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  1. Hi Shiro, can we get this series re uploaded either on Mega (sorry don't remember if you still do Mega) or Google Drive, or Mediafire?  Thanks in advance.  

    1. dominic20072007


      Shit nevermind,  I found it here:  



  2. Hello there are several anime titles with dead links.. i sent you a few pm's about which ones are dead.  Please reup to Mega if you can.  Thanks in advance. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. dominic20072007


      What is the XDCC bot FakeEtzimal?  Please tell me how to use XDCC... I have no idea how to...I actually have pretty good computer skills but I don't know how to use it... I would appreciate any help.

    3. dominic20072007


      The anime I'm looking for are "Needless" + "Girls Bravo" + "The Sacred Blacksmith" + Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere"  Dual Audio... all of Shiro's links are down. :(

    4. Hark0n
  3. Sorry For Disturbing


    Is There Any Chance


    To Fix The Both Link On  Eiga K-On! 







  4. Hate to keep bugging you, but I was wondering whats going on with Root A, Magi, and Arise?

    1. BluerGost


      I also want to know this :D

    2. Koby


      Eh I did Root A and Catar did Magi.. so Arise is only thing uncompleted. =O

  5. Shiro any ETA on Aldnoah Zero Season 2?


    1. Pikanet128


      I want to know too

  6. Hey @Shirσ, I wanted to inform you that while I was trying to download your Lie in April release with JDownloader 2, this message showed up which prevents me from downloading anything: "Request over quota". After getting help from @ARRBEE007to figure this out it seems that you have exceeded your 50 GB quota which also affects downloaders of the files. Could you please move some of your files to another account to solve the issue? Thank you very much!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. iBreaker


      Must be me then.

    3. Etzimal


      Try dl'ing through browser or MegaSync?

    4. iBreaker


      @Etzimal Will do. Thanks! :)

  7. @Shirσ Any plans to add the extras and do the movie too?

    1. iBreaker


      Of the Blue Exorcist I mean.

  8. Do you have any plans to do ALDNOAH.ZERO? (S2)

  9. Upcoming Release: REMUX Tokyo Ghoul √A [AniDB] [1080p/720p] VIDEO: Japanese Blu-ray [BlurayDesuYo] AUDIO: English Blu-ray [1080p:FLAC] [720p:AAC] Japanese Blu-ray [1080p:FLAC] [720p:AAC] SUBS: [BlurayDesuYo] WHEN: Whenever the US-BD becomes available.
  10. Upcoming Release: ENCODE Your Lie in April [AniDB] [1080p/720p] VIDEO: Japanese Blu-ray AUDIO: English Blu-ray [1080p:FLAC] [720p:AAC] Japanese Blu-ray [1080p:FLAC] [720p:AAC] SUBS: [Commie | Styled OP/ED & Insert Songs] WHEN: Whenever the US-BD becomes available.
  11. Can you please re-upload Michiko & Hatchin?

  12. Upcoming Release: REMUX Terror in Resonance [AniDB] [1080p/720p] VIDEO: Japanese Blu-ray [Sallysubs] AUDIO: English Blu-ray [1080p:FLAC] [720p:AAC] Japanese Blu-ray [1080p:FLAC] [720p:AAC] SUBS: [Kaylith] WHEN: Whenever the US-BD becomes available.
  13. Reupload Kids on The Slope Already

  14. Cool background and lights.