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  1. See this doesn't surprise me. I liked the first one and would have wanted a sequel, but, its also one of those where they had to do things with the first one to fix it that makes you have to ask if a second one would've been a good idea.
  2. Car issues are really starting to get annoying. Been down for a month now and still can't get it up and going.

  3. Getting back into the swing of things.

  4. Not to double post or anything but I have a couple of things to add to my collection! Main post will be updated, btw this isn't everything.
  5. RE2 Remake has been a blast for me! I've always been a massive fan and the game takes the knowledge of the original game and throws it out the window. It is a fantastic game that I would recommend to anyone. Limited resources, close encounters, and the boss fights are amazing.
  6. Yeah Chucky declined HORRIBLY over the years, the whole bride/seed/cult was just pure crap. Now since its coming to SyFy, my hopes aren't high for it, but Z-Nation isn't too bad so I might give it a try.
  7. The Rurouni Kenshin Movies. and they were awesome!
  8. Yeah, I haven't touched photoshop like this in a long time.
  9. Well the original RE3 wasn't even supposed to be a game. Not the way that it ended up being anyway. So if they do remake it, they can do what they have for all the remakes and put in all the concepts that they would have wanted to but were restricted because of technology and space at the time. There's a video out there, CarcinogenSDA playing with an old RE Dev, and he talks all about RE3
  10. You know, I haven't done one in a VERY long time. So I figured I would whip me up one with my rusty self. As for next comp Idea, lets get some Beautiful Cars!
  11. I'm not really here enough to choose a theme so mods can have fun.
  12. Holy hell its been a while.

    1. Koby


      Ello there Irish!

    2. Irish


      sup man, digging the site. looks slick


    3. Koby


      Life man. =) Yesterday was my daughter birthday party, today was her actual birthday, tomorrow is a holiday. Yeah busy busy.

  13. New look and stuff... Looking pretty good.!

  14. Hmmm, if i can get my pc up an running in time I will definitely throw down an entry.....
  15. mfw I don't know how that just worked.


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    2. Irish


      You dont understand the reference. Few do.

    3. Apollo



    4. Irish


      YESSS!!!!! POLLO!!!!

  17. Wanting to make a sig, but crap renders are crap. aslo going to be gaming more. Caught up with all the anime I have been wanting to.

  18. Finding a good render is a bitch at times.

  19. Pork Chops, Mac and Cheese and Mashed potatoes.
  20. So yeah I just started watching Nanatsu no Taizai. Why haven't I heard of this sooner?

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    2. Tsu.Ku.Yo.Mi


      Chyuu either gave up or died because I'm still waiting on 17 and up from them.

    3. Mr. Kimiko
    4. Irish


      Awesome, Im all caught up and ready for new eps.

  21. Hey there.! Yeah the chat is pretty empty most of the time. It was more lively when it first came about, and back when there was a chatbox. But if you are ever looking to just chat or game and shit, ass me on skype, im usually on a shit. Irish.Ryuzaki = skype
  22. First day on the new job and loving it.

  23. Right no im playing Resident Evil HD remake. Any one that knows me knows I'm a massive RE fan.
  24. OMG YES. I remember it. It was awesome. I'm down for another. Thank you. I was making the sig and sitting there thinking of what I could do to make the border a little different. And have at it.! Im glad you like it.
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