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  1. Been awhile, thought I drop by and see how things are going.


    1. Scyrous


      Awhile? Over 2.5 years lol

    2. Jªvª


      True, so lets say a good long while lol


    3. ZeroPenguins


      Greetings and Salutations xD

  2. Nothing Special, plus I do have Fences but they are hidden till I double click.
  3. Decided to drop in and talk about an update to the interface for the forum lol. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Gonna be honest, plenty of laptops out there that are designed just for that. Key things are just finding laptops without power hungry GPUs and Processors, which is the primary reason for battery draining. So basically stay away from AMD & NVidia Graphic Chipsets, and stay away from the Intel I Series and one of the AMD series for processors. Usually these type of laptops are priced around the 300 - 700 USD dollar range, depending on whats loaded.
  5. Easiest way is just plug it in on a working computer as a slave or via usb. Hopefully the working computers os can pick it up and get access via that way. If not I usually utilize Hiren's BootCD with the numerous tools it has to see what the health of the HD is and check if I can get into it that way.
  6. Depends what your talking about? Loading alias, scripts, etc is done via /load command /load <-a|-pscqnm|-ruvsN> <filename>Loads the specified alias, popup, or script. /load -a aliases.ini loads an aliases file /load -ps status.ini loads a status window popup/load -pc status.ini loads a channel popup/load -pq status.ini loads a query popup/load -pn status.ini loads a nickname list popup/load -pm status.ini loads a menubar popup /load -ru users.ini loads a users file/load -rv vars.ini loads a variables file/load -rs script.ini loads a scripts file----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also to add I did find Beta 18 if your wanting it Download
  7. C|Net article Basically no one really knows from what has been said or posted, but many people are interpreting as it will force it upon you or its always going to check for updates. Many techs are sitting there pondering by the actual interpretation by Microsoft; and are speculating that it will be just be there annoying the crap out of ya. P.S. - Java I do, its just annoying syntex wise
  8. Kinda vague from how they posted it; which makes it sound like you just can't ignore them (like how it is now by right click). So they will always be on the list of things you have to install, and basically it will just annoy the crap out of you till you install it lol.
  9. Jªvª

    Get windows 10

    Yeah, I don't want to mess with reserving or upgrading either but I'd like to get rid of that icon. This should help out with that Currently 10 Insider Preview does do telemetry back with their servers, nothing really cringe worthy plus it is clearly written in its TOS Agreement (also your able to kill and delete the service that does it manually). Don't know if they are going to kill it for release but its something possibly to watch for. As for anti-piracy measures, they pretty much killed themselves there anyway since they allowed KMS. So they are going to have one heck of a time trying to trumph that.
  10. Currently messing with Halo & Halo CE. Working on updating a bunch of internal stuff with the client and server software att.
  11. DarkEngine 4.0 Beta 15 Probably won't find Beta 18 due to it was a private build and was released via P2P As well since the dll is so outdated, it won't function correctly and can possibly crash mIRC with some of its functions.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6i4x8PC25nY
  13. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Dragon Age: Inquistion Theif Titanfall Watch Dogs
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