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  1. Re-uploading my Bleach and One Piece

  2. Well that was fun, almost sad that it ended, but the war arc was way too boring with all the flashbacks. Very glad Hinata and Naruto hooked up though. Looking forward to the movie.
  3. Well that was kind of sudden but the battle between Sasuke and Naruto was probably unavoidable. I'm guessing the series is really heading to the end if the battle between Sasuke and Naruto is going to start now.
  4. True true.Sorry about that AegiSub will be better with Styled subs. @Bakymono It's only mkvmerge that gives that weird file size when you extract the subs (No big deal), as JohnFlower said it might be fonts or some crap. If you are going to do a lot of sub editing I would recommend getting mkvcleaver to extract subtitles. The question about saving in only .ass , I think AegiSub only saves to .ass (correct me if I'm wrong). Why would you want to change your subtitle format? you will loose the styling. If you really want to change the format subtitle edit will do the job.
  5. As Baal said or subtitle edit(ctrl+a > right click show selected lines earlier or later)
  6. Subtitle Edit or Aegisub will do the job. Good luck with the syncing. Some tips if you have the basic sync correct. VLC is nice for adjusting delays, then just use mkvmerge to sync the delay.
  7. Glad to see Kametsu is still standing after DMCA notices. Nice job Koby.
  8. ^nope just hobby bro, probably one out of a 100 000 makes money out of it, it's not a painful possess the fact is life, knowing your smarter and more intelligent than the person next to you.
  9. Just as john said, example when you opened a file in Megui the tab to the right says script, load a plugin, example unfilter.dll and then at the bottom type in unfilter(25,25) then preview the script, you should see the difference in the video sharpness.
  10. All in all encoding is a learning process,in time you should be able to know what each setting does there is no standard encode settings, practice makes perfect start by doing the same encode as someone else and see if can better it. On the setting part start by learning how deblocking, aq, qcomp, psy_rd works. You might find some useful guides for mini encodes at www.minitheatre.org also try their vafe encoder (very nice for someone starting to use filters) also a filters guide I found useful is http://www.aquilinestudios.org/avsfilters/index.html
  11. That's why I said the source is the most important part, if you use sparks 720p (Enders Games) and use the above media info for you settings you should basically get the same result. The most important part is the bit-rate/crf you chose, that depends on the movie, example the amount of action scenes, duration of the film and the actual output file size you want. (Example look at nItRo's 720p re-encode of Pacific Rim, the video didn't nearly have enough bit rate for a movie like that) The question is what do you want to encode, live-action shows or anime/cartoon? Older media is always problematic...Usually needs filters to make it look good, especially if you want to do mini encodes.
  12. ^ It can't be that hard to mimic a release like nItRo's Enders Game, you should be able to get the same result if you insert the settings as displayed in the media info into Megui. The most important part is the source files, try using the same source and settings and see how it compares, nItRo is a mass encoder so I highly doubt he uses a lot of filters maybe just a few quick standard ones to drop a little file size like TemporalSoften etc.
  13. Looks very nice can't wait to watch more.
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