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    Ps4 or Xbox One

    I previously created a topic for which consoles people preferred, wether it was Xbox 360 or Ps3 so I thought I'd do the same again and get the ball rolling. Rules will be as follows: 1. Tell us which console you've got or are planning to get 2. Tell us why you chose to get that console, was it for a specific game or other reasons 3. List of your favourite games, this one's optional Clearly there's gonna be some controversy over why Ps4 is better than Xbox One and vice versa which is NOT what this topic is for, it's just for you to explain why you got what you've got. If you want to argue about graphics etc then do it elsewhere, I don't mind comments on other peoples posts but nothing that's gonna start an argument and don't just simply yell "Xbox ftw". Here's mine to get this started: 1: Ps4, recently purchased it 2: The reason I chose to get the ps4 over the Xbox One was simply because I didn't care for any of the games that were coming out for it, the only one I think I would play would be Dead Rising 3 which I was disappointed wasn't for both consoles since 2 was. I also prefer the setup of the ps4 over the xbox. 3: I'm not going to make a list because I don't own a great deal of games for it but I'll note that Second Son definitely lives up to the Infamous series name, despite it not really making me care for the character like the previous games did with Cole. Well there's mine and you all know what to do now so go ahead and do it
  2. Dark_Angel13

    Does anything really annoy you?

    Ok so we get annoyed by a lot of things in our lives but is there anything that just instantly makes you twitch and snap a little bit and wanna lose it or give you a cold shiver and make you glare. For me it's when cutlery clangs together, I hate it, the noise makes me shiver everytime, same with when i hear a piece of cutlery hit against someones teeth or my own, I despise it. Go ahead and say what your biggest annoyance is and don't be cheeky and put me lol
  3. Ok so this is a random question but one I'm gonna ask nonetheless. Is there anything you do that others consider strange with food, for example, I like to sandwich press peanut butter sandwiches til the PB melts into a sort of paste and then I nom it or when I was younger I used to dip chicken chips into lime cordial, so there's my examples, now let's here yours. Try and not be too graphic or gross please, we still need to eat
  4. Dark_Angel13

    Ps3 or Xbox 360?

    I saw a topic that was covering what do people play but I didn't see one that was about why people choose to play those consoles and why that is so here's one now Majority of us either own a Ps3 or an Xbox 360, for some it's just what we went out and got first without thinking, we just jumped on it and went WOOO GAMING! If that's what you did then feel free to say that, hopefully in a less lame way then I just did lol. Basically this topic is this: 1. Tell us which console you've got 2. Tell us why you chose to get that console, was it for a specific game or do you like the ps3 better etc 3. List of your favourite games if you want to, this one's optional Clearly there's gonna be some controversy over why Ps3 is better than Xbox 360 and vice versa which is NOT what this topic is for, it's just for you to explain why you got what you've got. If you want to argue about graphics etc then do it elsewhere, I don't mind comments on other peoples posts but nothing that's gonna start an argument and don't just simple yell Xbox ftw. Wow I put down a lot of rules for my topics, anywayz let's see what you've all got and why you got it. This is mine to give you an example of what to do: Console: Ps3 Why I got that: I grew up with the classic Ps1, playing bugs life and army men games lol then I moved onto the ps2, Jak games FTW! So for me it was just simply the next step and the controller is more comfortable for me. Don't get me wrong on this, xbox I will admit has it's slight charm and I can still pick up an xbox controller and kick some ass in any game I come across but I also think that ps3 has better graphics and sometimes better games, the Killzone series for example. I also own a psp lol, so anything sony I seem to get lol. Although my ps3 is one of the older 80gb models, so I seem to be constantly deleting games off it in place for new ones so I'll soon be upgrading to one with a larger memory capacity. Well there's mine and you all know what to do now so go ahead and do it
  5. Dark_Angel13

    Favourite Comedian

    All in the title people, just list your favourite comedian and if you feel like it add in why you like them so much =) Mine as of late is either Carl Barron or Jeff Dunham, both of them crack me up no matter how many times I've seen their shows.
  6. Dark_Angel13

    Resident Evil Films

    To clarify this isn't about the animated works with Leon and Claire etc etc. These are the milla jovovich films where she plays the lovely Alice and has a bunch of side characters. I know some are based off the games characters, Jill, Wesker etc. The point of this topic is to voice your opinion on the film series, if you haven't seen the last one it doesn't matter, still feel free to give your opinion. I myself haven't seen the final one yet and I'm not sure if I even want to. My opinion The first two movies were great, I really enjoyed them and watched them so many times I could almost voice the characters as the movie played. Then Extinction came out and I was sceptical of it, it was completely different and I didn't like it that much but it was watchable. The fourth film still didnt capture what the first two films had, in fact this one was even more so over the top and when I saw the axe guy I was like -facepalm-. I couldnt believe they actually put him into the films but anyway, the fourth one was too over the top, I'll admit I liked the coin shot she used but other then that it was only worth watching once. I've seen the fifth movies trailers and I'm already thinking I'll never want to see it just from how foolish it looks and how outlandish. But I probably will watch it someday. Anyone voice your opinions here and if you think the movies could be better say that too and what you'd like them to improve on
  7. Dark_Angel13

    Salt and Sanctuary!

    Hello all, it's been a very long time since I've started a new topic but I thought, "Hey! I'm back so screw it, let's do this!". Today I'm going to be talking about a new game that released back on March 15th, so a whole five days ago for myself. Salt and Sanctuary was created by Ska Studios after being in production for three years or so and so far has only released on the PS4 (PC/XBOX players can rage here lol). It has plans to be released for PC as far as I know. Salt and Sanctuary is a 2D action roleplaying game that reminds me a great deal of the first Dark Souls game. The game has amazing 2D visuals that have all been hand drawn and is actually rather pleasant to look at even after 10 hours of gameplay or more. The game has a difficult learning curve that lovers of the Soul series will enjoy but at the same time people who haven't played those should still enjoy it. I will warn you now though, some of the bosses and sections can be rage inducing though, like that Kraeken Wyrm... Damn flame breath... The game allows you to build your own character before you start play, the character customization isn't too extensive but it's enough to let you feel like the character is actually yours. From here you're also guided to choose a class, much like in Dark Souls which will dictact what your starting gear and stats will be, although generally it only assigns you a few points in the skill tree. Once you've started the game it gives you a sort of tutorial with notes you find written in bottles which are similar to Dark Souls's floor markings that you could leave for other players. (A system which is also present in this game) The game offers you the choice to play, a hunter,, a cleric, a mage, a knight and a few others as a base class, from here you can meld your character into what you desire by leveling up and spending black pearls in the skill tree which are acquired one per level or rarely found in the world. The game uses Salt for leveling up which is gained from monster and boss kills or certain items much like Souls were in Dark Souls. Enemies reset each time you visit a Sanctuary which is were you must level up and is more or less identical to a bonfire albeit a few changes. I won't go too much into the game in this post but I will add one more thing. The game offers Co Op where a person with a second controller can drop in and out by visiting a certain NPC you assign to a sanctuary, this system is rather good, aside from the screen sharing but it's better than the screen actually being split in half and it forces you to remain together. This topic is now open for discussion, I hope to talk with many of you about the game and that we can all help each other in finishing it or just with information. P.S I have not completed the game myself but am a fair way through it, I guarantee I do not have all the information about this game so if anything in my topic post is wrong, simply inform me and I'll edit it.
  8. Dark_Angel13

    Games you regret buying/playing

    I purchased Natural Doctrine for my PS4 without first watching a trailer or reading a review, one of my biggest mistakes, I loathe the game, it's extremely dull and boring.
  9. Dark_Angel13

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Lately I've been playing a fair amount of Fallout 4, Just Cause 3 and my new game, Salt and Sanctuary
  10. Dark_Angel13

    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    Recently purchased Dying Light around the start of this month, got a physical copy and thanks to distribution delays i wont be getting it til next month even though the came games out in 2 days.... Not too pleased with that.
  11. Dark_Angel13

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Been getting back in Diablo 3 since I never made it past Act 1 before
  12. Dark_Angel13

    Assassin's Creed Unity

    Firstly, let me start out by saying I am a huge fan of the games, Assassin's creed was the third game I ever got for my ps3, I found it to be good but at the same time I wanted more, which number two delivered on. Throughout the games they've repeated many things(most of it good) and some things have only lasted for that one game, bomb making in Revelations for example. Now onto the game at hand, Assassin's Creed Unity...-sighs- I was so looking forward to this game, Black Flag was rather enjoyable, especially with it's ship battles but this new game, it delivers on a lot of the things I want in an Assassin's Creed game but in saying that, the glitches make it almost gamebreaking, I'll list my current glitches I've gotten so far, below. I'm on the PS4 for those who were wondering, I've heard the PC Issues are worse, anyway here goes: Random moments where I'll be surrounded by enemies and combat will suddenly cancel and won't reinitiate, leaving me the only option being to run because I cannot parry, attack or use any items, including medicine. I died many times from this and it's occured more than once. Issues where my pistol or Phantom Blades will fire straight through a targets head, hitting the wall behind him, doing zero damage and aggroing said enemy. Climbing issues where Arno will suddenly get stuck in a part of a roof or wall etc. NPC's walking into me or stunlocking me into walls or other places, forcing me to Fast Travel out or be stuck there indefinitely. Had this one happen today actually, multiple times. I kill all of my enemies and I mean kill, not that writhing in pain thing and all of their lower jaws will be moving as if they're talking still, yet they're dead. This one was rather disturbing. There are more but these are the only ones I've had that seem to repeat often... for now. Even with the glitches I still love this game but there is a lot more wrong with it also. The "New" Phantom Blade mini crossbow is not new at all, it's simply a reskin of Ezio's old bracer, the poison darts have become Berserk Blades and the Bullets are now Phantom Blades, this is not new, all they've done is slapped a new coat of paint on something old and labelled it new, not impressed ubisoft. There's more isses with gameplay wise but I won't go into that simply due to spoilers so please refrain from spoilers here but if you must, hide them in your post so people who haven't yet finished the game can still enjoy it. The final thing I will say here is, if you're on ps4 and would like to join my club for some co op games, the name of it is BloodandSteel, I lead it and I am on a lot of hours out of the day, just join it manually or I can add you to PSN if youd rather that, hope to get some people to play with for club competitions. Post your glitches and opinions! *No Spoilers*
  13. Dark_Angel13

    How's the weather where you are?

    Currently its pissing me off because its around 30 degrees all day but the humidity makes it feel more like 40, then it storms every afternoon for like an hour and instead of cooling it down it makes it even more humid, i feel like im living in a fuckin rainforest.
  14. Dark_Angel13

    How do you learn?

    Generally I learn visually and with hands on approaches, learning by doing!
  15. Dark_Angel13

    Does any one still have or use there PSP

    Ive got the psp 3000 and the vita, i use the 3000 for monster hunter still and tekken whenever im going somewhere
  16. Dark_Angel13

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    I went and saw Fury and it was pretty badass, felt really short though and it wasnt too in depth but I guess it was sort of just an action, kill everything and off you go sort of film
  17. Dark_Angel13

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Far Cry 4, finished it but still playing it cuz its fun still. AC still, im avoiding finishing it by doing side stuff and im bout to pick up lords of the fallen again
  18. Dark_Angel13

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Assassins Creed Unity
  19. Got AC Unity today, decided to make a club so anyone who wants to join please feel free. Name is BloodandSteel, Tag is Rend and I'm on ps4, hope to see some people =)

    1. UltorCorp


      It has its ups, but the game has too many unpleasant changes compared to its predecessors

  20. Dark_Angel13

    Favourite Voice Actor/s in Games

    I saw another topic like this but it seemed to be for dubbed anime and the voice actors in that so I figured I'd make one over here for all the lovely voice actors in the gaming industry. If you wanna post, simple guideline. Post the actor's name, their character in the game and the game itself. Michael Rooker,Nolan North- Black ops 1 and 2. Both wonderful voice actors and most of you may know Rooker from the walking dead series where he plays Merle. Rooker plays himself in Call of the Dead on zombies for black ops 1 and on 2 he plays Harper, a soldier with section. North on the other hand plays Edward Richtofen or The good doctor lol, he voices the zombies character and has made me laugh many times. Brian Cox- Visari- Killzone 1 and 2. When I first played killzone, his opening speech to the helgan army gave me chills and so did the second one, had an awesome voice. Liam Neeson- Dad- Fallout 3. When I first realised it was him it was a bit of a shock, he played that role really well and contributed to what made fallout 3 one of my favourite games Ron Perlman- Many Titles- You likely know this man from the show Sons of Anarchy where he plays the leader of the bike club but he's also done voices for many games and some animated works. His voice is lovely and he's a terrific actor both on screen and as a voice actor. Well that's my list for now, I'm curious to see who else show up in games and who your favourites are
  21. Dark_Angel13

    Hey there!

    Welcome to Kametsu
  22. Dark_Angel13

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Gonna start borderlands the pre sequel right now, ive had it for 2 days just sitting there
  23. Dark_Angel13

    Destiny Discussion Thread [Contains Spoilers]

    I only have one character lol, level 25. When I was playing Destiny I took my sweet time and enjoyed what was there in the game, story, bounties and just doing other things in the destiny world. It is after you hit 20 that the game really slows down even though you can start getting the good stuff for your character. Bungie did say they are harder on themselves the critics that criticize the game, So without doubt we will see some improvements on the game in the future if not Destiny 2 at the very least. Don't get me wrong Destiny is a good game, just not as good as all the hype gave it. Seeing as this is a MMO styled game in a way meaning it needs constant internet connection, there is a possibility that Destiny can majorly improve with some updates in the future. Internet is the way for games in the future and Bungie took a huge step making a game like this for consoles. They now have to work hard to make it work well, they had a rough but good start at the same time. I look forward to seeing what they will do next as I think we all will. I'm gonna speak on some of your other post too, just not gonna quote that bit lol. I already knew the level of rarity for gear, it seems to be pretty much the same for most games, so far I've got all green items, a couple blue things and today I got myself a blue rarity handcannon with 11 rounds that is so op it isnt funny lol, headshotting enemies was never more satisfying and since I was using a 13 shot scout rifle, the only thing ive lost is my sights which Im a better shot with iron sights anyway lol. Ive seen a lot of the purple gear for sale with the merchants and today i got my first mote of light out of a chest at lvl 17 which i was surprised by cuz i thought you could only get them at 20 lol. Im playing Hunter too, I was wondering what the hell is up with my subclass, I clearly have to lvl it seperately but thats annoying because ive already cleared most missions and yeah, its annoying that it didnt just fill out with all the skill points my other class already had. So far I'm still enjoying it but it definitely seems like a game that doesnt stay with you, its like a few days, hit lvl 20 and youd probably be over it. I'll admit theres a few things i wanna keep playing it just to get and I've got a friend getting it soon so Ill play with them too but I hope they add A LOT more to this game, well Im off to hit lvl 20
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    Currently Listening To... [Part 2]

    Disturbed- This Moment >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdAC9cdt2ZY Can't get it out of my head
  25. Dark_Angel13

    Kam Stew: EO Plays the Sims

    I'd be interested in it, since I was part of the first one lol, to Adventure!