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  1. Oh jeez where to start? Kingdom, Solo Leveling, God of Martial Arts, Soul Land, Star Martial God Technique, Tower of god. At least a dozen different Monthly series. Yeah I read alot of manga.
  2. You can change your nickname yourself. You are limited though to how many times you can do it per month depending on your usergroup. Its under account settings
  3. Wait a bit while i find out if such a thing is still possible. Might take a few hours as i got some things i gotta do today I'll let you know via pm the results.
  4. Lol it was bad, but if it was the guns will the bullet line should've appeared regardless. The fact that it didnt probably means the fucking thing was jammed the fact that the system knew it wouldnt work in the first place and didnt show the line is why i think it was jammed. and she tried to fire it and it blew up on her face because of it. Regardless Finale was awful.
  5. Thanks for the epic work Koby crusader kings 2 is definitely interesting.
  6. Once you bring down the entire server for maintenance I would suggest posting updates to the Kametsu discord and point people there if they need updates that way theres no dark period.
  7. Just in case you were kidding, I nominate Izetta, the last witch
  8. Not that the comedy was bad, but i'd rather more plot and mecha action the second season left alot open and the third season while funny just didnt satisfy any questions really.
  9. Nice Work Koby, i popped in and my default was titan apparently and it looks fantastic man
  10. Considering that No man's sky is now under investigation for False Advertisement i'd say even Free is overpriced for it.
  11. IF you have your Browser open, and on kametsu and lets say you're playing a game a notification will pop up that someone replied to a thread you posted in. But if your browser is closed it wont work.
  12. Yeah thats an Asus RoG only newer then what i've got, the fucking thing likes to default to the Intel chip it uses for on battery graphics to extend the battery life, Go into your Nvidia control panel and use the global options to force it to use the Nvidia card no matter what.
  13. My xbox one keeps shutting off when my mother in the front room watches netflix yet it doesnt do that for me in my room or when i game. Anyone have any idea why?

    1. Koby


      Maybe a bad outlet / power tap / surge protector not giving a good constant power to the xbox.

  14. Anyone can contribute their encodes in the appropriate sections so go right ahead.
  15. Holy shit those are some stupid fucking designs i mean jesus ugly as hell and childish
  16. Changed mine to Setoki Nozomi from Seinarukana: Spirits of Eternity Sword 2
  17. Well did you give it a shot and any luck? i can try to explain it to you but its going to require you to muck around with your windows registry which can be quite dangerous if you dont know what you're doing.
  18. Try and buy an external for yourself and move your collection to that you can password encrypt externals pretty easily and if you keep it on your person at all times easy enough to secure
  19. Recently Saw Gods of Egypt last week and rewatched Event Horizon just yesterday
  20. after some consideration and because i've been busy the last couple weeks and totally forgot about this, i'm considering this thread dead i know the creator of the thread personally and she gave up on the project quite some time ago as far as i know so i'm going to lock this thread especially since before Hirokaski replied it had been four years since the last one.
  21. Well Welcome to kametsu Vila those are good words of advice but its a little late for most of us as Anime are our drugs of choice regardless stick around and enjoy yourself.
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