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Kametsu Khronicle Issue #6 [Mini]


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A few of you may be wondering what's going on with the Khronicle, and it's quite simple. Real life. Yes, exams, broken computers and various other things mean that the team have been unable to complete work. We apologize for this and to compensate in the mean time, there will be a series of mini-issues.

The Team

RazorDan- Head Editor

Iki- Vice Editor

Gneiss [Anras Rune]- Literary + Gaming Chief

Krogothwolf- Chief of Staff

Irish- GFX Chief

Hicks- Anime Reviewer

FlutterShy- Creative Team

Mute Point- Creative Team

Feel free to contact any member of the team if you wish to make a recommendation or have a question about anything.

Page 1- News

The Khronicle Awards!

Starting next issue, the Khronicle will be giving out awards for a range of categories. The winner will be decided through a Khronicle panel. The panel will be made up of myself, Iki and Anras Rune, due to this, none of us will be a nominee. The first five awards, out of ten, will be announced next week. Here are the categories and their nominees:

Kametsu Moderator



Talena Mae



Friendliest User






Funniest User





Most Enjoyable Writer

The Joker


Talena Mae


Mute Point

Most Likeable User






So there are the nominations and categories! The winners will be announced next issue! Feel free to post predictions below!

Page 2- Creative Center

Unlikely allies (Ongoing Khronicle story)

by Mute Point

Chapter 5

The prisoner who was yelling, she couldn’t yet tell if it was a man or a woman, wore what looked to be the remains of a fine robe, which naturally lead Irene to guess that this one was more important in some way than the others. It also had her wondering if he could be the one with magic, though she wasn’t certain of anything at this point. She drove all of her uncertainties from her mind, letting herself feel the battlefield as she had been trained.

Thirty remain in camp, probably three to five more patrols out in the woods… This was a really bad idea. Irene thought even as she rushed up behind the largest part of the group, hoping to take them by surprise. With a sickening crunch, her blade ripped through the skull of the orc in front of her, dropping him in an instant. She allowed her momentum to carry the strike into the neck of the next opponent, not enough to remove the head completely, but the shower of crimson blood from the severed arteries would ensure its quick demise.

Twenty-eight more Irene told herself as she spun around, striking hard at the next orc who had barely managed to draw it’s vicious looking war axe before she cleaved through his ribs. Now all around her the others raised their weapons, each seeming eager to engage, but they also seemed to know enough not to crowd so much that they’d be in each other’s way. Above the war cries of those around her, Irene could hear the familiar clash of steel on steel, which she hoped meant that Caitlyn had joined the fray.

Twenty-seven is still too many for us. Irene calculated the odds of them surviving long enough to complete the mission, and knew that without some other kind of help, they would be lost, and so would the prisoners. Without thinking, her hand snatched up the horn at her belt, and after sweeping a wide arc around her with her blade to give her enough space, she blew a single long note out on it. The orcs around her stumbled backward briefly, but pressed after her without hesitation.

Irene didn’t know how long it would take for help to arrive, but she knew she had to survive that long, or the ally she’d called wouldn’t help them. She’s such a fickle beast. Irene thought, smiling in spite of the situation she was in.

One of the orcs charged her, his axe held high in what she thought was a foolish posture, though his friends were a short distance behind her, she would dispatch him before they could do a damn thing about it. As his axe came down, she stepped inside his guard, slashing his wrists with enough force to cleave through the bones of both arms, before he could react, she caught the axe in midair and spun again, taking his head off with it.

With the orc’s hands still clutching the worn handle, she turned and threw the axe through a small gap in the enemy, directly at the bonds of the one she guessed, and now hoped, was the wizard. Then began the desperate fight for her life, though she parried and dodged with speed any master would envy, she couldn’t defend against all of them at once, she’d received several wounds that might be serious though she didn’t yet feel them she even heard the thunk of the axe buried in the wood of the post the fine robed one had been tied to.

Blood soaked through the padding of her armor, even as she worked to dispatch another two orcs. She knew that Caitlyn had to have killed a few herself, but she couldn’t see the young thief anywhere, and with all of her concentration on staying alive, she couldn’t tell how many remained.

Holy Fool

by Ujimushiko ☆ (Teddi)

Chapter 5

Together the Dona and Sophia went down the carbon steel hallway, the Dona’s heels making a clicking sound that echoed loudly. “So which would you like? Just pick a hair color.” Sophia turned to her. “What are you talking about? I don’t need an incubus when I’ve got Judas.” The Dona shook her head and stopped short. Sophia was confused until she realized that they stopped in front of a large glass door. Inside there were the most beautiful men Sophia had ever seen, some of them quite naked and others quite dressed, all lounging around. “You don’t see Judas here, now do you? He won’t protect you from the prince’s mind games. And judging from your demeanor, he’ll have you just where he wants you with minimal effort. Now, pick one from my harem so we can leave.”

Sophia blinked a little. She would have never thought that she would come to the point where she would be picking a man out like he was a puppy in a mall pet store. She thought back to the photo album. “I think I’ll go with the blond one.” The Dona nodded. “Good choice. He’s one of the oldest here.” She opened the door and all eyes were on her. They all stood and got on one knee, crossing their left arm across their chest and bowing to her. “Saul. You’re needed. The rest of you go back to whatever it was that you were doing.” The blond one named Saul lifted his chin at the red haired incubus from the photo album and went over to them , closing the glass door behind him.

“Saul, this is Sophia. She’s going to go meet Damien and needs your protection. And she’s a valued friend. After this meeting, you will be under her service.” Saul crossed his slightly tanned arms and looked away. “No. No more humans.” The Dona shrugged a little. “You can go back to the surface then. I believe your human still lives.” He gave her a sharp look when she turned away from him. “Fine.” He looked Sophia over and shook his head, running a hand through his neck length light blond hair. With nothing else said, they continued down the hallway, passing more glass doors and other passageways. Sophia started to get nervous when they reached a set of very tall glass doors at the end of the hall. “Well, he’s just through that door. Don’t get scared. He can smell your fear and will use it against you. I’ll be waiting in my incubus harem for you two.” The Dona touched Sophia’s arm and turned, her tail stroking Saul’s leg before she strode off back to where they came. Once alone, Saul shrugged a little and offered Sophia his arm. “Listen, he might be too much for you to handle right away, but I’ll make sure that he doesn’t try to pull anything.” Sophia smiled at him and together they went into the room.

Page 3- Kro's Corner

It's time for your favorite section of the week. Here's Kro with "Kro's Corner" -

Well, It is time my friends, time for the greatest moment in the year, time for the final confrontation between the last two standing to declare which team is the best in the world. Which team will take home the Holiest of Grails, which team shall ascend into the annuals of history and which team will go home, feeling the greatest sorrow of lose a sports player can feel for a series or game. It is time for the Best of 7 Stanley Cup finals. Nothing is held back, no quarter given to the opponent, it is a series were the slightest mistake can take for from the glory of triumph to the pain of defeat. The Vancouver Canucks are playing the Boston Bruins. It shall be one for the ages. Two of the best goalies of the year face off. The years best defenders against the greatest scorers. It will be a slug fest, a fight and a grind to get to hold the Silver Chalice! Thomas vs Luongo, Chara vs the Sedins, Lucic vs Kesler, Bergeron vs Burrows.

And now for something completely different.

Once there was a man, whom many shall know, drove a forklift at his work environment, he was one a skill forklift driver they say, oh that he was, transporting skids and large paper rolls with the ease of a man who has done it countless of times before. He was the envy of his fellow drivers, as they did stare in awe and thus marveled as he went about his day, showing of the craft that made him the best in the plant. But eventually, be it aging or arrogance, this man did fall from grace, his skills departed him when he needed it the most. Today, in the dieing moments of his shift, he took one drive to many, one pass to much. Today as he drove to get that final skid before he left for home, he made a mistake, oh how he made a mistake. Driving as he did, effortlessly turning his forklift around the corner, little did he know he would forget to slow down and turn but one more time. Nay my friends, he did not make that final turn, instead he did drive straight. He drove till he couldn’t drive no more, taking his forklift and sending it into a wall, crashing it down around him. Thus ended the career of one of the great forklift drivers, his skills diminished and his talents gone. The greatness he was before forgotten in the wake of his final ride. We shall mourn his passing from this job, and hope he comes to end in a better place, a happy place, one with fewer walls. Hope he goes to a wonderful place where he can drive a forklift with a carefree attitude and joy. Farwell Forklift Driver guy, and may fortune smile upon you once again.

You ever find a moving borning? Having trouble staying up and watching it? Can’t seem to focus from one plot point to the next? Well have no fear, I have a way to help you coup with this problem! It is a simple solution and costs you not a dime. Start adding random dialogue through those boring parts, those two saps slowly confessing their love for one another; why pretend they are describing all the sex positions they want to do to each other. That man dieing far to slowly, explain to much to the guy holding his hand? Pretend he is telling him how much he wanted to see him dance naked through a flower filled paradise. Those two people talking about a boring subject, politics or some such? Why change that subject to them talking about who gave them the best sex, make it with hot celebrities. With these easy to follow steps, and speaking out loud in a crowded theater, you will help add excitement to that dull and boring movie you just paid 15 bucks to see! It’s a must do solution!

Forumer of the Week: Idl, man this guy loves sex. He loves sex so much he just wants to have it all the time, with everything and anything and any hole!. Got a pain in your butt? It's probably cause of idl, why here are two great qoutes from him on just how much he loves sex.

Quote(s) of the Week!: From your one and only IDL!

idl12: Violent oral sex from a bird doesn't sound so bad.

idl12: So if I were to have sex with a lizard, you're saying that I'd gain regenerative ballz??l

idl12: the fact that the ear is very hard to penetrate makes brain sex a bit of a turn off.

idl12: A place where you can sexually harass total strangers...and not get your ass kicked?

Page 4- Reviews

Look! A Highschool of the Dead review by me!

Highschool of the Dead

by RazorDan

When I first heard about this, I was excited. Really excited. The lack of zombie anime is something that really disappoints me and so I immediately added this one to my list. It was an enjoyable and very nice watch but by the time I finished it, I was kind of disappointed. Let me tell you why:

It started off with a bang. Immediate zombie killing action. It grabbed me and had me wanting more. I had high hopes this could go on to be one of my all time favourites. This wasn't the case, unfortunately 'fanservice' reared it's head. There was even a whole episode, in a short anime at that, dedicated to fanservice. In the middle few episodes, it was fanservice and more fanservice. The anime was in danger of falling very low. Luckily, it managed to pick up again.

Story: 6/10

A group of high school students frantically escaping zombies using swords and bats? Oh the potential! The story showed a lot of promise but because of the middle episodes, it was like the story had run out of time. Maybe if the series was longer, the story could have been great but the sort of rushed vibe I got from the last few episodes means it was decent, not epic.

Art: 10/10

I thought the art was fabulous. The zombies were designed perfectly and the characters looked very sharp and were well defined. The backgrounds were very nicely defined and the art was really excellent. Though the breasts were excessively large lol

Sound: 10/10

Realistic sounds when the zombies had their heads bashed in. Very nice ending themes...... the opening was EPIC! I loved it and still have the full version on my ipod. The sound really added to the anime.

Characters: 7/10

Mixed bag. Takashi and Kouta were great. I really liked their characters and they seemed kinda badass when they fought. The girls...... meh. Takagi annoyed me with how she treated Kouta, Shizuka was fun at first but then grated me a bit, Rei was awesome at first but then kinda turned pointless towards the end. Though her relationship with the creepy teacher was interesting. Saeko was good. She would have been one of my favourites if it wasn't for the whole, 'fighting turns me on' thing. Takagi's parents were kinda cool, liked them. The teacher I hated. He actually seemed like a complete bastard. All in all, a mixed bag.

Overall: 8/10

Yes, I gave it a good score. The art, sound, the fights, the enjoyment factor, were all plus points. The sad thing is that the excessive fanservice means that instead of being a 'Masterpiece', this anime is just very good.

Black Cat

(24 episode series)

by Hicks

This is one of those series that while somewhat serious, also has quite a bit of comedy mixed in with the drama. Overall, it is a fairly good mix of both, mainly as a drama with comedy relief. At times this is taken a bit far, however, mostly having to do with the main character's nickname, the title of this series (wearing a bell around his neck, drinking a lot of milk, etc).

The storyline is split between two main characters, a "sweeper" named Sven, and a trained assassin named Train. The series contrasts the two, with Sven being very laid back and down on his luck, and Train being a trained, ruthless, mostly emotionless killing machine. The series then slowly introduces the secondary characters, including Eve, who is literally an engineered weapon in the form of a pre-teen girl, and Saya, another somewhat more successful sweeper who gets Train to rethink his life through late night visits. Train and Saya do develop some romantic chemistry, but thanks to a somewhat odd love triangle with another male assassin named Creed, she is murdered. The resulting antagonism between Train and Creed is both disturbing and interesting, and it kept me watching.

Then there's the storyline with Eve. Sven saves her from the evil bastards that made her and intended to exploit her as a horrible weapon and teaches her how to be human. He basically adopts her as a kind of daughter, and after teaming up with Train, she tends to take what Sven taught her and attempts to teach the same lessons to Train. At times this can me interesting and/or humorous, but as I mentioned before, the connections she makes with Train being a cat tend to take it too far.

The series does kind of mislead, though, as the antagonism between Train and Creed, while taking up most of the series, ends quite a while before the series does. There's more betrayal to be had, and Train ends up saving the organization he was originally part of, even though they've basically been hunting him down and trying to kill both him and Eve, originally his target they assigned to him. The series also misleads in its message of not killing others by advocating alternative uses of firearms that quite frankly would probably still result in people getting killed. But TV shows and movies tend to be like that with firearms, I guess.

I'm still, in some ways, up in the air as to whether I really like this series or not. It has some good/interesting elements to it, but it also has some rather annoying clichés that would make me hesitate before recommending it to a few of my friends who might be expecting something else. Still, I think I feel safe giving this series a 7/10.

Well that's the end of the Mini Issue #6. Hope you guys enjoy it and leave comments below! Hopefully, it'll be back to normal soon. Till next time!

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Wow..that Idl sure speaks the truth, we should listen to his words of wisdom and strive to be just like him, I know I will, were I a girl I would be taken aback by his intelligence and immediately offer to have sex with him..I encourage others to do the same.

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I'm glad to see that Black Cat has finally been reviewed. Although I must admit that it's one of my favourite anime, mainly because of Train and Saya, but how come Creed turns it into a love triangle? I thought he only wanted revenge against Train and so he murdered Saya.

They don't come right out and say it, but everything I saw about the dynamic between Creed and Train suggested that Creed wanted Train to himself. The way he went after Saya was what I would expect of a jilted homicidal lover. He honestly seemed to think that by killing Saya that Train would join with him.

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stuy being sane now I know him in rl and he is the least sane person I know' date=' but yes I have seen others on this forum seem,not right in the head as well, so yeah[/quote']

i hope you werent speaking about me there sho....or else...*evil laugh*

anyhoo...im back, so i think that i'll be able to help with the khronicle this week/next week...

good little mini issue in my absense tho...lol

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