kira
  4. Going onto my second week on Uni, even part time there is so much work to do TT_TT how to people do this full time and work?

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    2. Shazi


      I am on a diet too which means I am already cranky from not eating the foods i'm used to eating >.<

    3. Renzourin


      talk to my grandpa lol, he put himself through full time college and 2 jobs he might have a few tips for you

    4. Sheldon131


      Why he needed 2 jobs ?

  5. 597,519 The magic of counting! how is everyone?
  6. 9/10 Love the transparency it suits, and the colours too
  7. We had chicken Risotto 2 nights in a row because Dart requested it XD the first night he was like "this is amazing omg" and then when I offered to cook it again I think he wet his pants with excitment
  8. I got the Steelbox edition. Not sure where that is available but is is pretty much just the game in the cool steel case with the FFXV Demo. Not huge on a lot of the collectors editions these days, they don't seem to have anything in them that I really want anymore. (let's not forget the price tag for any given game in bumped up by at least 30-50 bucks here in australia.) While people are going on about 60 dollar games I'm like "I WISH new release games were only 60 bucks but NOPE 90-110 depending on the game and console it's on"
  9. GOD it hurts how rusty I am at this! All the same, here is my entry Theme: Fairy (including fairy type pokemon)
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