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  1. Jesus, it's been years. What'd i miss?
  2. Nero D. Ace

    I can't believe my account still works

    ah, didn't know things were that rough around here. i stopped showing by when college started and right after that, i got my corporate job. i just now got time to breathe and it's been 8 years. crazy.
  3. Nero D. Ace

    I can't believe my account still works

    Been good, haha. I was watching the new Code Geass movie the other day and realised I was way too old to talk about it with any of the new gen bois and girls. I also remembered that it was someone from here who got me into code geass in the first place so just came to see if anyone was still around. Didn't expect the massive overhaul to the site lol.
  4. Nero D. Ace

    Game of Thrones (TV Series)

    This looks good and it has the same atmosphere/style of LOTR so ill definitely be watching this.
  5. Nero D. Ace

    Sonic VS. Mario

    These 2 games are age-old classics and have entertained generations of young children. Unlike modern games, these game required SERIOUS skill, time and a lot of patience to overcome. These were also the first game to have "secrets" i.e. like in Mario, if in the first sewer level, you go OVER the last exit point, you can find another point in which you can go directly to the 3rd, 4th or 5th World. Or in Sonic where if you jumped at the right position after clearing a stage, you could go to a bonus stage. So, let the battle begin. Which game did you like better - Sonic the Hedgehog or the Italian plumber Mario?
  6. This is where I'll try and compile filler arcs of various popular anime shows.
  7. Nero D. Ace

    Anime with the worst ending.

    okay, so in this thread, we are going to list every anime so far that has had an intriguing story, and a great/average start and middle but an absolutely HORRIBLE ending. i'm gonna start with Gurren Lagann. i just felt that they could have ended it in a better way than they did. it was almost as if they were trying to just get it over with.
  8. So I managed to find a way to duel Yu-Gi-Oh! online for free without having to pay for cards. You have to log on to this site and register a username/pass and all that stuff. Unfortunately, the dueling system is COMPLETELY manual so you have to summon, activate traps, shuffle decks, send to graveyard, increase/decrease Life Points all on your own. However, they do have functions for placing tokens, rolling dice and flipping coins. Anyways, I'm interested in forming a team so if anyone's interested, they can submit their usernames on that site here and we'll be glad to have anyone on the team as long as they - Know the basic rules of the game - laying trap cards, spell cards, summoning, special summoning. (knowledge of synchro summoning and xyz summoning are NOT NECESSARY) Be a good sport in the game who wants to have a fun time dueling. Be willing to duel at least three times a week. No point being on a team if you're never gonna duel. Team roster - 24 Members (350+ Rep) [David] (Dan Den's brother) Super-Buu-5 (Super-Buu-5) (100+ Rep) achavez09 (achavez09) Chaoxide (Koby) Ikkideol (Indy D. Ace) KashX (RazorDan's younger brother) L&S (Xitrons) machina kid (salmun) RazorDan (RazorDan) (0+ Rep) Anras (Emperor Anras) Bardon (Bardon) Fazzy (Fazzy93) HeroOfFate (HeroOfFate) Honey_prince (Honeybee) JCBeezy (JCBeezy) Pollo-ollo-ollo (Apollo) Renzourin (Renzourin) robzombie (robzombiezombie) samurai_lord (samurai_lord) Sanada_Jin (Dark Rabbit Jin) shazicha (Shazi) Sheetapally (seirachan) stuy7 (ShadowLord Stuy) The OriginalThatGuy (K3k4sh1) xAaronx xxIrish (Irish) We need to have a minimum of 8 duelists to be officially recognized as a team so as I said before, all entries are welcome to join.Also, if any member were to need help improving a deck or some of the site's functionality, they are welcome to ask myself or Raz about it.
  9. Nero D. Ace

    Iki's Duel Puzzles

    Right, considering the low amount of duelists on the forums, i don't expect this thread to go far. but for those who DO exist, let's see if you can solve some of my Duel puzzles. The rules are simple - I state the cards you have in your hand, on your side of the field and your opponent's side of the field (and occasionally the cards in the graveyards) and the amount of Life Points your opponent has left. Your assignment is to use the cards in your disposal to finish the duel in ONE turn. (All duels will be doable, no impossible ones will be given) so, here's Question No. 1 ... Rise of the Blackwings Your hand Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame Blackwing - Bora the Spear Blackwing - Bora the Spear Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow Solidarity Your Graveyard None Opponent's Graveyard None Your Field Nothing Opponent's field The Bistro Butcher Opponent's Life Points 8000 so, there's your challenge. if you need help finding out what each card does and what it's stats are, go to this website http://yugioh.wikia.com and yes, i have been in this situation in a duel before, so i KNOW that this puzzle is possible. let's see who can solve it first. I want the steps as well.
  10. Nero D. Ace

    What Came First?

    It's time to re-launch the two hundred century year old debate which has puzzled the minds of the world of more than three hundred centuries. this job will be done by genetically altered lab-rats with the minds of humans from the site of Kametsu implanted into them. Question -1? Chicken or Egg?
  11. Nero D. Ace

    Guess the song

    Rules are pretty simple: I start of by posting some lyrics of a song, (doesn't matter where they come from) The person must guess which song the lyrics came out of along with the band. Then, they post some lyrics and the person after THEM must guess ... and so on and so forth. Here are my lyrics, guess the song. "I REMEMBER BLACK SKIES, THE LIGHTNING ALL AROUND ME."
  12. Okay, I just wanna get something off my chest before I start off on this one. Sword Art Online - The Animation was a disappointment to me. A HUGE friggin disappointment. When I'd first heard the premise, I was really excited about it. I mean - an MMO virtual world in which players get trapped for good, unable to log out, permadeath and the only way to get out is reaching the top most floor of the tower. It was gold. It sounded like .Hack but better. In reality, it was so much worst and it primarily came down to a few HUGE problems the show had - 1) Incoherent Vision When I was watching it, half the time, I didn't know if it was a love story, an epic story or a survival story. It got that muddled up. The show rapidly shifted between scenes that illustrated death of players in virtual worlds to shots of moe characters. And later on, it shifted from the MMO feature entirely. I mean, yeah - they were still IN an MMO but they could have been in just another generic fantasy universe for all that mattered. 2) Pacing Now the prime reason that *I* still watched the show after the first 8 episodes was the fight sequences because honestly, they were really fucking cool. I mean, REALLY FUCKING COOL. But they kinda effed up again because you had to sit through some pretty generic shit just to watch these 3 minute scenes. 3) The Main Character This guy is bad-ass This guy is lame The ratio of lame:bad-ass is WAY TOO HIGH. I swear, there were some moments when I didn't know whether I was supposed to be impressed or baffled by his actions. OKAY, NOW LET'S GET TO LOG HORIZON! WHY!? BECAUSE IT'S THE SHOW THAT SWORD ART ONLINE SHOULD HAVE BEEN!!! "Eat shit, SAO." Seriously, I mean seriously, just hear me out here, okay? I'm gonna do a constrast thingy with this - 1) So there's only 3 episodes out so far but already you can see that they had a proper vision with this show. The characters are reasonably well defined, they aren't complete idiots and they actually act like they've been playing the game for a lot of years. All 3 main characters were veterans in the MMO long ago and left when they had finished it. They come back when an expansion is announced (which I think basically doubles the map size and make VR possible) and discover they can't log out ("OMFG! Wha I do?!"). They try to get their bearing on things and regroup with their old friends from the game to assess the situation. But wait, if players die in the game, do they die in real life too? FUCK NO! Right at the beginning of Episode 2, they clear that out. You die, you respawn. It's as simple as that. And personally, I think it makes more of an impact than the permadeath from SAO. It makes the reason for Player Killings much more plausible rather than just "Gamers are violent and will kill if they can get away with it". 2) The pacing is done brilliantly. They do just enough exposition to keep you informed on current events while still moving the adventure along on a steady pace. Also - ADVENTURE! An MMO which is up to you to explore is an adventure and SAO just didn't give it a shit about that. They glossed over all the adventuring bits in flashbacks and in-between episodes so they could focus on more shots like these - Log Horizon is all - EFF THAT CRAP! Which isn't to say that it doesn't do character development. In fact, the character development happens DURING the adventure while covering new ground and exploring new areas, NOT SITTING IN AN INN AND TALKING! 3) Oh man, the Main Character. Okay, confession time. He's THIS type of character- WAIT WAIT WAIT. Hear me out here. Sure we've seen this type done to death already. The cool character who knows all there is to know until *plot device* happens. The master strategist. The all-knowe - you get my point. I won't say that this show does something DRASTICALLY different with this type of character but think about it, it's an MMO setting. This is EXACTLY the kind of main character that you WANT. Someone who's unlocked all achievements, helps other people finish quests, explores new dungeons. I mean, SAO was basically real life in a game form but Log Horizon is still a game to some extent and the characters realise that. Enemies have agro patterns, Not every player is a sword-wielding knight. You need support classes and defense classes and tanks and buffs and MOAR MMO STUFF!!! I mean, just take a look at this combo - MINOR BATTLE SPOILER FROM EPISODE 3 - Debuff Enemy Buff Ally Assassinate! So Yeah That's it I'm done now Go watch Log Horizon. Seriously. I mean It MAY turn to shit later but its good right now. Okay, How's this? As a final treat, Just listen to this bad-ass J Rock OP. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zb5srfa8YFc
  13. Nero D. Ace

    Favorite Homunculus

    who's your favorite homunculus from Fullmetal Alchemist. that's FMAB btw and not the crappy FMA one. I personally voted for Wrath. come on guys. 60 years old and beating the shit outta everyone. that's awesome! and don't even get me started on the sword fight scenes.
  14. Nero D. Ace

    Your favorite FMAB opening?

    I think mine would be the 5th opening called "Rain". i have an extened version of that song on my iPod and i don't even know the words! lol
  15. so, what was the best thing you accomplished in your Final Fantasy career? something you can brag about for the rest of your life ... because it was something you worked on endless hours for to accomplish? for me, it was beating Chaos in Inward Chaos in Dissidia : Final Fantasy with Lv100 Cloud maxed out. that was one toughie of a battle, considering Chaos, who was bad enough to beat the first time around got a BOOST in this one AND you had to beat him three times in a row. it took a whole lot of customizing and weapon trading until i got Fenrir and the Odin summon before i could finally take him down.
  16. this has been a bee in my bonnet ever since i saw the first few episodes. i'm wondering what's happened to the soul reapers who die? i mean. they already died once. where do they go after that? and what about all those souls in the soul society? you'd think that with people dying constantly for 3000 years, it'd be a bit more crowded up there
  17. This has gotta be the most AWESOME Naruto Shippuden AMV I've ever seen. The amount of effects, transitions and distorts the guy has put into this is mind-boggling. It's also one of the best timed AMV's out there as well. WARNING Contains major spoilers from the anime till the Pain Arc. Thou hasth been warneth. R5_QZbG87LM
  18. Nero D. Ace


    Guys, i am not kidding you. this is the best Final Fantasy AMV I have seen so far and it's the only one that i've actually cried at near the end. Cheers to the guy who made it. XV30-5E6Png
  19. lets consider the facts before us. 1) madura/obito only uses his right sharingan since he gave his left one to kakashi. 2) his alias "tobi" can be spelt "obito" in a different way. 3) he's looking for a wa to be whole again. maybe that's cause half of his body was crushed !!!!!!!!!! 4) kabuto showed him something that really spooked him out. maybe it was body he wanted to possess.
  20. Nero D. Ace

    The Revival Jutsu [SPOILERS]

    What are your views on the Revival Jutsu's used by Pain and Kabuto to bring people back from the dead? Personally, I don't like it at all. One of the first crucial deaths in Part 2 of the series was when Asuma was killed by Hidan and that drove Shikamaru to become stronger and avenge him and also led to some character development for Team 10. Move forwards a few chapters. Enter Kabuto with a jutsu to bring the souls of people back into their bodies. All i have to say is - W ... T ... F ...? We finally had a killing spree started and the author started bringing people BACK TO LIFE. Up until then, most of the major character decelopment had been for Naruto, Sasuke and Shikarmaru and had involved the deaths of Jiraiya, Itachi and Asuma, respectively. Now, granted that I was relieved when Kakashi was brought back by Pain but it begs the question why the guy didn't take some Chakra pill or rest for half an hour or so before bringing the dead guys back and avoid his own death? I've started to lose interest in the manga these days because I was really satisfied with how most of the Akatsuki went out - Deidara, Sasori, Itachi ... And now they've all been brought back and have become target practice ... which is just humiliating. I mean, come on - Sasori got beat up by Kankuro! The same guy that he defeated in the beginning of the series with his Hiruku puppet! Anyways, enough ranting. What do you think about this Jutsu? Is it good because you get to see old characters again or is it just a 'drag'?
  21. Aokiji, Kizaru and Akainu ... which of the guys is your favorite? By favorite, of course, what i'm really asking is "Which one's guts do you hate least?" cuz i don't think i like any of these a**holes. If i had to, HAD TO pick a least favorite, it'd be Aokiji but i hate him too. Aokiji :- Least hate-able but even he's nothing more than a puppet for the Navy, following their orders even when he knows that there's something wrong. I could have accepted it if he had just been an idiot but he's actually smart! Kizaru :- This guy is just plain annoying. I don't know why but just looking at him gives me a splitting headache. During the Whitebeard War Arc, he didn't stand a chance against Marco so he got one of the Vice Admirals to put a pair of Seastone handcuffs on him to gain an advantage. That was just one his lowest moments. Akainu :- Ugh, i hope this guy meets a cruel and violent death after what he did to Ace and Whitebeard. Honestly, i'm hoping Luffy is the one to finish him off when next, they meet.
  22. Nero D. Ace

    Log Horizon - (I just ... It's Just ...)

    A) In the very first line, I said "Sword Art Online - The Animation was a disappointment to me." It was my personal express opinion that the show is highly over-rated. It's not the worst anime ever but it certainly by no means deserves all the mindless praise it gets either. I deliver bashing where bashing is due. If a developer/producer/director fail to deliver a product that is anything less than the highest quality that they could offer, you can be sure that I will be there jamming my foot up their ass. I expect the same thing to happen to me when I do the same. Imagine a world where a bad product existed and only good reviews and ratings were allowed for it with all the bad critiques brushed aside. Imagine if you were the most honest to god citizen against piracy in the world and you had a chance between buying a Blu Ray set of Sword Art Online or something else. Now think if all of them had only good ratings viz. the good ratings allowed by the company. How would you be able to make an informed purchase. Informed purchases are not only the right but also the duty of a good consumer. C) I say that these characters have done this shit before which is to say they've finished the game with their friends and then quit. When they return, the world is highly different from what they remember and much larger on account of the expansion pack. Sure, they may have some knowledge but it IS a new world hence, the experience of adventure. Also, even in .Hack, you watched mostly veteran players go about their daily activities. I rather enjoyed Signs. The latest CGI movie and the Twilight thingamajig were the ones that annoyed me. D) Defending SAO as a fan is fine with me. Lord knows I've done much of the same in my days. However, it does NOT change the fact that the production company lost their overall vision for the show really quick. I know because I was watching it on a week by week basis. I saw the first episode, got hyped, download a PDF of the light novel, read the descriptions of the episode and waited for Episode 2. Episode 2 revealed that they weren't following the first book down to the letter but instead doing it in chronological order. Even if it were a pure romance show, I wouldn't have minded it. The problem was that it could never decide what kind of show it wanted to be. Season 2 was basically the most prime Disney storyline ever, a grand quest in a new land to save a damsel and they fucked that up as well. How? Again, by glossing over the interesting parts like the adventure and the character development in real-time in lieu of romance scenes with his fake sister, something which again, doesn't amount to anything. I'm sorry, but SAO - all 26 episodes are bad. Individually or as batches of episodes, they MIGHT hold up but as a cohesive whole, they lack anything to keep it together.
  23. Which of these Egyptain cards is the one you would LAST want to face in a duel? for me, it's Obelisk. that thing is just TOO dangerous!!! From the stats of these cards, at least one thing is crystal clear .. EGYPTIANS DONT PLAY FAIR DAMMIT!!!
  24. Danganronpa Danganronpa Danganronpa. I just love saying that word. Much like Chimichanga. One of those words that's just fun to say, I suppose. Okay, so this season has been pretty barren for me. At the start, I found 2 shows which I decided to watch all the way through - Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan for the non japanese folks), and Gargantua. While I'm only passively following Shingeki no Kyojin, since I've been reading the manga since the past 2 years, I've dropped Gargantua. It started off with some promise, but the plot quickly dissolved away and while some people have said that it's more about the theme and characters than the actual plot, I gotta say - that main female lead annoys the shit outta me with her classic tropes. No way am I gonna be able to stand her for another minute. (I'm very opinionated about this. I will suggest that you try it out for yourself. Maybe I'm just getting too old for anime now.) So then, I was stuck all summer without a single show to actively follow. Until ... A pal of mine redirected me to a torrent to the first episode of this show Danganronpa - The Animation I saw three things about this that made me decide that THIS was gonna be my anime of the season - 1) There's a bear who talks like Teddie from Persona 4. And he's EVIL! 2) It's based off a visual novel in which the director of Persona 4 was involved. 3) The plot - 15 kids in a school. Trapped forever. Only way out - kill someone without being found out. If you do, you get to leave, everyone else dies. If you get caught, YOU die. *le squeal* Right at this point, I was sold. I didn't care how they adapted the show to the visual novel. I was fucking sold. Instant Fanboy. But then I saw the first episode and the execution and the screenplay and the music and the animation and ... whoa ... You fellas need to watch this. Push this up to the top of your list. I'm so excited for this that I wanted to play the game then and there. Unfortunately, like a lot of Japanese games, it was only released in Japan and only for the PSP. My PSP is in kind of a bad shape with a somewhat broken screen, but I googled around a bit and I found this awesome group of fans called Project Zetsubou who had translated the first game COMPLETELY and were on work on the second one as well as the prequel novel. You can visit their site here - http://danganronpa.wordpress.com/ I'm gonna replace my screen tomorrow and am already downloading the translation patch. This thing is gonna be my religion until I move onto the next Ace Attorney. I'm also gonna start an "Episode Journal" for this thing. In that, what I'm basically gonna do is watch an episode, take notes about what I think at specific points, like how the animation quality is holding up, is they're putting in needless filler and how the pacing is going and compile it into my usual "wall". I guess it's kind of like a detailed review with my personal opinion behind it. I know first episodes aren't exactly the best impressions and visual novels don't always make good tv shows (Fucking Little Busters is proof of that. God, how I slogged through all those episodes waiting for what the fans called a great twist only to find out all the good shit is gonna happen in Season 2. FML.) but I'm willing to be optimistic about this one. Hell, Stein;s Gate and Higurashi are gonna be at the top of my list for a long time and they were based off VN's as well. What are you still waiting around for? GO! WATCH DANGANRONPA! danganronpa danganronpa EDIT: Apologies! Apologies! I'd neglected to mention Hataraku Maou Sama (The Devil is a Part Timer!) This one ended a while back and I forgot all about it cuz of my short term memory. Wait ... which topic am I in? Was I writing about Dark Souls again? Oh yeah! Devil, part timer! That shit is awesome too. Watch it!
  25. Nero D. Ace

    Final Fantasy Type-0

    I am SHOCKED that we didn't have a thread for this. Here's the YouTube link for the official trailer - QfbeXCoBx48 Well, is anyone excited for this game? I really liked the gameplay system as well as the new characters they've introduced. Despite being a PSP exclusive release, I'm already liking it better than FF-XIII and XIII-2.