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  1. poetictragedy: Bioshock. Apollo firedogx10
  2. Just finished The World God Only Knows III. Here are my quick thoughts. You know what they say, third time's the charm. TWGOK III definitely lives up to that. For a 12 ep. series, it was perfect. Every episode had me on the edge of my seat. The 3rd season is really a culmination of everything we've seen so far. All Most of the girls have been conquered so the twist is that he has to conquer them... Again. We already know the concepts and ideas from previous seasons, and now they are executed flawlessly. The ending could have use maybe another episode for maximum impact, but it at least left us with a wanting for another OVA or S4.
  3. Meeeeeh I'm not much for personality tests. Everything is situational and can vary based on the time and moment. Anyway, it said I'm an ESTJ. Also this question probably stood out the most. I prefer neither? This needs to be updated with videogames and anime!!!
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